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  1. Skeptic Monkey
  2. nguyenquangphat113
  3. Beargrylls21
    Joining this site, best decisions I've ever made, already discovered tons that I'd never listened to or never heard of, THANKS DUDES!
  4. Taurean
    Ready to Mix!
  5. Beargrylls21
    Greetings everyone! First post, can't wait to get stuck in to some metal!
  6. Michel \m/
    Michel \m/
    Looking for Prog Power Roomies :P !
  7. Golmont
  8. Lohka
    Have not been on here in a very long time. Used to go by Seraphim. wondering if anyone from the early 2000's are still on.
  9. tinhdausonate
  11. Gothic666
    Greetings and Infernal salutations my Metalheads! As you see I'm a lover of Black Metal and Death Metal and Gothic Metal.
  12. DIYistkrieg
    the real answer is: 59
  13. Gristle Licker
    Gristle Licker
    Trying to form an death metal band
  14. SpiralTapir
  15. rongluavt
  16. DentalMyslexic
    If it's not metal, it can eat a bag.
  17. trevman
    Right on, love metal and this site looks to be a good source everything bone crunching metal head needs
  18. Martin Groovelo Clausen
    Martin Groovelo Clausen
    searching for drums midi file or real drums !!!!!!!! for Deathmetal or swedish death projekt , i am workin with cubase !!!!!
  19. LordEdgard
    In the midst of humanity there is evil extreme
  20. John Atkins