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jailhouse int. w/ local guy convicted of beating a learning disabled man 2 death bcuz

he couldn't "perform" in order to have sex w/ a teen prostitute, thus providing evidence for a blackmail scheme

bolding mine

the articles explains it all

i didn't write this:


Convicted killer tells a different side of story
Schenectady -- Stacey Adamson, in jail interview, blames victim's death on "rough sex"

First published: Thursday, April 8, 2004

Stacey Adamson, who did not take the stand during his first-degree murder trial in the torture and beating death of Daniel Jamison, spoke out Wednesday by giving his account of how the 52-year-old GE machinist died.

In an interview from the Schenectady County Jail, Adamson,who was convicted of the crime Tuesday in Schenectady County Court, denied killing Jamison. His comments were the first public statement he's made about the Feb. 1, 2003, killing.

"I had no business sitting on trial," Adamson said. "There was a story sold that shouldn't have been sold. The story that that man was tortured is a lie."

He also denied being a pimp who made his money by robbing and conning johns.

Throughout the three-week trial, the prosecution contended Adamson was the ringleader in a deadly prostitution and blackmail scheme at 643 Crane St. with his wife, 21-year-old Taryn Blair-Adamson, and 17-year-old prostitute Chevena Polite.

Blair-Adamson and Polite have both pleaded guilty to lesser charges and are awaiting sentencing.

Trial testimony showed Jamison went to the apartment to have sex with Polite, whom he met on a telephone chat line. Adamson then beat Jamison over a 24-hour period after he couldn't perform. The gruesome case ended with the dumping of Jamison's body -- which has never been found -- in Queens and the arrest of Adamson, Polite and Blair-Adamson in Eastland, Texas.

But Adamson, 33, an aspiring rap artist, said Polite -- not him -- killed Jamison and gave this version of what happened:

"On February 1, I was in the studio when Taryn called me about 1 a.m., hysterical. All I kept remembering her saying was 'This dumb bitch, guess what Chevena did?' I said 'Don't talk on the phone' -- I never talk on the phone -- and I came to the house and I saw this guy in the (back) room. He had strips of sheets on him. He was still alive when I got there, but he was pretty much in bad condition.

"I asked them what the hell was going on and (Taryn) said this guy came to see Chevena and they got into rough sex with handcuffs and I said 'It led to this?' She said, 'Yeah,' and I said 'We gotta get the hell out of here. I got a record.' "

Adamson admitted only to helping to "clean up the mess," saying it was his idea to wrap Jamison's body and take it to Queens. But he said cutting up the body, as Polite and Blair-Adamson testified, was never part of the plan. "That's a lie. I didn't have the heart to touch this guy. I look rough in the face, but don't let that fool you. I'm a coward. I'm not a murderer."

But in a written statement Adamson gave to Eastland, Texas, police on Feb. 10, 2003, he admitted to beating Jamison. "Me and Chevena jumped him and I hit him a few more times. ... I never did anything like this. I panicked. I never meant this guy to die," Adamson stated.

Polite and Blair-Adamson, who struck a deal with the prosecution in exchange for lesser charges, both provided chilling details of Jamison's death during their testimony last month.

Polite and Blair-Adamson were charged with robbery and hindering prosecution. Blair-Adamson is scheduled to be sentenced April 13 to 15 years in prison; Polite's sentencing date hasn't been set, but she will receive 10 years. Adamson faces a maximum of life in prison when he is sentenced May 18.

"The evidence was very nasty to listen to. I don't blame the jury for coming up with the verdict they came up with," Adamson said. "I knew from the way things were going it wasn't going to be a pretty ordeal. I never told myself I would go home, but I never thought I'd be away for the rest of my life."

Adamson expressed remorse for the victim's family. He said he tried to extend his condolences to Art Jamison, the victim's brother, Tuesday as he was led out of the courtroom.

"I tried to tell him I didn't do that to his brother. This guy said to me quietly 'F-you.' I can't blame him at all."

Adamson said he'd like to tell Art Jamison to "put his trust in God -- not Mr. Mueller -- to seek justice" and the real murderer isn't behind bars. Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney Philip Mueller prosecuted the case.

"Anybody who knows me knows Stacey Jamal Adamson will give you the shirt off his back. That's how I was raised. I wasn't raised to beat somebody to death."
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"i wasn't raised to beat somebody to death"
i will make it my life's work from this day forward to make every band who is known for their heaviness look like pussies. -Greg Massi of Kayo Dot AKA Baliset
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