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Victim of Deception March 15th, 2011 10:18 AM

Devillac - Three Hours to Coma
Devillac – Three Hours to Coma
Daredevil Records – 2008
By Adam McAuley

A groovy stoner metal creation that falls somewhere between Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age is found with Devillac. Thankfully the music doesn’t sound overly similar, but instead the outfit brings their own charm and charisma to the table. The energy and excitement that was present in bands like Kyuss is so vital to the riffs that Devillac create as well. It’s also present in the vocals of Micki that remind of John Garcia from Kyuss.

There’s a sense of unadulterated passion to be found here and it makes the songs explode with life. Yet there is also a lot of variety in the music of Devillac. The songs change mood and direction frequently to maintain the listeners interest. One song might be a straightforward stoner track, but then it will be followed up by something unexpected, like the solid instrumental “Mental”. Through all of the twists and turns the band takes, the music remains colorful and poignant at all times. It all comes to a close with perhaps the highlight of the album in “Gainer”. The layers of fuzz that finish everything off are appropriate for the style of music being played. The only drawback to Three Hours to Coma is that one is still left wanting more after it’s all over. At only around forty minutes of playtime, there could be a few more compelling ideas thrown in from time to time.

Regardless, there are enough infectious grooves on the disc to keep any fan of stoner metal or groovy music in general occupied for ages. People looking for a more traditional metal release should look elsewhere, but Devillac performs their style of music solidly. Three Hours to Coma is a very enjoyable release.

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