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22/03/2007 - New sell list!

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by eviluus, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. eviluus

    eviluus Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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    1917 / SLOW DEATH / SLOW AGONY - Sudamerica Brutal, Argentina / Venezuela / Paraguay, death metal, hurling
    7th NEMESIS / PUNISHMENT - Chronicles Of A Sickness, UK / France, brutal death metal / death core, skull fucked, splitCD
    AARDVARKS – Conglomerate, Germany, aggressive thrash metal, yahuar malleou
    ABRASIVE – Desire, Germany, brutal death/grind, semen demon
    ABSORBED - Visions In Bloodred, Netherlands, death metal, resustitate
    ACID DRINKERS - Amazing Atomic Activity, Poland, thrash metal, metal mind
    ACID DRINKERS - Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!, Poland, thrash metal, metal mind
    ADVERSARY – Forsaken, USA, death metal, cursed
    ADVERSARY - The Winter's Harvest, USA, death metal, cursed
    AGARTHI - At the Burning Horizon, Italy, black metal, red stream, MCD
    AGATHOCLES - Mince Core History 1989-1993, Belgium, mince core legend, selfmadegod
    AGATHOCLES - Live in Leipzig, Germany 1991, Belgium, mince / grindcrust, half life
    AGONY CONSCIENCE - Look Into the Silence, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, sheer
    AION – Reconciliation, Poland, melodic doom prog metal, metal mind, digiCD
    ALGOL / SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY - Whispers From An Empty Room, USA, atmospheric black metal, paragon, splitCD
    ANTROPOMORFIA – Engendro, Spain, brutal old school death metal, necromance
    ARE YOU GOD? - Espelho De Carne, Brazil, great grind, 2+2=5, MCD
    ARV - I.D., Norway, black metal, metal age
    AS GRAVITY FADES - What Lies Beneath, Switzerland, metalic hardcore, fastbeast ent
    ASCENDANCY - Rise Of Dead Empire, USA, technical brutal death metal, sf, MCD
    ATAVISM / DRAIN OF IMPURITY / MINCER - Brutalmageddon, Greece / Turkey / Italy, goregrind, coagulated, 3 way splitCD
    AXON - Leper Viper, Mexico, raw death metal, deus mortus
    BAAL - State Of Aggression, Mexico, fast melodic black / deathmetal, american line
    BANE OF EXISTENCE - Humanity's splintered salvation, USA, brutal death metal, fleshfeast
    BATHTUBSHITTER - Early Yeah(s), Japan, grindcore, shit jam
    BATTALION - Into Harms Way, Australia, war black metal, asphyxiate
    BEEF CONSPIRACY - Hung Drawn And Quarter Poundered, UK, brutal death /grind, grindethic
    BEEF CONSPIRACY / ROTTEN COLD / DIN-ADDICT / MDK / ENTRALIS - Seven gates of hell, UK / Austria / Hungary / Brazil, 7x grindcore, chop2death, 7 way splitCD
    BESTIAR - Lethal Venom, Poland, brutal death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), old temple, CDr
    BEYOND SERENITY - Total Control, Germany, brutal death, dark one
    BIFROST – Mythistory, Netherlands, pagan metal, hammerheart
    BIRDBRAINS - Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich, Singapore, raw chaotic old school grincore, phlegm
    BK 49 - Join The Dead, Germany, aggressive thrash metal, grind it
    BLACK MASS - Voices Of Fate, USA, death / black, primitive
    BLACKDEATH - Satan Macht Frei, Russia, raw orthodox black metal, drakkar
    BLOOD STAINED HOST - Individual Theatre, Italy, gothic / doom, the twelfth planet
    BLOODTHIRST / EBOLA - Hell Bestial Desecration, Poland blackthrash / blackdeath metal (pro-printed inlay and discprint), obscure, splitCDr
    BLOODTHRONE - Shield Of Hate, USA, black metal, forever underground
    BORN HEADLESS - Headless Henchmen, Australia, ultra brutal tasmanian death / grind, life fluid
    BORN OF THORNS - New Horizon, Finland, black metal, oak knoll, MCD
    BRAVE - Searching for the Sun, USA, progressive doom metal, dark symphonies
    BUNDER NEKROMUNDA / RZEŹNIA - Da Split, Poland, goregrind / grindcore, surgical diathesis
    BYATIS - In The Abysses Of Memory, France, brutal death metal, sf
    C.H.C. / AGATHOCLES - Stop The Abuse / How Much Blood Do You Need Yet?, Brazil / Belgium, grind mince, mutilation, splitCD
    C.H.C. / EMBOLISM - Another war, another lie / Live in chez republic, Brazil / Czech Republic, grindcrust / brutal deathgrind, destroyer, splitCD
    CARDIAC NECROPSY / INSISION / KOMA / LACERATE / VRYKOLAKAS - Supreme Brutal Legions, Singapore / Sweden / Indonesia / Thailand, 5 different visions of brutal death metal, vrykoblast, 5way splitCD
    CARNAL LUST - Whore of Violence, France, brutal death metal, diamond
    CARPE TENEBRUM - Dreaded Chaotic Reign, Norway, black metal incl. Astennu, hammerheart
    CARPE TENEBRUM - Mirrored Hate Painting, Norway, majestic black metal, hammerheart
    CARVED IN FLESH - Us Seen Through Tears, USA, ohio death metal, sf
    CERNUNNOS - The Beast, USA, black metal, sf
    CHRIST AGONY- Elysium, Poland, dark black metal, metal mind
    CIDISPHERE - Interment..., Turkey, technical death metal, hammer muzik
    CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN- Zero Comfort Margin, USA, brutal death / grind, earache, MCD (promo)
    CONVENT- The Truth Revealed, Poland, brutal death metal, awaken
    CORPSEVOMIT- Raping The Ears of Those Above, USA, old school death metal, blackened moon
    COUNT DE NOCTE - Carpe Noctum, Finland, melodic black metal, mad lion
    CREMATORY- Awake, Germany, gothic metal, nuclear blast, digiCD (sh)
    CRIPPLE BASTARDS, tribute to – intl. Groinchurn, Birdflesh, Denak, Final Exit, Rot , T.F.D., obscene
    CROTCHDUSTER- Big Fat Box Of Shit, USA, avant-garde / death / power metal parody, earache (promo)
    CRYPTIC REVELATION- The Truth Is Out There, Japan, death metal, deathortion, MCD
    CYPRESS HILL- Lick A Shot, USA, hip hop, Columbia, single
    DARK DISCIPLE - Unholy Hate Gore, USA, death metal, morbid
    DARK FAITH - The Sentence of Satan, Spain, black metal, war is imminent, digiCD
    DARK LEGION – Bloodshed, Poland, brutal death metal, deadsun
    DARKANE - Rusted Angel, Sweden, extreme thrash metal, regain
    DARKENED SKIES - Dawn of Dreams, Puerto Rico, dark melodic death metal, khaosmaster, digiMCD
    DARTH - Buttfucked By Destiny, Germany, deathcore, crude
    DATACLAST / EARWIGS, THE – Dataclast / Earwings, USA, grind fusion / electronic abstraction, crucial blast, splitCD
    DEADHEAD - Come To Salem, Netherlands, death / thrash, hammerheart (promo)
    DEADSPEAK - The Adversary, USA, death metal, sf, MCD
    DEAMON - Synopsis of Sin, Canada, death metal, ghetto blaster
    DECAY - Mutilating...Gutting, Finland, guttural gore / grind, obliteration
    DECEPTION - Permanent Torment, Poland, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
    DECEPTION / PUTRIDITY - Holy Deception / Putrid Deception, Poland, brutal death metal / brutal deathgrind (pro printed cover-limit 300), old temple, splitCDr
    DECIEVERION – Decieverion, USA, black / death metal, non compos mentis
    DECOMPOSING SERENITY / SUGAR PLUM FAIRY - Poultry Organ Toys, USA, grind, metal gate
    DEFLORATION / STRANGLED - Misanthropic Instinct / Weak Effigy, Germany, brutal death / death metal, limited to 500, suffer, splitCD
    DEFORMITY - Murder Within Sin, Belgium, brutal death metal, blasphemour
    DESECRATION – Inhuman, UK, brutal death metal, copro
    DEVILS WHOREWHOUSE - The Howling, Sweden, Misfits tribute band, regain
    DEVILYN – XI, Poland, death metal, conquer
    DIFENACUM – Autoconflicto, Spain, explosive intense grindcore, hecatombe
    DIFER NOM BASTA – Bolagen, Mexico, brutal death metal, american line
    DISFIGURED CORPSE - Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core 2000, Czech Republic, space grindcore, epidemie
    DISHED - Reason of Suffering, Poland, brutal death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), CDr
    DISSENTER - Bloodlust & Blasphemy, Poland, brutal death metal, sf
    DISSENTER – Contamination, Poland, brutal death metal, empire
    DISSENTER - Apocalypse And Damned, Poland, brutal death metal, empire
    DRAGONGRASS - Beyond The Valley Of Hinnom, Canada, heavy metal, sf
    DROGHEDA / BRUTAL INSANITY - Re-Celebrating Five Years Of Violence / Theman..., USA / UK, sick grind / brutal deathgrind, extremist, splitCD
    DROGHEDA / MORTICITE – Split, USA, grind, extremist, splitCD
    ECLYPSE - Applasue: Ihvh Elohim Met, Poland, black / death metal, redrum
    ECTOPIA - Sickly Private, Belgium, goregrind, sf, MCD
    EERIE - Hollow Stare, Bulgaria, doom / death metal, brutallica
    ELEMENTS - Another Point, Canada, technical death / thrash, hyper active, MCD
    ELYSIUM – Deadline, Poland, melodic death metal, metal mind
    EMBOLISM - And We All Hate Ourselves, Slovakia, death / grind, erebos
    ENCABULOUS - Abandoning The Flesh, Australia, pure death metal, venomous, MCD
    ENFORSAKEN - Embraced By Misery, USA, death metal in melodic swedish way, lifeless
    ENGORGE - Death...Fuck...Blackness, USA, black metal project of Mortician members, dark horizon
    ENGORGED / GRUESOME STUFF RELISH – Split, USA / Spain, goregrind, last house, splitMCD
    ERYTROSY – Delight, Slovakia, brutal death metal, metal age
    ESQARIAL – Amorphous, Poland, technical death metal, pagan
    EXVENTER - Procederum Finit, Russia, brutal death metal, coyote
    EYE SEA – Bloodgeon, Germany, brutal death metal, shredded, MCD
    FAITH NO MORE - A Small Victory, USA, remixes by youth slash, single
    FATAL PORTRAIT - An Elusive Instinct of Lascivia, Spain, black metal, downfall
    FLESH FEAST - Flesh Feast, Canada, brutal death metal, cdn
    FLESHART – Art Brut, Greece, brutal death metal, grindethic, MCD
    FLESHART / HARMONY DIES – Derangement, Greece / Germany, brutal death metal, obliteration, splitCD
    FLESHGRIND - Live In Germany, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural
    FLESHLESS - Sensual Death Immitation, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, obscene
    FLESHLESS - Nice To Eat You, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, obscene
    FORENSICK - Splattered Innards, Spain, brutal death / grind, genital heroes
    FOREST OF IMPALED – Demonvoid, USA, black / death metal, red stream
    FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES – Defy, Czech Republic, death / grind, napalmed
    FUNERAL RITES – Necroeater, Japan, black metal, painkiller
    FUNERATUS / DESCEREBRATION - Upcoming Apparition / Diabolical Grinder, Brazil, death metal, millennium, splitCD
    GARBAGE DISPOSAL - Union Carbide, Czech Republic, death / grind (first edition), reactor
    GENITAL GRINDER - Genital Grinder, France, brutal death metal, adipocere
    GERBE OF LIFE / REPUDIATE – Split, France, brutal death / grind, skull fucked, splitCD
    GOREFUCK - Lust For Torture, Italy, brutal death / grind, coagulated
    GOREOPSY - Intentional Disfiguration, Slovakia, brutal guttural death / grind, life fluid, MCD
    GROMM - Happiness – it’s when you are dead…, Ukraine, black metal, ravenheart
    HANDFUL OF HATE - Blood Calls Blood, Italy, black metal, downfall, MCD
    HATE - Awakening of the Liar, Poland, death metal, empire
    HEADMEAT - Destructive Entitlement, Belgium, brutal death / grind, baphomet, digiMCD
    HELLCHILD – Bareskin, Japan, deathly japcore, howling bull
    HELLCHILD - Circulating Contradiction, Japan, deathcore, howling bull
    HELLVETO - Medieval Scream, Poland, true pagan black metal, ritual execution
    HEMNUR - Satanic Hellride, Norway, raw black metal, infernus rex
    HEWHOCORRUPTS - The Discographer, USA, crust / grind, czerwony diabełek
    HIMINBJORG – Third, France, black metal, red stream
    HOLDER - Merciful Scourge, Brazil, old school death metal, mutilation
    HOLOCAUST - Demoniac Bible, Spain, brutal death metal, hecatombe, MCD
    HORNCROWNED - The Rise of Satan's Artillery, Colombia, black metal, demonic attack, digiCD
    HORRID - Evil Birth 1989-2002, Italy, old school death metal, more hate
    HORRID - Reborn In Sin, Italy, death metal, deadsun
    HYBRID EXONERATION / EFFECT MURDER - Cortex / Pathology of Society, Poland, brutal death grind, redrum666, splitCD
    HYBRID VISCERY - Army of pussy land / Bloody face, Belgium, brutal death / grind, coyote
    HYBRID VISCERY - Grindcore Contamination, Belgium, brutal death / grind, coyote
    ILL FARES THE LAND – Nonentity, Belgium, brutal death / grind, uxicon
    IMPEDIGON - ...As Desires Fade, Belgium, melodic death metal, lsp
    INCARRION - Into The Exposed Abyss, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural, MCD
    INSANE ASSHOLES - Stralci di oblio, Italy, grind crust, sf
    INTENSE HAMMER RAGE - Gory B, Australia, gore / grind, demo and unreleased stuff, fleshfeast
    INVERTED - There Can Be Only One..., Sweden, death metal, shiver
    JIM MARTIN - Milk and Blood, USA, ex Faith No More guitar player solo metal album, spv
    KABAK - Cronicas Del Quirofano, Salvador, gore / grind, american line
    KABBAL - Synthetically Revived, France, pure death metal, diamond
    KITTIE – Spit, USA, all female nu metal, epic
    KOREOPSIS - Guttural Woods, Switzerland, brutal death / grind, asterion, MCD
    KRABATHOR - Dissuade The Truth, Czech Republic / USA, death metal, system shock (sh)
    LACRIMAE - Course To Arsoning, Mexico, melodic black metal with keyboards, american line
    LANIENA MENTIS - Turn Into A Man, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
    LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions, The Netherlands, goregrind, bones brigade, MCD
    LE CRI DU MORT - In Part Divine, Germany, doom rock, sf, MCD
    LEEWAY - Open Mouth Kiss, USA, hard core, firece
    LEGACY OF HATE - The Killing, Austria, old school slow death metal, sf
    LEGION - Conqueror, USA, death metal, dark horizon
    LEMMING PROJECT - Hate And Despise, Germany, old school death metal, century media (promo)
    LOATHING / DEEPRED – This Is a Face of Humanity, france / Finland, brutal death metal, several bleed, splitCD
    LOWBROW - Sex.Violence.Death, USA, old school death metal, crook'd
    LUNATIC GODS - Sitting by the Fire, Slovakia, death metal, hrom
    LUNATIC GODS - Inhuman and Insensible, Slovakia, experimental death / black metal, hrom
    LUNATIC GODS - The Wilderness, Slovakia, experimental death / black / doom, shindy
    M 87 - Noctilucent Threnody, UK, music which expressed the strangeness and extremity of elusive celestial objects, supernal
    MALEDICTIVE PIGS – Bloodshed, Germany, brutal death metal, cudgel
    MALEVOLENT - Diabolical Machinations, USA, brutal death metal, sf, CD-R (demo)
    MALIGNANT ETERNAL – Alarm, Norway, melodic black metal, napalm
    MANGLER - Are You Ready For Something Like This, Russia, brutal death / grind, dreaming about cannibalism, MCD
    MANHOLE - All Is Not Well, USA, modern hardcore, koch
    MARTYR - Murder x / End Of Game, Czech Republic, death metal, system shock
    MASTECTOMIA / MIXOMATOSIS - Thirteen Days Project / Sang Corrupte, Poland / Spain, brutal deathgrind / goregrind, downfall, splitCD
    MASTIC SCUM – Zero, Austra, death / grind, noise v
    MAZE OF TORMENT - The Force, Sweden, death metal, corrosion, MCD
    MENTAL ABBERATION - Victim Of It's Own Sort, Germany, brutal death metal, sf
    MESRINE / TRAUMATISM / NYCTOPHOBIC – 3 way CD, Canada / Canada / Germany, goregrind, e.n.d., splitCD
    MINDFLAIR / RUNNING GUTS - Mindflair / Running Guts, Germany / France, grind / noise, bones brigade, MCDsplit (slipcase)
    MISANTHROPIC – Soulreaver, Germany, death metal, xtreem
    MISERICORDIA - Erase The Skies, Sweden, black metal, downfall, MCD
    MITHRAS - Forever Advacing... Legions, UK, brutal technical death metal, golden lake
    MIXOMATOSIS – Beinvenidas al mundo dol terror, death / grind, coyote
    MORBID SAVOURING – Insensitivicious, Finland, old school grincore, murder the world
    MORNING AGAIN / 25 TA LIFE - Morning Again / 25 TA Life, USA, hardcore, goodlife, splitMCD
    MORTALITY – Structure, Australia, modern death / thrashcore, warhead
    MY MINDS MINE - 48 reasons to Leave this Planet, The Netherlands, grindcore, selfmadegod
    NEFORMAT - Breathe With Hatred, Russia, death / grind, blacksmith
    NEPHASTH - Conceived By Inhuman Blood, Brazil, death metal, empire
    NEVER – Monument, Poland, technical death metal, sf
    NEXUSSEIS - Four Seconds To Die, Spain, cold dark ambient, iberian moon
    NIGHT IN GALES – Sylphike, Germany, melodic death metal, sf, MCD
    NIHILISTIKRYPT - Required Sacrifices, Estonia, death metal, sf, CDR
    NOMEN MORTIS – Misanthrone, Slovakia, death metal, downfall, MCD
    NUCLEAR DEATH - For Our Dead / All Creatures Great And Eaten, USA, death / grind, extremist
    OBLITERATE - Tangled Ways, Slovakia, grindcore / death metal, extremist
    OBLITERATE - The Feelings, Slovakia, death / grind, erebos
    OBLITERATE / DIN-ADDICT - Against Your Will / Planet U.S.A., Slovakia / Hungary, grindcore, skud, splitCD
    OMNIUM GATHERUM - Rectifying Human Rejection, Australia, brutal death / grind, life fluid
    OUIJA - Riding Into The Funeral Path, Spain, black metal, repulse
    PATHOLOGY STENCH - Acction Mutante, Slovakia, brutal death metal, shindy
    PATHOLOGY STENCH – Gluttony, Slovakia, brutal death metal, immortal souls
    PENTACROSTIC - De Profundis, Brazil, death metal, hellion
    PENTAGORIA - ...And The Sky Bled Gore, USA, brutal death metal, sf
    PERISHED – Grim, Norway, black metal, apocalypse empire, MCD
    PHANTASMA – Gospel, Slovakia, black / death metal, downfall
    PLAN E - Songs For A Rainy Day, Finland, atmospheric synth dark wave, solardisk
    PLASMA / RADICALIS AMPUTATIO / SPERMSWAMP - 3-Ways Take Your Skin To Do A Lantern, Germany / Hungary / Canada, porno gore grind, rottenpyosis, 3 way splitCD
    PORPHYRIA / SOULLESS - Mayhemic Blast / The 1st Act of Desecration, Poland, brutal technical death metal, redrum666, splitCD
    POSTHUMOUS - My Eyes They Bleed, Brazil, melodic black metal, evil horde
    PSYCHRIST - The Abysmal Fiend, Australia, death metal, warhead (promo)
    PSYPHERIA - Embrace The Mutation, USA, technical brutal death metal, heretic sound
    PUTREFACTION – War Blood And Rottenness, Brazil, death metal, sf
    PUTREFACTOR - Symptoms of Societal Rot, USA, death metal, sf
    PUTREFIED – Bodybits, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, sevared, MCD
    PUTRIDITY / INFATUATION OF DEATH - Ten Acts of Death Metal Terror, Poland, brutal deathgrind / brutal death metal, redrum, splitCD
    QUERION - Impious Domination, Brazil, death metal, mutilation
    REBAELLIUN - Bringer the War, Brazil, brutal death metal, hammerheart, MCD
    REBAELLIUN - At War, Brazil, brutal death metal, hammerheart, MCD
    REGORGE - Kingdoms Of Derision, UK, brutal death metal, dead again
    REPUGNANCE - Maximum Perversum, Spain, death / grind, uxicon
    RETCH - Reinsertion of Aborted Remnants, USA, goregrind, unmatched brutality, MCD
    ROOTS OF ROT - Hated Flesh, Mexico, brutal death / grind, american line
    ROTTEN MIND – Necrogallery, Spain, ultra brutal death / grind hecatombe
    RYKERS - Ground Zero, Germany, hardcore, warner
    RYKERS - Life's a Gamble..., Germany, hardcore, century media
    SACRIVERSUM – Soteria, Poland, melodic doom metal, serenades
    SACRUM – Darkstricken, Poland, melodic doom metal, empire
    SALTUS - Słowiańska Duma, Poland, pagan black, sf
    SCEPTIC - Unbeliever's Script, Poland, death metal, empire
    SCURVY - Tombstone Tales / Second Ejaculation, Sweden, sick death / grind, mad lion
    SECURITY THREAT - The Truth Is Out, USA, grindcore, selfmadegod
    SELFHATE - At the Begining..., Poland, political grindcore / powerviolence, selfmadegod
    SERENADE - The Serpent Dance, UK, progressive mid tempo death metal, golden lake
    SERMON - From Death To Death, Russia, death / black metal, wild rags
    SEVENTH GATE, THE - None So Bloody As The Kingdom Of Christ, USA, death / grind, satan rock
    SIGNS OF DYING - Desire of Suffreing, USA, brutal death metal, deathgasm
    SIX REASON TO KILL / ABSIDIA - Morphology of Fear, Germany, metalcore, per koro, split CD
    SKULLVIEW - Kings of the Universe, USA, heavy metal, massacre
    SOLDABLURKTHAL – Insectophily, France, brutal death / grind, bleurk
    SOLGRAV - Auringon Hauta, Finland, pagan metal, nocturnal woodlands
    SOULEDGE - Exterminate the World, Colombia, massive thrash / death metal, the blast
    SOULLESS / PANDEMIC GENOCIDE / ARMINIUS – Split, Poland / Poland, The Netherlands, pure death metal, old temple, CDr
    SOULSTORM - Darkness Visible, Canada, death metal, epidemic
    SPACESHITERS - Grinding Dancers From Outa Space, Germany, gore / grind, noisi
    SUHRIM - Unidentified Flying Bodyparts, Belgium, brutal death metal, hybreed
    SUNRISE - Generation of Sleepwalkers, Poland, deathcore, sanctuary
    SUPPOSITORY / GROT - Regain In Disbelief, The Netherlands / UK, grindcore / goregrind, grindethic, splitCD
    SURGICAL DISSECTION - Absurd Humanism Suffosoaked, Slovakia, brutal death / grind, nice to eat you
    THE BEAST - Fixed By the Devil, Belgium, black metal, painkiller, MCD (sh)
    THE DEADBEATS - In Full Blown Stereo, Sweden, death & roll, fueled up
    THE FORENSIC - Legions of Death, Mexico, death metal, american line
    THE FORGOTTEN - L'aldila, USA, misanthropic black metal, paragon inc
    THE KOVENANT – Animatronic, Noreay, electro black metal, nuclear blast
    THE TWO MINUTES HATE – Villains, Canada, metalcore, sf
    THIRD DEGREE - Six Year Of 666 (discography), Poland, death / grind, czerwony diabełek
    THORWALD / PULMONARY FIBROSIS - Medical Dissector, Slovakia / France, gore / grind, bizarre leprous, split CD
    THY DISEASE - Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses), Poland, black / death metal, empire
    TORN TO PIECES - Mastering The Arts Of Death, Germany, death metal, cxxt bxxcher
    TRAUMA – Daimonion, Poland, death metal, pagan
    TROLL - The Last Predators, Norway, black metal, head not found
    ULCERATE FESTER – Sonatorrek, The Netherlands, melancholic doom / death metal, cyber
    UMBAKARAIL - In Unity "Paienne", France, black metal, deadsun
    UNDINISM - Born With An Erection, Australia, grindcore, prolapse
    UNNATURAL – Life, Spain, brutal death metal, burning dogma
    V / A BLACKEND vol. II, intl., incl. Dark funeral, Arcturus, In the woods, Dissection, Emperor, Satyricon, Destroyer 666, black metal, blackend, 2 CD
    V / A Choosing Death, intl., incl. Napalm Death, Repulsion, Nihilist, Carcass, Brutal Truth, death / grind, relapse
    V / A Pain Unlimited Sampler vol 1, intl., incl. Chemical breath, Media in morte, Decision d, Krhoma death, Gorement, death / thrash, crypta
    V / A Repulsive Assault, intl., incl. Deranged, Immolation, Demilich, Adramelech, Vomitory, Avulsed, brutal death / grind, repulse
    VARATHRON - Lament of Gods, black metal, pagan, MCD
    VASTION - Closed Eyes To Nothing, USA, brutal old school death metal, retribute
    VELOCIDAD ABSURDA - Fisico Tortura Emocional, Spain, brutal death / grind, sf, MCD
    VELOCIDAD ABSURDA / KEVLAR SKIN - Estigmas Involutons / Zero Conciousness, Spain, ultra brutal death / grind, hecatombe, split CD
    VELVET THORNS - Where Demons Rise, Poland, symphonic black metal, croon
    VERMIN - Millenium Ride, Sweden, death'n'roll, no fashion
    VIRUS / KEVLAR SKIN - Specialized Human Robot / The Human Room, Australia / Spain, brutal death / grind, life fluid, splitCD
    VISION OF THE NIGHT - En Visioning the New Age, Canada, brutal death metal, bloodbucket
    VOICE OF HATE - Gods of Hell and Earth, Spain, furious grind, voliac
    WARSORE - Sweet Revenge, Australia, grindcore, vomit noise
    WARSPITE - Gallery of the Macabre - Studies of death and Darkness, Germany, death / grind, crimes against humanity
    WICKED INNOCENCE – Worship, USA, atmospheric death metal, life of agony, headfucker
    WITCHBLADE – I, Chile, progressive power metal, picoroco
    WITCHES' SABBATH - New World Plague, Spain, black /death metal, touch necromance
    WOLFEN SOCIETY - Conquer Divine, USA, old school death metal, house of death, MCD
    MORBID ANGEL - Covenant, USA, death metal legend, koch international
    SERPENTIA - Dark Fields Of Pain, Poland, melodic death metal, metal mind

    All CD's - 5 euro.

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