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6 euro CD's - sell list

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by eviluus, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. eviluus

    eviluus Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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    A MIND CONFUSED – Anarchos, Sweden, death / black metal, near dark
    ABADDON INCARNATE – Nadir, Ireland, brutal death / grind, sentinel
    ABANDON - Never-ending Black Torrent Of Death, UK, black metal, todestrieb
    ABOMINANT – Conquest, USA, death / black metal, death gasm
    ABOMINANT – Ungodly, USA, death / black metal, death gasm
    ABOSRANIE BOGOM – Coprotherapy, Russia, goregrind, american line
    ABSENT / WORLD OF SHIT - Errare Humanum Est / Laugh at Everything, Poland / Germany, brutal death metal / brutal deathgrind, redrum666, splitCD
    ADMORTEM - Ad Extremum Supplicium, France, death metal, velvet music (sh)
    ADMORTEM - Living Through Blood, France, death metal, adipocere
    ADNAUSEAM - Lives Of Lies, Despise And Demise, USA, brutal death metal, independent sickness
    AGATHOCLES / H.407 - For What? For Who?, Belgium / Poland, mince core, apathic view, splitCD
    ALASTIS - ...and Death Smiled, Switzerland, dark metal, adipocere
    ALICE IN CHAINS – Dirt, USA, grunge, columbia (sh)
    ALIENATION MENTAL - Four Years... Time Full Of Brutality, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, burning dogma
    ANAEMIA - Stupidity of the Lambs, Spain, death / grind, soulreaper
    ANCIENT NECROPSY- Ancient Necropsy, Colombia, sick brutal death / grind, nice to eat you
    ARCHAIC- Akelarre / Regressor, France, funeral doom metal, obskure sombre
    ASGAARD - Ex Oriente Lux, Poland, dark / doom metal, metal mind
    ASKALON – Armageddon, Poland, brutal death metal, moonbow empire
    ATROPHIA RED SUN - Twisted Logic, Poland, unique technical death metal, empire
    AUTOPHAGIA - Postmortem human Offal, Greece, spastic gore / grind, bizarre leprous
    BATHOMET – Bathomet, Greece, black metal, unisound, MCD
    BATHORY - Jubileum Volume II, Sweden, black metal, black mark (sh)
    BETHLEHEM - Suicide Radio, Germany, black metal, PC CD-ROM video clips, red stream, VCD
    BEYOND DAWN – Reverly, Norway, melancholic doom avant-garde, misantrophy, digiCD
    BEYOND FATAL - Sanctuary In Misery, USA, brutal death metal, bloodsoaked
    BLACKEND – Sloth, Germany, cool thrash metal, mdd
    BLOOD VOMIT - Up From The Grave, USA, brutal death metal, bloodsoaked
    BLOODY GORE - Blood Driven Vehemence, Indonesia, brutal death / grind, uxicon, MCD
    BODY COUNT - Violent Demise the Last Days, USA, hard core, virgin
    CAPRICORNUS- Alone Against All, Poland, black metal, Graveland members, supernal (sh)
    CARPATHIAN FOREST- Over A Decade Of Perversions, Norway, black metal, avantgarde
    CARVE - Stillborn Revelations, Sweden, death metal, black hole
    CELTIC FROST - Parched With Thirst Am I Dying, Switzerland, unreleased and rare tracks 84-92, noise (sh)
    CEMETERY- Detriment Image, Indonesia, ultra brutal death metal, sevared
    CENOTAPH - Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium, Turkey, ultra brutal blasting death metal, united guttural
    CENOTAPH- Rise Of Excruciation, Mexico, death metal, dahmer
    CEREBRAL TURBULENCY- As Gravy, Czech Republic, death / grind, leviathan
    CONGRESS - Blackened Persistance, Belgium, hard core, plus bonus CD-R, good life
    CONGRESS - Angry With The Sun, Belgium, hard core, good life
    CORPORAL RAID – Xenophilism, Italy, gore / grind, bizarre leprous
    CORPSE CARVING / MINCER - Hacked, Split Then Quartered, Italy, goregrind, coagulated splitCD
    CRIMSON MOON - To embrace the vampyric blood, USA, black metal, abyss
    CRIMSON ORCHID - Chapter XIII: Nightmares & fairytales, USA, metalcore, sf
    CROMM CRUAC - Meadows of Madness, Netherlands, technical death metal, firebreath
    CROPMENT - Spiral Of Violence, Switzerland, death metal, fastbeast
    DANZIG - Dirty Black Summer, USA, Danzig, def american, digiMCD (sh)
    DANZIG - I Luciferi, USA, Danzig, spitfire
    DARKNESS ENSHROUD - Unveiled Ghostly Shadow, USA, black ambient, moribund
    DARKSIDE NYC - Ambitions Make Way For Dread, USA, metalcore, gainground, digiCD
    DATURA - Impulse 80, Ukraine, brutal death metal, coyote
    DEAD - Le Stars Du Rock Porno, Germany, grindcore, obliteration
    DEATH OF MILLIONS – Frozen, USA, brutal death metal, dies irae, digiCD
    DEATH OF MILLIONS - Statistics and Tragedy, USA, brutal death metal, blackend
    DEBAUCHERY - Dead Scream Symphony, USA, black / death metal,
    DECEASED - The Radiation Years, USA, death metal, cursed
    DECEPTION - Nuclear Wind, Poland, brutal death metal, redrum
    DECOMPOSING SERENITY – We’ll stop when you’re dead (maybe), USA, sick noisy goregrind, vomit noise
    DEFECATION - Purity Dilution, UK, grindcore, nuclear blast, digiCD
    DEFLESHED - Fast Forward, Sweden, death metal, regain
    DEFLESHED - Abrah Kadavrah / Ma Belle Scalpelle, Sweden, death metal, martyr
    DEFORMED - Project Torture 005, Poland, death / grind, skull fucked
    DEMONCY - Joined In Darkness, USA, black metal, hammerheart
    DESPISE / LUST OF DECAY – Split, Czech Republic / USA, brutal death metal split, sf, splitMCD
    DETERIORATE - The Senectuous Entrance, USA, dark old school death metal, pulverizer (sh)
    DEVIL LEE ROT - The Devil Has Landed, Sweden, blackened heavy metal, atolmga
    DEVILIUM - Pagan At War, France, brutal death metal, criminal
    DEVISER - Running Sore, Greece, hellenic black metal, lsp
    DEVISER - Thy Blackest Love - The Early Years, Greece, black metal, sleaszy rider
    DIE KRUPPS - Odyssey of the Mind, Germany / USA, industrial, rough trade (sh)
    DIE KRUPPS - The Final Option, Germany / USA, industrial, rough trade (sh)
    DISASTROUS MURMUR - Marinate Your Meat, Austria, death metal, cudgel
    DISGUST- Years Of Torment, Canada, brutal death / grind, sf
    DISGUST - Slicing And Bleeding Until The Bones Crack, Canada, brutal death / grind, big metal
    DISGUST- In Aeternum..., France, brutal death metal, shock wave
    DISGUST / INVEIGH - Bleed The Gemini, Canada, sick, toxic & brutal death / grind, big metal, splitCD
    DISINTERMENT - Gravey And Fornication, USA, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
    DISLOYAL - The Kingdom Of Plague, Poland, technical death metal, redrum 666
    DISTURBED - The Sickness, USA, nu metal, giant
    EARTH - Star Condemn'd, Australia, doom / death metal, iron fist
    ENTREAT – Deincubation, Slovenia, melodic death metal, moonlee
    EQUINOX - Journey Into Oblivion, USA, death / black metal, still dead
    EROSION - Down..., Germany, thrash metal, we bite
    ESTUARY - To Exist And Endure, USA, death metal, ibex moon
    EVIL - XII-XX, Poland, grind / crust, n.i.c.
    EVISCIUM - Underneath The Buried, USA, death metal, still dead
    EXTINCTION - The Black Hex, UK, raw black metal, todestrieb
    FAILED HUMANITY - The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh, UK, brutal death / grind, candlelight
    FATE OF ICARUS - Cut Your Throat Before They Do, USA, death / grind, willowtip (sh)
    FERMENTO – Insignia, Spain, brutal death metal, voliac
    FINAL PRAYER - The Human Atrocity, USA, thrash metal, black cloud
    FIT OF ANGER - Fit Of Anger, USA, NY hardcore, king fisher
    FLESHRIPPER / OBLITERATION – Split, Germany, school brutal death / grind, suffer
    FOIL – Rocket, Australia, industrial, dark oceans
    FORCA MACABRA - Histeria - Edicao Brasileira, Finland, old school grind / crust, no fashion hc
    FORCE FED FLESH - The Human Virus, USA, brutal death metal, malicious intent, MCD
    FOREST - Like a Blaze Above the Ashes, Russia, black metal, iso666
    FORNICATION - Unleashed Wrath, Brazil, death metal, brutalized
    FORSAKEN - Anima Mundi, Malta, power / doom metal, golden lake
    FUCK I'M DEAD - Bring On The Dead, Australia, goregrind, razorback
    FUCK THE FACTS / SERGENT SLAUGHTER - Overseas Connection, Canada / France, grindcore, meat 5000, split CD
    FUNERAL INCEPTION - Anthems Of Disenchantment, Indonesia, brutal death metal, warpath
    GATEKEEPER – Gatekeeper, USA, brutal / technical death metal for fans Cryptopsy, Immolation
    GHASTLY / FLAME - A Morbid Split, Australia / Finland, black metal / blackthrash, asphyxiate
    GODLESS TRUTH - Burning Existence, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, deadsun
    GOLGOTHA - Land Of Death, Poland, death metal, baron
    GOREINHALED - Fetus In Fetu, Spain, brutal death metal in the american way, brutalized
    GOREOPSY - Co.-Ed Killer, Slovakia, brutal guttural death / grind, life fluid
    GOREPHAGIA / BEAUTICIAN - Split, Ecuador / UK, guttural death metal / goregrind, brutalized, splitCD
    GRIND BUTO - Welcome To Annihilation, Indonesia, grindcore, bloodbath
    GROM / NORTH / MARHOTH - Sovereigns Of Northernlands, Poland, pagan black metal, astral wings, 3 way splitCD (sh)
    GRUESOME MALADY - Infected With Virulent Seed, India, goregrind, bizarre leprous
    HAEMOTH / AD NOCTEM – Split, France, black metal, hochenstaveen, splitCD
    HELHEIM - Yersinia Pestis, Norway, viking metal, massacre
    HELLBORN – Hellblast, Poland, black / death metal, conquer
    HEMATOMA / AUDIORREA - La Cruel Realidad, Mexico / Spain, goregrind, sindrome, splitCD
    HIDEOUS MANGLEUS - Shadows That Kill: The Skull Sessions, USA, goregrind, goregiastic
    HIPPIE MASSAKER - Trampel Schaden, Germany, evil r'n'r, sf
    HIRPUS – Ianuaria, Italy, black metal, sadolust
    HOG CALLER / HEADCRUSH - Proper Parasite Mannerisms, USA / The Netherlands, grindcore, last house on the right, splitMCD
    HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL – Opusgenitalia, Portugal, brutal death metal, cudgel agency
    HOLY MOSES - Terminal Terror, Germany, thrash metal, bootleg
    HOLY MOSES - World Chaos, Germany, thrash metal, bootleg
    HOMOIRATUS – Apocalypse, Greece, futuristic death metal, sf
    HUNTER – Requiem, Poland, thrash metal, mystic, digiCD
    IMAGIKA - And So It Burns, USA, thrash metal, massacre
    IMPERIAL SODOMY - Tormenting the Pacifist, France, brutal death metal, criminal
    IMPIOUS HAVOC - Monuments of Suffering, Finland, grim nordic black metal, total holocaust
    IMPURE - Corpses...Intense Stench, Spain, brutal death / grind, goregiastic
    IMPURE - In Disrecpect To Mankind, Germany, brutal death metal, cdn
    INDUNGEON - The Misanthropocalypse, Sweden, melodic agressive death / thrash metal, invasion
    INFERIA - Release For Burial Orgies, Finland, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
    INFERNAL - The Infernal Compendium, Spain, black metal, tribulacion
    INFERNAL / EXELSUS DIABOLI - The Reapers Of God, Spain, black metal, mighty hordes, splitCD
    INFERNAL HATE - The wisdom of obscure dimensions, Colombia, brutal death metal, goregiastic
    INGROWING / DEFLORACE - Perverted Look At The World, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, leviathan
    INRI - Hyper Bastard Breed, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, coldblood industries
    INSIDE CONFLICT - Headless..., France, mosh core, next sentence
    INTERVALLE BIZARRE / MALIGNANCY - Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass / Fraility of the Human Condition, Czech Republic / USA, brutal death / grind, shindy splitCD
    INVASION - Berserk Artillery Barrage, USA, death metal, forever underground
    KAMELOT - The Expedition, USA, power metal, noise
    KATAPLEXIA - Catastrophic Scenes, Finland, brutal death metal, xtreem
    KILL HUMANITY - Ki1ling, Russia, brutal death / grind, coyote
    KOLDBORN - First Enslavement, Denmark, brutal death metal, diehard
    KOTS - Serial Suicide, The Netherlands, cyberporngrind, bizarre leprous
    KRETAN - Christian corpse mutilation, USA, death metal, comatose
    LANDFILL – Assassins, USA, industrial noise, order of the dead's head
    LOST SOUL - Scream Of The Mourning Star, Poland, death metal, relapse
    LOST SOUL – Chaostream, Poland, death metal, empire
    LOUD PIPES - The Downhill Blues, Sweden, hard'n'heavy, kron-h
    LUGUBRUM - De Vette Cuecken, The Netherlands, raw black metal,
    LUNACY - Grey Silence, Switzerland, innovative thrash metal, witchhunt, MCD
    M.A.C. OF MAD – Badluck, Czech Republic, grindcore, l'inphantile collective, digiCD
    M.O.D. - The Rebel You Love To Hate, USA, thrashcore, nuclear blast
    MALEFICIA - Songs Of The Nightbird, Finland, black metal, pakana
    MALIGNANT TUMOUR - Dawn Of A New Age, Czech Republic, grindcore, insane society, digiCD
    MALIGNANT TUMOUR / SQUASH BOWELS - Eat the Flesh... / Dreams Come True, Czech Republic / Poland, grindcore / goregrind, obscene, splitCD
    MALKUTH - Destroying The Symbols of Lies, Brazil, fast black metal, necrodemon
    MAN MUST DIE - ...Start Killing, UK, hyper speed death metal, retribute
    MANDATOR - Initial Velocity, Belgium, thrash metal, sams
    MARTRIDEN – Martriden, USA, death / black metal, sf, MCD
    MARTYR - To Confirm When Destruction Comes, The Netherlands, black metal, regimental
    MAYHEM, TRIBUTE TO - Originators Of The Northern Darkness, intl., incl. Immortal, Dark Funeral, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Absu, Carpathian Forest, avantgarde
    MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM - Inconsistent World, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, epidemie
    MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM – Dreamkillers, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, epidemie
    MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM - Evil Planet, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, epidemie
    MELEK – THA - Perfect World Eradication, France, minimalistic dark ambient, kubernoise
    MENTAL DEMISE - Disgraceful Sores, Ukraine, brutal death metal, moral insanity
    MESRINE - Jack Is Dead, Canada, goregrind, power it up
    METAL CHURCH – Live, USA, thrash metal, spv
    MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY – Eye For Eye, Czech Republic, goregrind, last house of the right, MCD
    MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY – Lamentations, Czech Republic, goregrind, bizarre leprous
    MIND SNARE - The Noble Ancestry, Italy, death metal, forever underground
    MIND SNARE – Hegemony, Italy, death metal, sf, MCD
    MINDCOLLAPSE - Vampires Dawn, Sweden, death metal, vod
    MISERICORDIA – Dechristianize, Sweden, black metal, downfall
    MITHRAS - Worlds Beyond The Veil, UK, technical brutal death metal, golden lake
    MOLESTED SENSES - No Friends Here, USA, death metal, still dead
    MONOLITH - Ego Through Fashion, Austria, cool grindcore, sf, MCD
    MORDRED – Vision, USA, funky thrash, noise, MCD
    MORGUE – Bonecrunch, France, brutal death metal, fleshfeast, MCD (sh)
    MORT - Godless Dominion, Germany, fast black metal, pestilence
    MUCUPURULENT – Soulreaver, Germany, grind'n'roll, morbid
    MUMMIFICATION - Runes of Blood, USA, brutal death / grind, brutalized
    MYOPIA - Concentration of Suffering, Canada, brutal death metal, cdn, MCD
    NARTVIND - Until Their Ruin, Belgium, black metal, painkiller
    NECROBASS - Kings Of Grind, Russia, grindcore, not like most
    NECROPHAGOUS – Disgusted, USA, brutal death metal, skeptic, MCD
    NEGLECT - End It!, USA, hardcore, we bite, MCD
    NEUROPATHIA - Graveyard Cowboys, Poland, grindcore, selfmadegod
    NIGHTLY GALE - ...And Jesus Wept, Poland, depressive doom metal, pagan
    NODE – Sweatshops, Italy, melodic death metal, scarlet
    NOISECORE FREAK - Experiments From The Rust Factory, USA, grindcore, deadsix
    NON - FICTION – Preface, USA, progressive power metal, spv
    NON - FICTION - It's A Wonderful Lie, USA, progressive power metal, spv
    NORDOR - Nordorian Manifestations Cult, Greece, black / death metal, sleaszy rider
    OSSUARY INSANE - Demonise The Flesh, USA, death / black metal, galdre
    OXIDISED RAZOR - ...Carne...Sangre..., Mexico, goregrind, obliteration
    OXIDISED RAZOR - La Realidad Es Sangrienta, Mexico, goregrind, american line
    PAGANIZER - Dead Unburied Swedish, Sweden, death metal, machiavellian
    PANCHRYSIA / ICONOCLASM - The Ultimate Crescendo Of Hell, Belgium, black metal, shiver, splitCD
    PAPERCUT HOMICIDE - From Filth Comes Grace, USA, technical death / grind, retribute
    PARRICIDE – Illtreat, Poland, brutal death metal, surgical diathesis
    PARRICIDE / PATOLOGICUM / DEFORMED - Cut Your Head Before They Do, Poland, brutal death metal / goregrind / death / grind, crude, 3 way splitCD
    PATOLOGICUM - Hecatomb Of Aberration, Poland, goregrind, crude
    PATOLOGICUM / GRUESOME MALADY - Aura of Atrophy, Poland / India, goregrind / grindcore, fat ass / everyday hate, splitCD
    PERVERSITY - In The Garment Of Lust, Slovakia, brutal death metal, perennial quest
    PHALOGORE - Child Burner, Colombia, brutal death metal, brutalized
    POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER - Avantground Undergrind, Belarus, brutal gore death / grind, dreaming about cannibalismMCD
    PREJUDICE - Dominion of Chaos, Belgium, technical & brutal death metal, painkiller
    PREJUDICE – Reality, Belgium, thrash / death metal, painkiller
    PROFANUM - Profanum Aeternum, Poland, dark metal, pagan
    PROHIBITORY - In Death We Trust, Mexico, pure death metal, toai
    PROPHECY - Foretold... Foreseen, USA, brutal death metal, goregiastic
    PSYCHOTRON - Brain Ash, Poland, thrash metal, amp
    PURULENT SPERMCANAL - Legalize For Cannibalism, Czech Republic, goregrind, rock leviathan
    PURULENT SPERMCANAL - We Pity We Didn't Kill You All, Czech Republic, goregrind, rock leviathan
    PUSTULATED - Pathognomonic Purulency, Colombia, ultra brutal death metal, goregiastic
    PUSTULATED – Hematoma, Colombia, brutal death metal, goregiastic
    PUTREFIED - Live Plugged And Crushing, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, sevared
    RAMPANCY / GRANULOCYTIE BLASTOMA / BOWEL STEW – Split, Taiwan / Taiwan / Belgium, goregrind, rottenpyosis, splitCD
    RAVAGER - Storms of Sin, Mexico, death metal, osmose CD
    REEK OF SHITS - Bloody Obstetric Technology, Czech Republic, goregrind, bizarre leprous
    REEXAMINE - Laughing Dolls In The Purple Sunshine, Japan, death / grind, bloodbath
    REINFECTION - Peace Through Killing, Polans, brutal death / grind, goregiastic
    REPROBATION - The Colour Of Gore, USA, brutal death / grind, forever underground, MCD
    RETALIATION - The Execution, Sweden, grindcore headfucker
    RETCH - Ben-Wa Baby Heads, USA, gore / grind, unmatched brutality
    ROT - Old Dirty Grindcores grindcore - collection of EP's and rare tracks 2+2=5
    ROTTENNESS - Blasphemous Gore Enjoyment, Mexico, brutal death / gore, emerald city (sh)
    ROTTENNESS - Inhuman Waste Of Depravity, Mexico, brutal death / gore, emerald city
    SA MEUTE – Hyperboree, France, black metal, sf
    SABBAT - Sabbatical Holocaust, Japan, black metal, time before time
    SACRIFICIO - Fin De La Fe, Puerto Rico, brutal death metal, dan's crypt
    SACRUM - Res Sacra Miser, Poland, melodic doom metal, sound of decay
    SACRUM - Mass Genocide, USA, death / thrash metal, sf, MCD
    SACRUM - The Symbol, Poland, melodic doom metal, awaken
    SADISTIC BLOOD MASACRE - 100% schmutzcore, Germany, porno grind, sf
    SADISTIC BLOOD MASACRE - Anal Intruder, Germany, porno grind, sf
    SADISTIC GRIMNESS - Vicious Torture, Sweden, brutal black / death metal, infernus rex
    SAMMATH - Verwoesting Devastation, The Netherlands, raw sadistic black metal, folter
    SANATORIUM - Celebration of Exhumation, Slovakia, ultra brutal death metal, forensick, MCD
    SAPROFFAGO - Bestial Horrible Thoughts, Colombia, brutal death / grind, goregiastic
    SARGATANAS - Knights Of The Southern Cross, Mexico, brutal death metal, barbarian wrath
    SARGATANAS REIGN - Euthanasia... Last Resort, Sweden, technical brutal death metal, i hate
    SAVATAGE - Fight For The Rock, USA, heavy metal, edel
    SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH - Puke Pile, USA, gore death / grind, united guttural
    SENSFIELD – Building, USA, melodic hardcore, revelation
    SEVENDUST – Sevendust, USA, nu metal, tvt
    SEVERANCE - What Lies Ahead, USA, death metal, burning dogma
    SEVERED REMAINS - A Display Of Those Defiled, USA, brutal death metal, comatose
    SEWN SHUT - Rediscovering the Dead, Sweden, grindcore, selfmadegod
    SHADOWS OF SUNSET - Reflection From Afar, Finland, death / black metal, fadeless, MCD
    SIKSAKUBUR - The Carnage, Indonesia, brutal death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), extreme souls, CDr demo
    SIX REASON TO KIL - Kiss the Demon, Germany, metalcore, alveran
    SKELETON OF GOD - Urine Garden / Bleached In The Sun, USA, death / grind, deathgasm
    SOULLESS / EXECRATOR - Innhrritance By The Wicked Empire, Poland / Italy, brutal death metal, eyes of the dead, split CD
    SPAWN OF SATAN / BLOODSICK – Split, USA, unholy death metal, hell's headbangers
    SPAWNED BY ROT - Beyond Random Torture, Canada, brutal death / grind, sf
    SPINECAST - Disease of Worthlessness, USA, brutal death metal, sf
    STRIBORG - Misanthropic Isolation in the Heart of the Rainforest, Australia, black metal, asgard
    STRIKE ANYWHERE - Exit English, USA, hardcore / punk, jade tree
    STUMP / DECRYPT - A Mean Case Of The Splits, USA, ultra brutal death metal, forever underground, splitCD
    SUTURE / LEHAVOTH / LEUKORRHEA - The sick the dead the rotten, USA / Israel / USA, brutal grindcore, the spew, 3 way splitCD
    SVARTNAR - Failure Of Mankind, Germany, black metal, eternity
    TANKARD - Fat...Ugly & Live, Germany, thrash metal, sams
    TANKARD - The Tankard, Germany, thrash metal, sams
    TENGKORAK - Konsentrasi Massa, Indonesia, brutal death / grind, bloodbath
    THANATOS - Beyond Terror, The Netherlands, old school death metal, red stream, MCD
    THANATOS - Angelic Encounters, The Netherlands, old school death metal, hammerheart, digiCD
    THE ART OF BUTCHERY - My Pleasure Is Your Pain, Spain, old school death metal, lard
    THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS - Fruits and Flowers of the Spectral Garden, Sweden, doom metal, unisound (sh)
    THE GALVIN WILHELM QUARTET - A Filthy Parasite, USA, grindcore, impatience or indifference, MCD
    THE GREAT DECEIVER - Cave In, Sweden, death metal, bridge, MCD
    THE RECKONING - Deathlike Millenia, Belgium, melodic black metal, shiver
    THE SYRE / CORPUS CHRISTII - F.O.A.D., Canada / Portugal, blackthrash / black metal, sadolust
    THEE MALDOROR COLLECTIVE - New Era Viral Order Excellent, USA, electro dark metal, mercenary musik
    THORAZINE - The Day The Ash Blacked Out Of Sun, Canada, brutal death metal, deathgasm
    THREE VICTIMS - Loathing Societal Conformities, Australia, brutal guttural deathgrind, sf, MCD
    THRONEAEON - Neither of Gods, Sweden, brutal death metal, hammerheart
    TORTURER - Live From The Ashes, Chile, death / thrash metal, bloodbath
    TOTAL RUSAK - ExplodingThe Carnial, Indonesia, ultra brutal grinding death metal, obliteration
    TOXIC BONKERS - Seeds of Cruelty, Poland, death / grind / crust, selfmadegod
    TRANSGRESSOR - Recollested limbs, Japan, death metal, bloodbath
    TRAUMA - Imperfect Like A God, Poland, death metal, empire
    TRAUMASIDE / WASTEFORM - Traumaside / Wasteform, USA, brutal death metal, step up, split CD
    TZUN TZU - Without Zero, Australia, brutal death metal, dissident, MCD
    UDUMBAL - Ahi Budhnya, Belarus, occult esoteric art, monstrous star
    UNHALLOWED - Punch Fucking Blasphemy, USA, brutal death metal, sf
    URANUS - Doctrine Of Immortality, Greece, pagan black metal, sleaszy rider
    USER NE - Nibelum Das Uhört, Spain, pagan metal, war is imminent, digiCD
    V / A Bizarre Vinyls, intl., incl. Utopie, Autophagia, Squash Bowels. BRS, Twisted Truth, Decomposition, grind, bizarre leprous
    V / A FUDGEWORTHY Records, intl., incl. Anal Cunt, Meat Shits, G.G.Allin, Undinism, Slough, Minch, Rot, Groinchurn, Gonkulator, grind, noise, black, fudgeworthy
    V / A GRINDCORE'S DEATHROW, intl., icnl.Vital Remains, Cianide, Impaler, At The Gates, death metal, grindcore
    VADER - Beware The Beast, Poland, death metal, empire, MCD
    VAMPIRIA - Among Mortals, Spain, symphonic black metal, war is imminent, digiCD
    VERMINOUS - Impious Sacrilege, Sweden, old school death metal, xtreem
    VISCERA INFEST - Demo Single CD 2005, Japan, goregrind, obliteration
    VISCERA TRAIL - Piled Up Dead, Israel, goregrind, epitomite
    VOIVOD – Phobos, Canada, nuclear thrash metal, metal mind (sh)
    WADGE - The Road To Hana, Canada, grindcore, regurgitated semen
    WASTEFORM - Ignorance Through Sovereignity, USA, brutal deathcore, xtreem
    WELKIN - Angel Inside, Belgium, massive brutal death metal, the spew
    WELT - Paranoid Delusion, USA, death metal, progress, MCD
    WINTER BESTOWED - Within My Labyrinthine Heart, Canada, technical death metal, sf, MCD
    WORMEATEN - Tortured Cadaveric Humanity, Colombia, death / grind, brutalized
    WTN - Rotting In Pestilence, Singapore, grindcore, razorback
    ZORA - Undisciplinated Violent Aggression, Italy, brutal death metal, malicious intent
    SERPENTIA - ...And The Angels Descended To Earth, Poland, black / death metal, sf, MCD (CD-R), with bass player Ivy autograph, sold out long time ago - 10 euro

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    Mar 21, 2007
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    eviluus Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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