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A Porcupine's Narrative Debut EP

Discussion in 'Metal CD' started by a Porcupine's Narrative, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. a Porcupine's Narrative

    a Porcupine's Narrative New Metal Member

    Apr 11, 2018
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    Hi Guys, it's out! A Porcupine's Narrative debut 3 track EP titled "Of Imaginary Friends and Enemies Unknown" was released on Friday the 13th.

    I've spent years finding the right guys for this project and am proud to be releasing the culmination of all my years of composing metal music. Head over to our site at to have a listen to it.

    The album was produced entirely remotely; Most of the band members haven't met each other in person! Vignesh is from Singapore, the bassist, David Varghese lives in Australia, Joshua Du Chene, the vocalist, is from Seattle and the drummer, Travis Orbin (ex-Periphery!) is from the East Coast, USA. This music was all recorded in home studios around the world and sent back and forth over the internet until it finally ended up as the music you hear on the album.

    Guitars: Vignesh Ilan (Azra-el)
    Bass: David Varghese (Azra-el)
    Vocals: Joshua Du Chene (Motae)
    Drums: Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, ex - Sky Eats Airplane, ex - Periphery)

    Engineering by Cedric MV @ Inversion Studios
    Mixed and Mastered by Brendon Williams

    Thanks and let us know what you think of the EP.

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