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Aaron Donald passes J.J. Watt as NFLs be

Discussion in 'Metal Vinyl (LP)' started by Melissa Underwood, Oct 10, 2018.


Aaron Donald passes J.J. Watt as NFLs be

  1. Aaron Donald passes J.J. Watt as NFLs be

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  2. Aaron Donald passes J.J. Watt as NFLs be

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  1. Melissa Underwood

    Melissa Underwood New Metal Member

    Mar 14, 2018
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    In a change at the pinnacle of the "Madden" ratings system the highly coveted-but-rare 99 Overall Aaron Donald is in, and J.J. Watt is out for "Madden NFL 18."The Derrick Henry Jersey two have swapped places.Donald is one of just three players in the league to be given 99 Overall, while Watt drops to 98 Overall, sharing that designation with four others.Donald's ratings include 96 in Power Moves, which is tied for first in the attribute with Watt, who also features 97 Strength, 90 Fine se Movesand even 78 in Catching given his occasional utilization at tight end.MORE: Top-rated WRs/TEs| Top-rated RBsKhalil Mack and Brandon Graham are the next highest-rated players on the defensive line. Mack, who can also play at a high level at linebacker, has 95 Power Moves and 93 Kevin Byard Light Blue Game Jersey Block Shedding. The strongest player in the game is Ndamukong Suh with a 98 in the category.Madden 18 player ratings: defensive TackleAaron Donald, Rams: 99 OverallNdamukong Suh, Dolphins: 93 OverallGeno Atkins, Bengals: 91 OverallFletcher Cox, Eagles: 91 OverallGerald McCoy, Buccaneers: 90 OverallDamon Harrison, Giants: 89 OverallKawann Short, Panthers: 88 OverallLinval Joseph, Vikings: 86 OverallLeonard Williams, Jets: 85 OverallMarcell Dareus, Bills: 85 OverallMadden 18 player ratings: defensive EndJ.J. Watt, Texans: 98 OverallKhalil Mack, Raiders: 97 OverallBrandon Graham, Eagles: 95 OverallCameron Jordan, Saints: 92 OverallCalais Campbell, Jaguars: 91 OverallMichael Bennett, Seahawks: 90 Harold Landry Jersey OverallCameron Wake, Dolphins: 89 OverallJoey Bosa, Chargers: 88 OverallJason Pierre-Paul, Giants: 88 OverallOlivier Vernon, Giants: 88 OverallMike Daniels, Packers: 87 OverallJadeveon Clowney, Texans: 86 OverallJurrell Casey, Titans: 86 OverallCarlos Dunlap, Bengals: 86 OverallCliff Avril, Seahawks: 86 OverallEverson Griffen, Vikings: 86 OverallThough they don't have anyone 90-plus Overall,the Giants will have a formidable defensive line as the only team to feature three players off the lists. The Texans, Dolphins, Bengals, Eagles, Vikingsand Seahawks eachhave two.MORE: Top-rated QBs |Top-rated rookiesEA Sports recentlyreleased the first gameplay trailerfor "Madden NFL 18," which includesa quick Tennessee Titans Game Jersey look at new features likeTarget Pa sing, Play Styles, and WR/DB Interactions."Madden NFL 18" also introduces the series' first everstory mode, featuring actors that include Mahershala Ali and Scott Porter, plus appearances from licensed colleges Texas and Oregon.The game will release Aug.22 for those who buythe $80 "G.O.A.T" edition, andAug.25 forthe standard edition. Those with an EA Acce s subscription on Xbox One will be able to start playing a 10-hour trial of the game Aug.17.Bryan Wiedey posts sports gaming news Taylor Lewan Jersey and analysis daily at, is co-founder of the sports gaming site HitThePa, hosts the "Pre s Row Podcast" and can be reached onTwitter@Pastapadre.

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