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An introduction of me and, Insense: Get your lyrics out!

Discussion in 'Insense' started by Insense_we_trust, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Insense_we_trust

    Insense_we_trust The Silent Epidemic

    Jul 18, 2011
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    Hey. I've been listening to Insense since the release of Burn in Beautiful Fire. And to be honest, I was amazed. I immediately listened through your albums Soothing Torture, The Silent Epidemic, Insense and your newest.

    And I don't get it, you have so many good songs that just totally gets me going, and I'm all hyped about tattoing your "Soothing Torture" logo to my back.

    You should have gained popularity way before the release of Surviving Self Resentment, but I can see why, because that probably moves more unto the 'hardcore' track.

    You need to upload your lyrics. Currently, they are only in your album inlay card of the newest one, but not everyone buys albums. Mine is ordered and is not yet here, so currently I use spotify to listen to you, and I like to sing a long to my metal, something I cannot do here, without the lyrics. In almost every metal band, some songs have lyrics which you got to concentrate heavy about.

    And when I'm listening to metal, concentrating is not my favorite choice of action.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share the tracks I like the most. I guess most of the listeners have only checked out the newest album.

    Surviving Self Resentment
    Death for me, Death for you
    Alone In A Crowd
    Trust just a few
    Welcome Whore
    The Pendulum Knife
    I, Deviant
    Gasping For Air
    The Forgiving Embrace

    I watched you at Norway rock, and I thinking to myself after the concert "Why the fuck weren't they at the mainstage?"

    You guys rule. I remember there was this girl who was totally checking out Ole, she was all doing licking/sucking facials at him, and you couldn't help but notice he was totally digging it :lol:

    Cya around.
  2. liksvette

    liksvette New Metal Member

    May 15, 2009
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    Oslo, Norway
    Thanks for the serious feedback.
    Haha, that girl was sweet. She didn't realize her boob was out, though I tried repeatedly to inform her. "Your boob is out! YOUR BOOB IS OUT!!!" But thank you to her, nice boobs.
    Being the only thing in the cover that is not freely available, we try to make that a treat for the record buying audience. BUT; if you head over to reverbnation, there are lyrics on two of the new tracks. Enjoy!

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