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Animal Crossing

Discussion in 'All About Tech' started by producer123, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. producer123

    producer123 New Metal Member

    Mar 22, 2018
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    Let's be fair, talking about toilets isn't the most fascinating subject to chat about on the planet. However, toilets are something that all of us use (I hope!) And since you're going to spending a lot of time in your in the long run then you want one that you do not look at in disgust each single time you do and a bathroom that fits nicely into the total décor of your toilet.

    So, this Hub goes through the types of bathroom available on the sector and will hopefully give you a feeling of what bathroom might best fit your individual situation. You will don't know, after reading this you might discover a bathroom you never knew existed rather than plumping to your average standard toilet. Yes, your bathroom is allowed to look fancy and unique!
    Close Coupled Toilet

    Easily the most common kind of toilet that people have in their homes( The pan is to the floor and the cistern stays fixed to the wall behind it, so simple!

    There are also a tonne of various styles, shapes and dimensions of close coupled toilet. From brief projection curvy bowls to dishes which are raised higher from the floor, and if you like ultra-modern bathroom fittings then you'll easily find a wonderful selection, although the traditional audience won't be dropped for choice . If you're after versatility along with a toilet that should go with nearly all styles then close coupled is the way to go.

    Back to Wall Toilet

    The hint is in its name once it comes to back to wall bathrooms, why? Because the toilet has its back against the walls ! Fundamentally the cistern is concealed, usually behind the wall but it may also be in a cabinet.

    Back to wall bathrooms have two benefits; maximising the space available in the bathroom and giving a handy shelf for bath products on the other side of the pan. When you have a small bathroom then among them is your best bet.

    Wall Mounted Toilet
    Again, the clue is the exact same and wall mounted bathrooms may also be another excellent means of maximising the space you have available. The cistern is boxed into the wall behind it, with the pan hanging off the wall. This leaves a gap between the brow and flooring, which is easy to clean under. Personally, I believe wall mounted toilets seem great, and so are something to think about if you want to put in a bit of modern flair to your bathroom - Read more in here

    The most important thing you have to remember if you're opting to get a wall mounted bathroom is its ability to choose the weight of the person sitting . Since they're not fixed to the floor all of the strain of the burden of a individual has to be coped with by the wall fixings. If the man sitting on it's obviously, erm,'milder' persuasion then it might be too much to your fixings to deal with.
    What kind of toilet do you have?
    In case you haven't guessed so far bathrooms appear to be named after their location and that is no exception. A corner bathroom goes in the -- yep you guessed it corner! They're essentially close coupled toilets but using a triangular or curved cistern so it fits right into the corner of your bathroom. Much like the two over a corner toilet is best utilised in a smaller bathroom where you wish to make use of what little space you've got. Their compact design also means that they use less water, and it is obviously a plus!

    High Level Toilet
    High level bathrooms traditional style toilets that will make you think back to the Victorian era when you visit one. The cistern is high up on the wall while the pan stays on the floor below, with a pipe running between the two along with a pull string attached to the cistern to flush out the pan. If you are going for that old age look then those are ideal, though lack variety, but remember they are inclined to be a whole lot pricier than your normal bathroom.

    High Tech Toilets
    You may have been aware of the bathrooms in Japan, which are now starting to permeate Western culture. These toilets can perform all sorts of things; using heated toilet seats(, squirting water than cleans your bum and jets of air to wash it off. Some toilets are starting to talk to you, though some can make your dinner or simply take you out for a dinner at a fancy restaurant. Ok, maybe these last 2 aren't true but the point is that in case you're deadly serious about your bathroom experience being as comfortable as possible then this type of bathroom is for you. Just be prepared to pay a chance to get a single, at least outside Japan for the time being anyway.

    Incidentally, if you would like to read more about Japanese bathrooms then Wikipedia has a whole article known as'Toilets at Japan' relating to it. You may always rely on good old Wikipedia to your random toilet details!
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  2. Harleyy

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    May 15, 2018
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    MA, USA
    I've only played New Leaf (¯∇¯٥) but I loved it.
  3. Zonfar

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    Sep 27, 2018
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    I'm very confused by the content of the first post, as I'm not sure what toilets have to do with animal crossing.


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