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another stupendously big ebay sale

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by PaulRawNerve, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. PaulRawNerve

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    Feb 20, 2002
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    Leeds, centre of the universe
    another stupendously big ebay sale

    here is a list of the stuff available right at this very minute.. (5th june 8am)
    most of it has either 5 days or 7 days left to go...
    there will be loads more things added in the coming few days too, but this is as it stands now (hope people don't mind the little ebay keywords at the end)

    Alice In Chains - s/t (seattle, nirvana, soundgarden)
    one man and his blunderbuss - s/t grind fast tech metal
    Gorelord - Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (necrophagia)
    Remembering Never - She Looks So Good (riffs, ferret)
    Fear Factory - Demanufacture classic metal industrial
    Cave In - Jupiter Limited Hydrahead Converge Prog rock
    Churn - 12 Easy Steps (Napalm Death fear factory)
    mendeed 4 song demo thrash nuclear blast rare hardcore
    Zillah - Substitute for... mastodon tech gorguts dep
    Stinking Lizaveta - Caught Between.. stoner sludge doom
    arkhon - i am the skull cradle of filth death thrash
    Wehrwolfe - Godless We Stand decapitated necrophagist
    amok - hephaistos technical death atheist meshuggah
    perverse - blunt of stench polish dying fetus grind
    Defenestration - Ray Zero female nu stoner rock
    wisdom in chains - s/t - dutch old school punk hardcore
    hondo maclean - chasing angels ep rare ffaf bsf refused
    Wasted - Suppress And Restrain fast drunken punk rock
    lunatic gods - the wilderness doom death black
    burnt offering - walk of the dead thrash death gore
    manipulated slaves - blue flame thrash power japan
    hondo maclean - plans for a better day argento ffaf bsf
    mortuary iod - distorted massacre dutch death thrash
    mutilation - conflict inside vader decapitated exmortem
    eminence - humanology fear factory sepultura thrash
    melancholy pessimism - evil planet grind czech death
    incandescence - chapter two orbital orb fsol aphex dark
    Jungle Rot - Slaughter The Weak malevolent creation
    pogrom - trotzperiode - black argentina dark metal
    breaking days - if only.. poison the well boysetsfire
    eye of phetkanha - in the light.. aphex lull orb fsol
    Deinonychus - Ark Of Thought weird dark death black
    crowning glory - path to glory power heavy thrash
    von sirius - mystical doktryn kraftwerk amorphis ulver
    Astro Zombies AD - Mutants misfits danzig covers
    Ultralord - We Hate You.. sludge eyehategod kreator
    December Wolves - dehumanised - fear factory berzerker
    horrid - hidden spheres entombed avulsed xtreem
    incandescence - all sound's synthetic orbital orb aphex
    Nine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have Been LIVE 2CD nice box
    mayhem - Grand Declaration.. norway black metal masters digipak
    divine empire - redemption malevolent creation entombed
    sea of tranquility - the omegan ruins death prog thrash
    pandemia - spreading the message dying fetus malevolent
    grimforce - Circulation To Confusion black thrash japan
    paimon - metamorphine arch enemy carcass at the gates
    incandescence - chapter one orb fsol gathering ulver
    tomorrow's victim/perverse/moulded flesh 3 way grind cd
    cvi - forensic necrovulvectomy gore grind sick
    uhrilehto - vitutus millenium / behexen horna gorgoroth
    incandescence - chapter one, the second phase
    ascension - s/t death cadaver opeth necrophagist
    ascension - walking on t/psychopath death opeth cadaver
    Opera IX - Maleventum dark doom death cadaveria black
    Fk the facts / MiaM / NoR 99 song 3 way grind split cd
    Destinity - Synthetic Existence SYL Fear My Thoughts
    neglected fields - splenetic technical death latvia
    Lux Occulta - Dionysos (CD 2000)
    vore - maleficus (vader, deicide, usurper, immolation)
    carnal lust - whore of violence (vader, malcre, d/fetus
    incandescence - floating spirits filmscore minimal afx
    ghoulunatics - king of the undead (necrophagia gore)
    faith no more - last cup of sorrow SINGLE
    kabbal - synthetically revived vader suffocation death
    despondency - exposing misery's design DEATH METAL!!!!!

    stalingrad - politics of ecstacy 7" PICTURE DISC EP
    disembodied - the confession 7" pre martyr ad chug mint
    pearl jam - spin black circle 7" seattle grunge legends
    intumescence / camp split 7" dutch grind napalm death
    pearl jam - who you are 7"
    cecil - my neck 7" grunge metal
    among the missing & red stars parade split 7" sludge
    stories & comets - face for radio 7" emo rock hardcore
    zorn - heftig aufflammender unwille7" black crust grind
    carol - prefabricated 7" systral morser acme arkangel
    spread the disease - blood ridden 7" - carcass zao atg
    systral acheborn split 7" morser acme arkangel carcass
    wojczech - mother 7" PICTURE DISC grind fast
    liar / family of dog 7" SPLIT Fanzine only release!
    morning again - my statement of life 7" w/ mint booklet
    fu manchu - asphalt rising 7" clear red vinyl
    deadfood / irritant split 7 burgundy vinyl bungle grind
    L7 - Pretend that we're dead - Bright red vinyl 7"
    7 year bitch - rock a bye baby 7" rare clear blue vinyl
    therapy? - teethgrinder 7" numbered light purple vinyl
    the almighty - all sussed out - 7" clear vinyl
    cecil - no excuses - 7" white vinyl
    7 year bitch - EP 10" PICTURE DISC rare hand numbered

    first lot of videos and dvds (more coming in a couple of days)
    HONEYMOON IN VEGAS nick cage sarah jessica parker caan
    FAUST re-animator demons action horror metal soundtrack

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