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Discussion in 'ProgPower USA' started by KingsGene, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. KingsGene

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    God of Thunder

    Apr 1, 2005
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    near KC
    From :

    "Eye", the debut album by progressive metallers Ashes Of Chaos, will be released on July 30th 2013 under logic(il)logic Records and distributed by Andromeda Dischi. The track list is: 1. Ashes Of Chaos 2. Falling 3. Doom 4. Mechanical Rage 5. Atmosfear pt.1, Abyss Of Consciousness 6. Parallels 7. Novilunio 8. Atmosfear pt.2, Circle Of Madness 9. Awake 10. Rinascita.

    "Eye" is a concept album without a real protagonist, everyone who listens to the music can be him. Leaving blank paper to the listeners' interpretation, the protagonist will fight against the problems of a single man included in the society of a pre-apocalyptic ambience. After the massive destruction of the entire humanity, he's now alone and ready to fight against his own mind, to preserve his mental clarity and hope for a new future. The listener will be accompanied by several music styles and intricate harmonic structures. He is integrated in the music, sharing feelings and experiences with the protagonist. Is the existence doomed to eternally run in the Circle of Madness, or there will be an unexpected awakening? The choice is up to the maker of our own destiny.


    A promotional trailer for "Eye" is available on the label's YouTube channel:

    Web: /

    ASHES OF CHAOS Sign With Logic(il)logic Records

    Ashes Of Chaos was born as a metal cover band in late 2008. Influenced by the common love for progressive metal, the band's members start writing original songs. As they grew up both as musicians and as a band, they completed their debut album, the concept Eye.

    They are inspired by some great names of the progressive metal scene such as PAIN OF SALVATION, OPETH, TOOL, DREAM THEATER, SYMPHONY X, MASTODON, GOBLIN. They are also influenced by the individual and personal music preferences (funk, jazz, classical music and much more) that can be found in their songs.

    Line up:
    Alexios Ciancio – vocals
    Mike Crinella – guitars, backing vocals
    Stefano Galassi – bass
    Francesco Gabrielli – drums, backing vocals
    Giorgio Gori – studio keyboards
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