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Discussion in 'Pure Steel Records' started by steel-prophet, Apr 13, 2017.

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    BLAZING RUST signed a worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS

    The old school metal band BLAZING RUST from St. Petersburg has signed a worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS. The Band will release their album "Armed To Exist" on 28th July 2017 via PURE STEEL RECORDS.

    The band was formed in November 2014 and consists of former and current members of well-known Russian metal acts, such as Pyre, Drama, Ulvdalir, Internal Damage, Grenouer. Having their own tinge and vision without limiting themselves to the rigid frameworks, Blazing Rust pay homage to real heavy metal gods such as DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, DIAMOND HEAD etc.

    More News coming soon.

    Roman Dovzhenko: We are so excited about the fact that this album is coming out finally! An extensive work on all the production of our first full-length was carried out perfectly. We knew what we want and what we need and i believe we've achieved that! I'm happy with the results and I'm sure that nobody of you metal brothers-in-arms will be disappointed!

    Igor Arbuzov: Making 'Armed to Exist' album had been a huge fun for me as I received a big amount of creative freedom and support from the band. We realized very soon how close we are musically and mentally. In my opinion our album is not just an imitation of the most popular 80s music genre. It's a great collection of tracks that won't leave any heavy metal fan indifferent. They can be fast and mid-tempo, rough, agressive and melodic at the same time, - everything you expect from classic metal. 'Armed to Exist' is a statement from the younger generation of musicians that says: "We're ready to carry the flag of Heavy Metal!"!


    Igor Arbuzov (ex-Grenouer, ex-Reverse Angel) – vocals
    Roman Dovzhenko (Pyre, Teitanfyre, ex-Drama, ex-Ragor, ex-Ulvdalir, ex-Анахоретъ) – guitars
    Serg Ivanov (ex-Drama) – guitars
    Dmitry Dovzhenko (Internal Damage, Likferd, Pyre, Teitanfyre, ex-Drama, ex-Blasphererion (live), ex-Ragor, ex-Septory, ex-Ulvdalir) – drums
    Eric Strom (Regress Evolute) – bass

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