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Candlelight Daylight Dies Albums to be released on Vinyl

Discussion in 'Daylight Dies' started by egan., Aug 20, 2017.

  1. egan.


    Dec 28, 2002
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    Hey Guys, in case anyone still checks this forum:

    Big news: Dismantling Devotion, Lost to the Living and A Frail Becoming are all going to be reissued on gorgeous deluxe double vinyl by Spinefarm/Candlelight on October 6, 2017.

    Spinefarm has also put together shirt/vinyl combos which feature some new designs.

    U.S. preorder:
    Europe preorder:…

    Full details:

    Spinefarm/Candlelight to Re-issue Daylight Dies albums on Vinyl in 2017

    Between 2006-2012, Daylight Dies released three classic and highly revered death/doom metal albums on Candlelight Records: Dismantling Devotion (2006), Lost to the Living (2008) and A Frail Becoming (2012). Much to the disappointment of fans and the band alike, none of these albums ever made it to vinyl… until now. Spinefarm/Candlelight have stepped up to re-release special double vinyl editions of all three albums, just in time for Autumn 2017.

    Drummer Jesse Haff commented:

    “We are all thrilled that these three albums, which each have such deep significance to us, will be reborn in a physical form of such quality and dignity. One of the few positive developments of the music industry in the past decade or so has been the resurgence of vinyl, and it has been frustrating that none of our albums were available in the format. Layout and lyrics have always been especially essential to telling the complete story, and so it’s been a pleasure working with Dan and Spinefarm/Candlelight in crafting a reformatted version of the layout in a large beautiful display. We are grateful for this opportunity, and can’t wait for the release of all three albums this Autumn."
    Thanks everyone for your continued support!
  2. replicated

    replicated Threadkiller

    Nov 1, 2004
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    Bumfuck, MI 69666
    Got all 3. Hopefully you guys can get Relapse on board.

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