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CD's for sale - 2 euro each!!!

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by eviluus, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. eviluus

    eviluus Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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    BRAQUEMARD – Taboo, Poland, brutal death metal, sf, demo CDr
    CAVO – Cavo, Japan, grind / noise / sludge with elements of Japanese ethnic music, shit jam, 3"MCD
    COLLAPSE - Mentale Impotenz, Germany, brutal death metal, pagan winter
    CONQUEROR WORM - Let's Play Havoc, Poland, math core, demo CDr
    DENY LIFE / M:rofl:xKx / NOIZENOIZ / POSTMORTAL MASSTURBACY – Split, France / Brazil / Brazil / Hungary, 31 songs from sicko bros 4way split gore / grind / noise - oly for die hard maniax!, sukk 4 way splitCDr
    DEVIL-MAY-CARE – Awe, Russia, sympho black metal, stygian crypt
    DIPHTHERIA - Anal Front, Poland, death /grind, demo CDr
    DIRA MORTIS – Revulsion, Poland, death metal, sf, CDr
    DIRA MORTIS - Architecture of Mind, Poland, death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), demo CDr
    DISCORDIA – Discordia, Mexico, grind / crust, cryptal (sh)
    ENTIRETY - In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt, Italy, death / black metal, northern darkness, MCD
    ESKATON – Genocide, Poland, brutal death / grind, CDr demo
    ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE - Ephemeris Sun, Slovakia, sympho black metal, sonic temple
    EXCOMMUNION – Superion, USA, brutal death metal, empire
    FORGIVE ME NOT – Tearfall, Russia, epic doom metal, metal agen
    MONGOOSE III - The Devil's Big Weed Smoke Of '65, UK, stoner rock, golden lake, CDr demo
    OBLOMOV - Wishing the Renaissance, Czech Republic, sympho black metal, radiation noise, MCD
    P.U.T - Bitterness Despair And Cynism, France, industrial rock avant-garde, pogo
    PROJECT BRAINSTORM - Fuck Intelligence, Germany, extreme polka metal art, sf
    PSYCHOFAGIST - Promotional CD 2002, Italy, grinding death metal, CDr demo
    SHADOWS LAND - Ante Christum (Natum), Poland, black / death metal, empire
    SPINAL CORD – Remedy, Poland, death / thrash, empire
    SUBNOCTEM - The Black Dance of Forest, Italy, black metal, blasphemous art, CDr demo
    TOTEM - Day Before The End, Poland, interesting death / thrash metal, empire
    V / A BRUTAL VOMIT, intl., incl. Dead Infection, Stombamfirer Stedke, Bloody Psycho, Vomigod, death / grind / crust, brutal vomit
    V / A Dew - Germany / Austria, incl. Mastic Scum, Depression, Toxic Death, Social Disease, Blackened, Scum, death, grind, thrash, nebel
    V / A Hard 96 – Germany, incl. Mailvaltar, Darth, Massenmorder, Forgotten Past, death / thrash / hard core, hard
    V / A Hard 97 – Germany, incl. The company, Mailvaltar, Massenmorder, Progeria, Darth, death / thrash / hard core, hard
    V / A It's Just warning ONE – The Netherlands / Belgium, incl. Disinfest, Pleurisy, Crustacean death's bride, death / doom / thrash, eastern star
    V / A It's Just warning TWO – The Netherlands / Belgium, incl. Goden, Cremation, The darkening, Nocturnal silence, death / doom / thrash, eastern star
    V / A Larmbelastigung - Krach Propaganda Compilation, intl., incl. Mortician, Sepsism, Gorguts, Aborted, Pessimist, Fleshless, death, grind, black, larmbelastigung
    V / A Migraine In The Membrane, intl., incl. Funeral Inception, Pleurisy, Rotten Cold, Tessaract, Birdbrains, death / grind, ignite
    V / A Morrigan - Germany / Austria, incl. Night In Gales, Mind Ashes, Skull Crusher, Morbid Silence, Bitching Sluts, death / doom, nebel
    V / A The French Underground Series – France, incl. Absurdity, Heresy, Horrid Flesh, Manslaughter, Gastrik Burst, Psychobolia, brutal death metal, skullfucked
    V / A The Morbid One, intl., incl. Dying Fetus, Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Impetigo, C.S.S.O, death, grind, doom, morbid
    V / A TROIS - RIVIERES METALFEST IV – Canada, incl. Despised Icon, Neuraxis, Torn Within, Horofiction, Paroxysm, Quo Vadis, death metal / thrash metal / black metal, galy
    V / A TROIS - RIVIERES METALFEST V – Canada, incl. Neuraxis, Despised icon, Beneath the massacre, Martyr, Coprofago, death metal / thrash metal / black metal, galy
    VIVID X - V.Xtremal Progress, Russia, brutal progressive death / thrash metal, blacksmith
    VOGELFREI - Stifefeljungs (Lieder 1994-98), Germany, melodic oi, asphalt
    WHOREHOUSE - True Living, Poland, thrash metal, (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint) crude, CDr
    WORMPHILISM - Gore Codex 01, Italy, goregrind, coagulated, CDr demo
    MUTILATION - Possessed By Reality, empire
    SPINAL CORD - Stigmata Of Life, empire
    ON THORNS I LAY - Angel Dust, empire
    NIGHTFALL - I Am Jesus, empire
    THE ELYSIAN FIELDS - 12 aBlaze, empire
    RUNEMAGICK - Requiem Of The Apocalypse, empire
    SOLAR DAWN - Equinoctium, empire
    CONTEMPT - The Secret Around Us, empire
    BELFEGOR - The Kingdom Of The Glacial Palaces, empire
    LOST SOUL - Scream Of The Mourning Star, metal mind
    ANAL STENCH - Red Revolution, empire
    CETI - The Best From Hard Zone vol. 1, empire
    MUTILATION - Conflict Inside, empire
    NAUMACHIA - Wrathorn, empire

  2. eviluus

    eviluus Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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