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Checking in after 15 years - Sadly.

Discussion in 'Nevermore' started by Trapped - No Longer, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Trapped - No Longer

    Trapped - No Longer New Metal Member

    Dec 19, 2017
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    Hey all - used to post here as Trapped some 12-15 or so years ago, and previously on the message board before it came to Ultimate Metal.

    Pretty shattered that WD is no longer with us - I used to get SUCH a kick any time he'd take part in a conversation here at UM, such a sweet and intelligent guy. I became a fan when Politics was first released when I inadvertently saw a video clip of Sentenced "Noose" that was titled incorrectly as "Nevermore - Next in Line" - BOY was my face melted when I found and bought the CD by this mysterious band.

    If there's anything to take away from the sorrow, it's the outpouring of love and great memories that have surfaced. Everywhere I look, from the memorial fundraiser to here on the forum, there's SO many photos of Warrel with his fans, just kicking it like a regular guy. I get the feeling he had a way of making people feel special and important - even when he was likely the most interesting and important guy in the room.

    Considering I was all of about 15 when I frequented the Nevermore forum, I recall being a total dick - just because I could. In fact, I joined the Opeth forum specifically to do so because they irked me so much for taking attention away from my beloved Nevermore when I felt it was "their time" for success (misplaced teen angst I guess). On the flipside, I also remember meeting so many amazing people and recall extensive threads and personal conversations with the old guard like Ledmag, Troy, Magister Templi, Tee, Jimbob Hickville and others - also doing heaps of trades with people for records I couldn't get here in Australia, and of course a copy of the original Nevemore demo.... which Warrel absolutely scolded me for - lol.

    I didn't follow Nevermore much past Dead Heart, I was more into the 6-string riffage of Politics and Dreaming, and left the forum shortly after Enemies was released to go and 'live real life', but I've given all their albums a decent spin the last few days and have to say - Warrel's voice was a beast and never waned in power or theater. The new Sanctuary record sure sounds like Sanctuary meets Nevermore - which is a great thing.

    Just stopping by to share how sorry I am for everyone who new Warrel personally, and say "I remember you all" even if you guys no longer do.

    Much love,

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  2. Carabeu

    Carabeu ct_thrash

    Mar 5, 2002
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    I remember you! Good to see a name from the early days. I was ct_thrash.

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