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Cheers and Jeers 2014

Discussion in 'ProgPower USA' started by TwizstedJesus, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. CoreEpic

    CoreEpic Member

    Sep 18, 2012
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    where's a "like" button when you need one?!
  2. Prog_Muse

    Prog_Muse Ëana Novía

    Oct 9, 2007
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    Sea Of Sorrow
    Back on track, yay!

    Glenn and Jen and the whole damn crew. Every year you guys manage to herd both nerds and cats and I still don't get it... I can only assume that you all are cowboy ninjas.
    Kelly Elder and Justin Musgrave for making my dreams come true this year.
    Having a reunion with Pagan's Mind, DGM and the Evergreys, whom we either played alongside or hung out with in Europe what...three years ago? Four years ago? God damn, we're all getting so old.
    Nathan and the ridiculous set by Pagan's Mind. Dude... you are officially every prog nerd's hero...including mine. <3
    Milton for giving us Pain of Salvation on Wednesday night. OMG OMG OMG all the feels. Thank you!
    Daniel Gildenlow for accepting the pick I had stashed in my bra at the Wed show (yeah, I know, say what you want; I'm fancy enough to get away with shit like that) AND for returning it to me when he was done!
    Singing in the Artmore bar with Jen, Honey Badger, Cassandra, Tom Englund, Rick Altzi and Michael Eriksen until 4am
    Singing at Center Stage in the bar with Honey Badger, Jackie, some other people I can't rememberrrrrr... and Lance King and Michael Eriksen
    Singing in the stairwell with Nils, Heather and Cassandra
    Singing in the stairwell for Jonas, Whitney, the other beautiful bartender who had a hard night, and a gentleman whose name escapes me...
    Pain Of Salvation's incredible set Saturday night. Absolutely worth the wait. I bawled like an infant, I danced like a fool.
    Paul LaPlaca for running Pain Of Salvation's sound! Dude! You totally ran sound for Pain Of Salvation! Ermahgerd!
    My beautiful corset by Miss Heather Musgrave. Best one yet.
    Bacon Dave for gifting me with a rad pint glass.
    Jon Oliva for playing hell with my emotions. What a perfect set.
    Chris Kinder for the two-finger salute to Norm, Bobbie, Su and I.
    Leah Burlington for capturing Su and I's feels on film during "Believe."
    Visa Guy for bringing attention to the Metalheads For Life cause, which I hope everyone here has liked on Facebook. It really is important and worth every bit of time he took to spill his guts and share his thoughts.
    Seeing beautiful Miss Heather onstage with Seventh Wonder. Awesome!
    OVERKILL for winning the entire fest because OVERKILL. The only thing better than their set was the sound of 50+ prog snobs' buttholes snapping shut when they took the stage.
    Nils' childhood friend Tov. That guy was awesome.
    Joan Johnson's squeebomb when Falconer was announced. Because Falconer, of course.
    Withem puns. All damn weekend.
    So many other amazing things... One of the best PPs I have ever attended.

    Drunken oaf, you are a drunken oaf. Dislike. Go'way. Begone. Forever.
    Careless Whispers in the crowd. The fart cloud was low and heavy this year, guys... pinch your loaf before the show.
    People with their knickers in a twist because Daniel started the show over. That set wasn't easy, he was nervous about it, and he wanted it to be perfect. He was upset about the monitors and he did what he needed to do and it was well worth it.
    People in the crowd talking during storytime. That's rude. Don't do it.
    Rude security. While I didn't have a problem with them personally, I saw one guy blatantly mocking the fest attendees, and another borderline assaulting people in the front of the stage.
    Folks, when you're gonna be in close quarters with a bunch of other people, PLEASE shower and use deodorant. Ya buncha stinky hambeasts.
    The Guy for constantly inserting himself into other people's conversations to talk about shit that only applies to him.

    All in all, a truly amazing year. See you all in September!

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