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Cockblockers (GR) - Self-titled debut is out.

Discussion in 'Metal News' started by damako3, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. damako3

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    Feb 17, 2014
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    A Ten-Tracks’ journey lasting forty-five minutes is enough for Cockblockers to dip in to southern/stoner paths while maintaining the ability to build their identity in a unique way to make music. I am pretty sure that if you loop the album you will get the strength needed to cross the desert with a Jack on hand … twice!

    But never mind, this is how i felt myself, musically speaking what i am trying to say here is that it’s an obvious fact that they know their way around the assembly of modern sound and the combination of various genre’s elements.

    The debut full-length ‘Cockblockers’ by ‘Cockblockers’ was recorded at “The Slow Animals” studio in Patras, with engineer John Slacker. Mixing and mastering was done by Steve Lado at SL studio. The cover of the album was hand drawn on demand by Alec Webb.

    The whole album is dedicated to a close friend of the band, Aggelos Fasoulis, who have been loved dearly. Lost but not forgotten. – Cockblockers, 2018


    Driven Dog
    Carpet Burn
    Be My Valentine
    Taste Delight
    For the Loss

    Cockblockers hail from Kalamata, Greece. They were formed in the (very hot) summer of 2011. Their grace period lasted a while, since they had a very specific end game. But, through trial and error, they came up with the lineup that would allow them to take the next step, record their debut album.

    While composing and pre-producing it, they took short breaks here and there, to share the stage with many a great bands from the Greek scene. Amongst them where, Planet of Zeus, 1000mods, Tardive Dyskinesia, Mahakala, Yellow Devil Sauce & Beggars, just to name a few.


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