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Conan - Volt Thrower (Instrumental Cover with DIs and midi tracks free download)

Discussion in 'Practice Room' started by Omega Station, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Omega Station

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    May 19, 2019
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    I made a cover of Volt Thrower by Conan recording the guitar tracks with my old Epiphone Les Paul. The cover is in D standard (instead of Drop F, I'm not a huge fan of low tunings and my guitar sounds really bad if I downtune to anything below C). Here you can find DIs and drums midi:

    Gear used:
    - Guitars: Fewtubefx Emerald Boost and Vadim Taranov Blades with custom presets I made, Seacow Cabs and Zeta IRs, Mercuriall Greed Smasher, Melda Convolution Reverb. I also used the Blue Cat's Audio AcouFiend to emulate guitar feedback
    - Bass: Ample Sound P Bass 3 with Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra with custom preset and Seacow Cabs IRs
    - Drums: Superior Drummer 3 Death&Darkness SDX with a custom preset I made (free download: )

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