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Create a pre-Tomi Joutsen Best of

Discussion in 'Amorphis (Unofficial)' started by requiem, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. requiem

    requiem I bleed sir, but not killed

    Jul 6, 2001
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    Imagine, if you will, that Nuclear Blast has teamed up with Relapse Records and they plan to release a 'Best of' album. It is to feature material from Amorphis' career prior to Tomi Joutsen joining in 2005, so you can only take tracks from 'The Karelian Isthmus' to 'Far From the Sun'.

    One disc only, so 80 minute limit.

    Here's mine:

    1. Thousand Lakes (TftTL)
    2. Into Hiding (TftTL)
    3. Better Unborn (Elegy)
    4. Weeper on the Shore (Elegy)
    5. The Way (Tuonela)
    6. My Kantele (Elegy)
    7. The Brother Slayer (My Kantele EP)
    8. Drowned Maid (TftTL)
    9. The Orphan (Elegy)
    10. Song of the Troubled One (Elegy)
    11. Alone (Am Universum)
    12. Elegy (Elegy)
    13. Folk of the North (Black Winter Day EP)
    14. Black Winter Day (TftTL)
    15. My Kantele (acoustic version) (Elegy)

    The Karelian Isthmus - 0
    Tales from the Thousand Lakes - 4
    Black Winter Day EP - 1
    Elegy - 7
    My Kantele EP - 1
    Tuonela - 1
    Am Universum - 1
    Far from the Sun - 0

    This is even harder to do than the Tomi Joutsen era, because the songs here really don't fit as easily into a single disk due to their shifting styles. That, and the reality being that I just want to listen to 'Tales from the Thousand Lakes' and 'Elegy' in their entirety. I'm sure Nuclear Blast/Relapse would reject this submission...
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