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Darkane - Insanity

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by Mark, Sep 22, 2001.

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    Darkane - Insanity
    Century Media - 2001
    By Rodrigo


    Insanity marks the debut on Century Media for the Swedish band Darkane. They had previously released the album Rusted Angel that gathered a lot of positive buzz. Darkane is being described as an extreme metal band but I honestly think they are more of a trash band. The guitar playing of Klas Ideberg and Christofer Mamlström is speedy, ferocious and they showcase plenty of great leads and solos. The drumming of Peter Wildoer (ex-Armageddon/ex-Arch Enemy) is pretty powerful and unique and paired with the bass playing of Jörgen Löfberg provide a great backbone for the music. Yet despite these positives, the music of Darkane does nothing to grab my attention and with the fact that I find nothing positive about Andreas Sydow’s singing I am going to say that listening to this album was a chore.

    However, at first I thought that I might enjoy listening to this album because Insanity starts off really well with the symphonic opening intro piece "Calamitas". But unfortunately this only lasts for about 2 minutes and the rest of the album comes in. While I found interesting parts here and there in the album I could never come up with something truly memorable and exciting. "Psychic Pain" ended up being my favorite song of the album but it is not a song I will play very often. I mentioned that I had problems with the way Andreas sings. He sings in a harsh, hardcore style of singing that just does not appeal to me. I find his voice very annoying and it ruins what could be really good songs.

    Maybe this album is just not for me. I am sure that plenty of people are totally enjoying this album. I can recognize that this band has talent and shows flashes of creativity. However, this ended up being a totally boring listen for me and I just could not wait until it was over.

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