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December – The Lament Configuration

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Russell

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    Jul 15, 2001
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    The starry attic
    December – The Lament Configuration
    2002 Earache MOSH254CD
    By Russell Garwood

    “The Lament Configuration” is December’s debut Earache release; a post-hardcore whirlpool created by the sheer volume of material crammed into each song. Produced by Devin Townsend, the ten tracks that make up this frantic collection race by in a ferocious and violent aural assault. Never predictable, the songs on “The Lament Configuration” are all short, unrelenting and complex.

    Mark Moots’ vocals range from guttural growls to the highest pitched shrieks, almost as unremitting as the music itself, and the instrumentation, while at times restricted, is just what’s required. Possible monotony is broken up by the odd metallic riff or pause in the music, leading to a fractured feel highlighting the more intense songs such as “Trial” (“more intense” being a relative term).

    With an impressive determination, December get their message across effectively, and the lyrics seem extremely relevant to the music; “so claustrophobic, hard to keep breathing” (Icenine). The artwork by Jay Bailey is excellent, with a welcome originality. Often more a wall of sound than anything else, “The Lament Configuration” certainly isn’t an easy listen, but in moderate doses can only be a good thing…
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    Currently my FAVOURITE album! It is so GOOD it hurts!
    ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY DECEMBER! Frontman Mark Moots extraterrestrial vocal range runs from demonic rasp to guttural bark; he switches up voices with lightning speed, like so many weapons in his arsenal... Drummer Jason Thomas melds ferocious blasts and sinister polyrhythmic grooves... Bassist Asa Dakin dominates the bottom end, his rolling basslines plowing along with the determination of a bullet train... Guitarist Julian Peach lays down the twisted riffs that lie at DECEMBER's cancerous heart.
    Waiting For Rain

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