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Desspo - Heavy Metal Fuel Only (EP)

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by Perkele, Dec 3, 2003.

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    Aug 27, 2002
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    Desspo - Heavy Metal Fuel Only (EP)


    Desspo was formed in 1998 by Arni Sorlie and Martin Grodem. Soon they gathered more musicians, Forde, Kjartan and Linn, and Desspo came into motion. In 2002, Linn was replaced by a new vocalist Stale and this is Desspo's current line-up.

    The EP`s title tells a lot about Desspo already without listening to it. But let`s see the exact ingredients: 90% of pure heavy metal and 10% mixture of other styles. Namely we have a a pinch from the wildness of thrash metal, some grooves of hard rock, the energy of power metal and slight hints of progressive. They are offering only three songs on this EP but all of them are varied and spirited. The tempo changes are so well placed that the songs never get flat or boring. The changing of faster and slower rhythms as well as the usual galloping themes makes them sound fresh and energetic. The well placed melodies and refrains help the songs to stick to our heads forcing us to listen to them again. The music is very well written and they have also got a very good singer whose vocals are a bit harsh but unique.

    I hope the band will get attention from the labels soon because they are better than some well-known bands. Of course they are not at their best at the moment but they are already doing very good in their style.

    1. Maiden
    2. Nothing
    3. Killer

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