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Dimebag R.I.P. :-(

Discussion in 'James Murphy' started by VEHEMENCE, Dec 9, 2004.


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    Helping The World To See

    Jan 3, 2002
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    Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

    Yeah I heard about what happened to Dimebag Darrel, you can read and watch more of it on this link below. Our band Vehemence played at the Al Rosa Villa venue with Decapitated in the summer of 2002, and from what I remember I could step off the stage if I wanted to, you were that close to your fans, they could get close enough to you to flick your ear, or punch your face. Also I remembered that place had no security other than the door guy.

    Its unclear still, if this is a conspiracy, or freak psycho incident. I guess this is what happens with rock stars are playing smaller venues; they may think it’s friendly but could lead to many other things like death or assault. I heard the responses from the Howard Stern show.

    I met him several times, and got the opportunity to hang out with him for some hours and some minutes each time Pantera or Damangeplan came through Hollywood, or Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a very sad day in metal. He was a good guy, take it from me. – John from Vehemence
  2. Dreadful

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    When Man& Machine Collide

    May 2, 2003
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    San Diego, California
    RIP guy...I own those guitars because of you dude.

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