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Discussion in 'All About Tech' started by Knife-Edge, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Knife-Edge

    Knife-Edge New Metal Member

    Mar 8, 2018
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    Hello! I'm Knife-Edge, and if you don't like Discord, then there is no reason to read this.

    But first, what is Discord? It's basically like a big group chat, but with text channels and voice chat. There is also robots that you can do fun stuff with, like make an image look goofy.

    So, what is my server like? Well, it's small. But, I'm always looking to improve. You can listen to music with friends using the bots, play around with images, suggest music to people, vent, and talk about metal. When I made this, I didn't consider myself to be a big part of it. It's all about the metal fans, shaping the little hangout.

    I don't want to post the link, unless the moderators say it's ok, but for now I'm Doodle#7129
  2. grimmy82

    grimmy82 Still pwning n00bs on Halo!

    Jul 18, 2008
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    Portland, OR
    I love Discord! My fiancee's friends and I use it all the time. We met the guys who created it at Pax NW. Nice guys!

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