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Drop A# tuning

Discussion in 'All About Tech' started by Apothicgloom, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Apothicgloom

    Apothicgloom New Metal Member

    Nov 4, 2017
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    Im having this problem with the lowest string. When the lowest string is tuned to A# and im doing a powerchord or just hit like a open A# chord it sounds sharp and out of tune.

    But when i drop the low string down about -30 cents it sounds fine and in tune.

    Its intonated correctly, its about 1 cent sharp above the 12th fret.

    Im using a brand new LTD ec-1000. And i know the scale lenght isnt optimal for this kind of tunings, but Björn from in flames uses this tuning on the same scale lenght and it Sounds awesome.

    Im using 12-60 daddario Exl148 strings.

    Am i fucked because of the scale lenght or is it possible to make it sound correct with a 24.75 inch guitar?
  2. MaverickStang

    MaverickStang Member

    Sep 18, 2014
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    Houston, Texas
    Perhaps your A# low string is too low or too high by saddle or I highly recommend moving the saddle forward a bit toward the headstock. Then test the lowest A# string at the nut and 1-3 frets. If it's all correct, you should be fine. I always test the nut and the 1-3 frets before I play. Still test the 12th fret though.

    Also I would restring the string like this. This method helps get the string wound in a downward position. I'm sure people string in different ways, but this method just works wonderfully. It makes each guitar string hold its proper tension without slipping for long periods of time. Also it makes it easier to intonate too :headbang:. I've been playing for years and this method just helps so MUCH, once I found out about it a few years ago!

    Note: I believe a peg high of slack will do the trick for that lowest A# string.

    I always found that a peg high of slack for the top first through third lowest strings, and two pegs high for the fourth through sixth highest strings, works best for me at least for slack. I don't know about for a 24.75 neck? So just try it.

    People test 12th fret intonation on a flat surface and then playing position. However, if the nut and 1-3 frets chime right, then you're fine. I always found it infuriating to test it on a flat surface and then playing position.

    I mean by nut (Top of first fret-lowest string is A#). After should be (Middle of first fret by your tuning, which is B for that lowest string). The rest is so on for this tuning and I'm sure you know the procedure for each string.

    Trust me you should test the nut, because if that rings well, your crunch will be awesome! Good luck and I hope this helps you. Make sure on the other strings too.

    I know this is much, but it's just by experience. I play Drop A# too :)

    I've been playing guitar since 2000 and I discovered ways to save some time on setup over the years.

    By the way I love IN FLAMES! I'm not a huge fanatic by some lyrical songs, but on the standards of their style, I love.
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