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Drummer Needed (Music in Link) Richmond VA

Discussion in 'US Metal Scene' started by ibanezboogieking, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. ibanezboogieking

    ibanezboogieking New Metal Member

    Sep 1, 2014
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    Charlottesville VA
    Hey guys! Title pretty much says it all. Please check out the song and if you know of a drummer that would be a good fit please send em our way!!

    This project has been on hiatus for a while but I decided to take up vocals myself and program all the drums to get it out there. We are prepared to go out playing to drum backing tracks but would much rather find a drummer with hands and at least one foot. Scratch that.. we need two feet for the double bass so maybe one hand and two feet.... whatevs.

    Nothing can stop the metal!!!!!!!!

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