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Dystopian Dogs Trade Sale list update 1/15/2018

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by LoreLord, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. LoreLord

    LoreLord New Metal Member

    Jan 15, 2018
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    We have some new releases for end of 2017, we are offering $4 wholesale on 10 cds or more and of course trades as always.

    PTTP 1 - Atomic Roar/Alcoholic Force }The Atomic Drunkards of the Apocalypse" PRO 7 INCH VINYL with poster

    AMA 3 - Infectenator "Brainfuckers" PRO CD EP

    PTTP 7 - Sauron "Conquest Through Attrition" PRO CD

    AMA 8 - Wanderer of the Waste "Bleak Horizons" PRO CD EP

    PTTP 10 - Mortal Whisper "Mortal Whisper" PRO CD EP 4 songs of intense melodic Speed metal!!(NEW RELEASE)

    PTTP 11 - Isenblast "Screams In Cold Silence" PRO CASSETTE W/ ENAMEL PIN BLACK/DEATH METAL (Last Copies)

    AMA 9 - Lethal Shock "Evil Agressor" PRO CASSETTE + PIN and WOVEN Patch (Last Copies)

    PTTP 12 - The Swill "Master of Delusion" PRO CD EPIC HEAVY METAL (NEW RELEASE)

    PTTP 13 - Isenblast "Screams In Cold Silence" PRO CD BLACK/DEATH/THRASH (NEW RELEASE)

    PTTP 14 - Demon Bitch "Death is Hanging + Demo '12" PRO CD SPEED/HEAVY/POWER (NEW RELEASE)

    None label items for trade: Michigan only (or allied with) see dystopian dogs on discogs for full distro list of non Michigan non allied items.

    Cruthu "The Angel of Eternity" LP Private Press 10 copies
    Demontage "Fire of Iniquity" Gatefold LP 10 copies
    Isenblast "Unleashing the Demon Scourge" PRO CD EP In Satans Custody last copies
    Ophicus"Machine Gun Reaper" PRO CD 20 copies PRO CASSETTE 10 COPIES
    Perversion "Storm of Evil" CD Utterly Somber 20 copies
    Sauron "Conquest Through Attrition" Lp x 30
    Volcana "A Lion Among Jackals" 7 inch vinyl 20 copies
    Wastelander "Wardrive" CD Plant Metal last copies

    COMING SOON: Locust Point "Locust Point" PRO CD DEBUT (ROCK/PUNK/METAL, LANSING MI), Battlemaster "Bloodthirsty and Sword Sworn" PRO CASSETTE with WOVEN PATCH(VIRGINIA BRUTAL DEATH METAL), White Magician/Halloween Knight "Antipithy/Abuductors From Gypsy Town" split 10 inch(HEAVY METAL), Anguish "DEBUT ALBUM" PRO CASSETTE plus WOVEN PATCH, Wanderer of the Wastes "Voyage Through Obscurity" PRO CD EP, High Road "Scarred By Steel and other stories" EP, Harbinger "Lost Harbinger and the Tales from Tarzan of the Apes", Halloween Knight "Tales to Astonish" EP, Prelude to Ruin "The Weird of The White Wolf" (Former members of Borrowed Time, the borthers Ruiz) and still more the tidal wave of Michigan metal never stops!!!

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