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EXMORTEM - Nihilistic Contentment

Discussion in 'RC Forum Reviews' started by Papa Josh, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Papa Josh

    Papa Josh Minister of Propaganda

    Sep 19, 2002
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    EXMORTEM Nihilistic Contentment
    Wicked World

    • Flesh Havoc
    • Bitter Discipline
    • The Human Rape Symphony
    • Black Walls Of Misery
    • Division of Genocide Pleasure
    • Swamp Of Decadence
    • Symbols Of Inhumanity
    • Fix Of Negativity
    • Graveside Mourning Ritual
    • Parasite Paradise

    Gotta hand it to Earache, they are on a roll with their last few releases. This latest from EXMORTEM is no exception. These guys from Denmark employ the ZYKLON approach to death metal, all out annihilation. No stranger to the scene, the band has released several albums on smaller labels, including one on Osmose. And thanks to the bio from the label, I now know that the band features “ex-DIMMU BORGIR” drummer Reno! Reno???? Did I miss an album? No, he apparently filled in for some tours or something. Oh well, never doubt a label A&R rep’s ability to seize an opportunity when they see one!

    Nihilistic Contentment features a modern, sleek production by Tue Madsen, who’s also worked with THE HAUNTED. Fortunately, the results are a million times better than that trainwreck of a band! Standout tracks include “The Human Rape Symphony” (gotta love that title), “Black Walls Of Misery,” which starts with a CRUSHING riff and makes for an awesome chorus. In fact, the middle section of this album is damn near perfect!

    I would recommend EXMORTEM to anyone who enjoys MYRKSKOG or ZYKLON, for sure. However, if that approach to death metal isn’t your thing, you might wanna sidestep this one altogether, it may just kick your pussy ass into oblivion.

    Rating: 7/10
    Papa Josh

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