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Exodus cover needing vocals

Discussion in 'Practice Room' started by zirkonflex, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. zirkonflex

    zirkonflex You name it

    Aug 12, 2008
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    Northern Germany
    Jo dogs, some time ago I figured it was time for one of ze klassiks, so I combined testing the Sneap Superior presets with a quick recording of ""War is my Shepherd" by Exodus. It was floatin' around my HD for a while until I found it yesterday. The entire thing was also kinda meant to demonstrate that one could do a reasonble mix with very little financial effort, as I limited myself to:

    Stock Superior sounds without replacing.
    Stock Revalver tones without any extra IR usage.
    ExMix for all the mixing.

    A stock Epiphone LP Gothic with stock Epi humbuckers (alnico I believe though).
    A crap-ass bass with an action setup resembling powerlines.

    I just went through the song track by track, not much fancy editing/punching in. I think it has a cool vibe to it, especially my whack-ass solos on the waaayyy to thin strings for my style.

    Very sadly, it's missing a fitting vocal performance because I'm not in the position to scream like an idiot here right now, so I was hoping I could count on the sneapsters to help me out finish this thing against the odds.
    Whoever sings it could very well mix his vocals in on the fly, but unprocessed files would probably be better.
    Actual quality of vocals is irrelevant, we're having fun here.

    Here's the file (In .wav, to maximize your inconvenience)

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