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F.A.Q. - read this before asking a question!

Discussion in 'Sun Caged' started by Sun Caged, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. Sun Caged

    Sun Caged official announcements

    Aug 14, 2002
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    The Netherlands

    Q: Who are the current bandmembers ?

    A: Marcel Coenen (guitars) is still in the band. Roel van Helden (drums) joined Sun Caged in December 2003. Keyboardplayer Rene Kroon joined the band in July 2004, singer Paul Adrian Villarreal joined the band in December 2004 and Roel Vink (bass) joined the band in April 2006. Roel Van Helden completed his studies at a music school in The Netherlands and is now teaching drums. Rene Kroon works in a music store and Paul Adrian Villarreal is coming from the USA (San Diego) but he relocated to europe in March 2005. Roel Vink is going to study at the conservatory in Rotterdam.

    Q: When will another album be released?

    A: Sun Caged is working hard on their third album at the moment. The band expects to start recording somewhere in the beginning of 2008.

    Q: What label are Sun Caged signed to?

    A: Lion Music (worldwide, except for Japan), Marquee/Avalon (Japan).

    Q: Where can I get the old demo-cd's?

    A: They're totally sold out... sorry!
    BUT: You can download all the demo's in MP3 format at the official Sun Caged website:
    Please do not email us asking if we could send you a CDR copy. We simply don't have the time to do this!

    Q: When will you tour in the USA or another foreign country ?

    A: We realise we have quite some fans in the USA and other countries. Neither we nor our Dutch booking agency have any contacts with venues in the USA or other countries, so we have no direct ability to book shows there by ourselves.
    Also, the trip to the USA or other countries (plane tickets, hotel) is extremely expensive. It's basically impossible that just one or two shows could cover all the expenses. So we would need an actual (mini-) tour to make the trip affordable. Unfortunately, Sun Caged is not known enough (yet?) to book a headlining tour through the USA or elsewhere.
    However, we're always willing to accompany a bigger band as their support act.
    Please email or contact us if you're interested in setting something up, or if you think you can offer us a show (at a festival?) and have the expenses covered (for the biggest part).
    We are always willing (and able) to play anywhere in Europe. Don't hesitate to contact us!
    [the band can be contacted from their website]

    Q: What equipment does the band use?

    A: On the official website of the band you can view all the personal biographies of the bandmembers including a description of the equipment being used.

    Q: When will the band play live?

    A: View our website for all the details about the upcoming shows !

    Sun Caged
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