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FELIX MARTIN TRIO European Tour 2012

Discussion in 'Seventh Wonder' started by JAGColaço, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Jan 5, 2011
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    Hi all,

    I'm a portuguese musician and I’m very pleased to announce that I will be on TOUR with the 14-string guitarist from Boston (USA)/Barquisimeto (VENEZUELA) - FELIX MARTIN!!! and the bassist TIAGO GOMES (PORTUGAL)!!! The tour will take place in the summer and we have 12 countries confirmed!!! This will be the promo tour of Felix Martin’s new album to be released in the summer. The new album was recorded by the world class drummer MARCO MINNEMANN, and I’m truly honored to represent the work and inspiration from one of my top favorite drummers, what a blessing!!!

    Here it is the Tour Schedule:

    May 24 – FNAC Vasco da Gama – Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    May 24 - Molhobico – Evora, PORTUGAL
    May 25 - FNAC Viseu – Viseu, PORTUGAL
    May 25 – ACERT – Tondela, PORTUGAL
    May 26 – Jazz Ao Norte – Oporto, PORTUGAL
    May 27 - FNAC Colombo – Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    May 28 - Rock in Chiado - Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    May 31 – Excalibur Metal – Madrid, SPAIN
    June 02 – The Lounge Bar – Torrevieja, SPAIN
    June 05 – Le Baiser Salé – Paris, FRANCE
    June 08 – JO Bar - Bassano Del Grappa, ITALY
    June 09 - Terminal – Padova, ITALY
    June 10 – Black Mirror Studio – Udine, ITALY
    June 13 – Vadvirag – Budapest, HUNGARY
    June 15 – Fair Café – Schortens, GERMANY
    June 16 – Die Palette – Stuttgart, GERMANY
    June 18 - Skuret - Oslo, NORWAY
    June 20 – Piec Art – Krakow, POLAND
    June 23 – Jazz Time – Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
    June 24 – Immerhin - Würzburg, GERMANY
    June 26 - Gyngen - Aarhus, DENMARK
    June 28 – Mukkes – Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS
    June 29 – De Pit – Terneuzen, NETHERLANDS
    July 04 – The Dublin Castle – London, UK
    July 06 – Live Music – Faro, PORTUGAL
    July 06 – Bafo de Baco – Loule, PORTUGAL
    July 07 – FNAC Algarve – Guia, PORTUGAL
    July 07 – Assoc. Músicos de Faro – Faro, PORTUGAL

    If are interested to see more about the musicians and the tour, please check:

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