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Finland's Thales

Discussion in 'Unsigned Spotlights' started by Mark, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. Mark

    Mark Not blessed, or merciful

    Apr 11, 2001
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    Sarf Lundin, Innit
    By Mark Bridgeman

    Finland's Thales are a 3-piece from Helsinki who, via their site, are promoting their instrumental sounds, to positive effect (read our review of their demos for more info!). UM sat down with drummer Juuso Backman for a brief chat about their music, the local scene, and their never-ending search for the perfect vocalist.

    Ultimate Metal: When did you guys get together as 'Thales'? Is this your first band?

    Juuso Backman: Yes, this is our first band. Everything started when all of us got our first guitars in '92, and Jani and Lasse have played together since. I lived outside Helsinki, but in '00 I moved to Helsinki and I joined Jani's and Lasse's jamming sessions. We formed 'Thales' in spring 2001, and I decided to start play drums since we didn't see a point in having a band with just three guitarists.

    UM: Are you actually gigging at the moment, or is this more of a 'studio' project?

    JB: Currently it's a 'home studio project' only, 'cause we don't have a full line-up. It would definately be nice to do some gigging, though.

    UM: Are you moving towards doing that? I understand you're looking for a vocalist at the moment - how's that search going?

    JB: Yes, we're currently looking for a bass player and a vocalist. We've had people from abroad offering as vocalist, but for practical reasons we're looking for them in Finland. It seems to be pretty difficult to find the kind of vocalist we're looking for in Helsinki, so the search isn't going too well yet.

    UM: Is there a healthy scene for metal in Helsinki? I know that Finland seems to pop great metal bands out frequently, but is that mirrored in Helsinki itself?

    JB: We haven't really been part of the metal scene in Helsinki, so it's hard to say anything about it, but from what we know, most metal bands that 'make it' come from outside Helsinki. The main reason for that must be the fact that Helsinki seriously lacks enough rehearsal places, and it's a known problem but as of yet nothing has been done by the decision makers to remedy the situation.

    UM: Have you had much feedback about your music, since you haven't played live?

    JB: Not really, 99.5% of the feedback we've gotten has come through Internet (the 0.5% being our friends), but since not many people find our music from the net, we haven't gotten really much feedback. Still, the feedback we've gotten has been surprisingly positive. Cheers!

    UM: Ok, since you're a band who use the internet for the most part to promote yourselves, I'm interested in HOW you use it, and how well it works for you.

    JB: Our main channel of 'spreading the word' has been different bulletin boards, and of course, where we showcase our music. We've also talked directly with some people over the ICQ. Works surprisingly well so far.

    UM: Good to hear! How many songs does Thales have under its belt at the moment?

    JB: 15 at the moment, but of course we're writing new material all the time.

    UM: Who're the main songwriters? Your tracks on show Jani and Lasse as being the main writers, but has this changed since Juuso joined?

    JB: There's no such thing as main songwriters. We all write together in a illogical pattern, really.

    UM: Do you have plans on releasing anything soon, or do you want to finalise your lineup first? Based on the tracks I've heard, you sound like you have your shit down pretty solid already.

    JB: Yes, that's a goal we're aiming for, but first we want to complete the lineup. Getting a vocalist would be the most crucial thing at the moment. As soon as possible of course.

    UM: For people who've yet to hear you, what're your influences? If you had to describe your sound in less than 20 words, what would you say?

    JB: We've been inspired by Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child. To describe our sound: boundaries-shattering progressive melodic death metal; changing feels within songs with both clean and distorted guitars.

    UM: Yeah, that sounds about right. Do you have any aspirations to further your sound? Any other musical elements you plan to bring into things?

    JB: It's really difficult to say what the future brings. We're really content with the sound and feel we have in "Pellucid Lake", and our latest songs have similar elements. Less keyboards, though.

    UM: Speaking of the future... what's planned for Thales for the next 12 months? Do you have any plans beyond finding a bassist and vocalist at the moment?

    JB: Once we get our lineup in shape we'll start intensive rehearsing to get our shit together. In the meantime we're going to try get signed.

    UM: Well, good luck with that - and thanks for taking the time to talk with UM. Any final words for our readers?

    JB: Thanks for doing the interview. "Stop humping the laser."

    Thales @ -

    Thales Homepage:
  2. Jo

    Jo Member

    May 15, 2001
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    I wish you the best of luck Thales. The website is excellent, I love the logo.

    'Stop humping the laser'
  3. Oak Knoll

    Oak Knoll Oak Knoll Productions

    May 17, 2002
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    Attleboro, MA USA
    Hi Thalesband, I still have your banner in rotation on my site and look forward to chatting you guys again soon!
  4. Doombringer219

    Doombringer219 New Metal Member

    Mar 2, 2011
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    DUDE! im going to see 3 inches of Blood, lazarus A.D., amd Skeletonwitch in south bend, IN on April 10th, and there's this tight band opening for them.

    they were called: FROM SHADOWS WAKE
    my buddy knows the drummer and he recommended them, and i figured they were just one of those trashy metal bands, but no, these dudes freakin kill the stage!

    i saw them play with Haste The Day and they TORE up the crowd. Thier vocalist grabbed me by the shirt and started screaming in my face, and grabbed this small emo chick's hair and did the same thing.

    check them out
    they're like August Burns Red meets As I Lay Dying Meets The Ghost Inside. With Like Animals As Leaders And Zao influence.

    thanks guys

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