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Discussion in 'Pulverised Records' started by Calvin@Pulverised, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Calvin@Pulverised

    Apr 29, 2008
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    Band Biography:

    FLESH started as an idea and solo project by Pete Flesh (THROWN, ex-DECEIVER, ex-MAZE OF TORMENT) in late ´90s, mainly to create something on his own from materials and visions that current bands/projects were not suitable for. After some time of trying to building up a steady ground for the ideas, the real creative work started to take form in late 2001. This was going to be a solo project and not a real band, so no rehearsals were done and a real drummer had not been found at that time. All the work was done during different periods when current bands didn´t demand any time. The first idea was to find both a suitable drummer and a singer, as he never had handled those things before. But the idea to handle the vocals on his own grew stronger during the work of the first album, so he finally decided to do it on his own. The search for a drummer started taking place in 2004, but the search did not take too long. At this time, Pete also played in DECEIVER with drummer Flingan, and he noticed that he starts to develop more into a style that would be perfect for FLESH, a more primitive style rather than a more technical one. He decided to try him out, it works out perfect and Flingan accept the offer to be the session drummer for FLESH. The idea is that the drummer can be replaced if a new album and material demands it. It´s not even impossible that Pete does some of the drumming on his own in the future as some practices has been done during the work and recording of the much more slower and more doomy project THROWN.

    In June 2005, Pete enters the Abyss studio to record the debut album "Dodsangest" for Swedish label Iron Fist Productions. When the album got released in October the same year, FLESH recieved a really good response from both the media/press and the underground scene, at least a lot better than what was expected. Pete had already begun to work on the follow-up as the inspiration had got really big after the first recording. In April 2006, he enters the Abyss studio again to record "Temple of Whores", this time also for Iron Fist Productions. A lot more work and effort was put into this release, both the sound and song-writing had taken a big step further. When it got released in November the same year, the response from media/press and the underground scene this time was bigger than expected. In a short period of time the name FLESH had spread very well in the Metal scene.

    Some time after the release of "Temple of Whores" album, Iron Fist Productions got some problems and decided with Pete to sell the rights for both the albums to Pulverised Records, and then also to sign with the Pulverised Records for a third album. In July 2007 the third album, which will be called "Worship the Soul of Disgust", will be recorded in the Abyss studio. The plans are to have it released in winter 2007.

    So far no live shows have been made, but after the recording of "Worship the Soul of Disgust", rehearsals have begin for some possible live shows in 2008. Other than Pete Flesh and Flingan, the live line-up will also include Crille Lundin (THROWN, ex-DECEIVER, ex-XENOFANES).


    Country Of Origin: Sweden

    Recording line-up:

    Pete Flesh - Vocals, guitars & bass
    Flingan - Session drums


    'Worship The Soul Of Disgust' CD 2008
    'Temple Of Whores' CD 2006
    'Dödsångest' CD 2005

    Official website:
    Myspace page:

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