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FOR SALE - CD Collection, various genres including different types of metal + industrial. On Discogs

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by Max Dread, Nov 22, 2017.

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    May 1, 2010
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    Hi all

    I am selling my CD collection... A lot of it is on Discogs, but there's a fair bit which isn't. So I have put it all together on a spreadsheet ordered by genre to help find what you might want, or discover bands/albums you didn't know you wanted :)

    The prices on Discogs are per CD. But I am happy to give discounts when a few things are bought. And I combine postage as well. If you want me to send without jewel cases to keep weight/costs down, that's fine too.

    I'm in the UK but happy to send to anywhere. Paypal preferred.

    Here's the link to the CDs (I always keep the list updated, so you can return to it at any time):

    I occasionally have some vinyl for sale, as well as DVDs, books, concert tickets, etc. So here's a link to that page:

    And here's a link to my Discogs account:,asc&limit=250&page=1

    Cheers for looking and get in touch if you are interested in anything or have any questions.


    PS - I also have some Metal Hammer and Terroriser magazines which I am selling in bulk if anyone is interested...
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