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FX Sample Pack in the making - requests?

Discussion in 'Drum Samples / Store' started by rapucore, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. rapucore

    rapucore i really hate spiders

    Feb 25, 2013
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    Hey guys! :kickass:

    I'm in the middle of creating an FX Sample Pack (won't cost you a lot AND there will be a free lite-pack featuring some of my favorites from the full pack for you to freely use and maybe help you decide on buying the full pack) and was just wondering, if you're interested in such sample packs, what are you looking to find in them?

    My pack will feature stuff like:
    1. Suspension fx
    2. Reverses
    3. Cinematic percussion hits
    4. "Falls"
    5. Ambient paddy stuff

    And a lot of other stuff as well of course, just wanted to send out a feeler of what you are looking for. Any specific requests? I might setup a tutorial video on creating interesting effects and such after releasing, will let you know.

    There will be some one shot drum and percussion stuff as well as some loops. :)

    - Aleksi/rapucore

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