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go to this tour!

Discussion in 'Ulver' started by eyesofattack, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. eyesofattack

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    Nu Metal Member

    Aug 13, 2002
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    holy crap you guys..... I saw Dog Fashion Disco this past Wednesday and opening for them was a band called Tubring. These guys are so amazing. They have such a unique sound.. it's crazy. Check 'em out at or if yer lazy and just want to directly hear them, check em out at and listen to a few songs... check the list and see if they're coming around by you, and if you are, def. go check them out.. these guys are worth the measly 10 bucks to get in!!!!
    Lemme know what you guys think of em!
    apr 4 in Leominster, MA
    apr 5 in Baltimore, MD
    apr 6 in New York, NY
    apr 7 in Passaic, NJ
    apr 8 in Springfield, VA
    apr 9 in Louisville, KY
    apr 10 in Atlanta, GA
    apr 11 in West Columbia, SC
    apr 12 in Ft Laudedale, FL
    apr 14 in Tampa, FL
    apr 15 in Lafayette, LA
    apr 16 in New Orleans, LA
    apr 17 in San Antonio, TX
    apr 18 in Austin, TX
    apr 19 in Houton, TX
    apr 20 in Dallas, TX

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