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Help finding a decent amp for my price range?

Discussion in 'Musicians Discussion' started by TheShredMiester, May 12, 2012.

  1. TheShredMiester

    May 12, 2012
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    I am looking for a good high gain tube amp for around $600. I am thing a bugera 333xl. but I want to know of some other amps in my price range that are of that quality or better.

    I would prefer it be $600 or less for both the amp and cab together, but the most I could spend is 800 possibly 900 dollars. my question is, what would be the best amp and cab in this price range for me to get. even if you think I should get the bugera 333xl, then what cab should i get? the bugera head is 600 dollars, so that would mean the cab would have to be under 300 dollars new.

    The head must be AT LEAST 100 watts.

    Honestly, as long as the head is under 800, I have a 120 watt 1x12 I can plug into for now, I was looking at the randall rt-100 as well, opinions?
  2. Black Orifice

    Black Orifice Vein-Marbled Tower

    May 29, 2008
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    Buy used. Here's a list of some great sounding amps that run for cheap on ebay and craig's list.

    Peavey Ultra (The early 90's model, the wiring of the 5150 was based on its schematics)
    Tube Works TD-725
    Sunn Beta Lead

    Hafler T3 (I have one, they sound sick)
    Peavey Rock Master
    Tube Works Real Tube RT-902 or RT9-22

    Power Amps:
    Any of the Peavey Classic series (50/50,100/100, etc.)
    Tube Works Mosvalve
    Hafler Mosfet
    ADA Micro Tube

    If you're trying to go cheap on a cab, buy a cheap empty one and put some Eminence speakers in there. A decent set of 4 will run you a little over $250. Don't slouch on good speakers, they're the final and one of the most important pieces of your set-up.

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