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Hercyn - Debut album "Dust and Ages"

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by asphyXy, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Under a Funeral Moon
    Two years ago, Hercyn self-released the twenty-four minute epic "Magda". Covering black metal passages with waves of melodic guitars, thunderous drums and cacophonous synths, "Magda" saw mature song writing and composition, warm and natural production and a penchant for grandeur.

    Hercyn now emerge with their newest vision entitled "Dust and Ages". Four tracks of progressive black metal that move beyond the established blueprint set by "Magda". The Hercynian stylings remain progressive and ambient, but the boundaries imposed by style or namesake have been pushed further. "Dust and Ages" is an offering categorized by powerful composition and incendiary taste for metal. Tracked during the midsummer of MMXV, engineer Tony Stanziano (also Hercyn's bassist) captured and cast into stone Hercyn's energies like never before. The intricate layers, relentless blast beats, harrowing vocals and striking tremolo are captivating as the spacious melodies shape, set and shift the mood.

    Track list:
    1. Dust
    2. Of Ruin
    3. Storm Before the Flood
    I. Shining
    II. Echoes
    III. Waves
    IV. Wash Away
    V. Onward and Outward
    4. Ages

    "Dust and Ages" will be released officially on September 11th, MMXV on compact disc, cassette, and digital format. It will be available for pre-order on August 15, MMXV. To bring this mammoth of a release into the light, Hercyn will be playing alongside Romania's Negura Bunget on September 4th in Brooklyn, NY, where pre-sale physical copies of "Dust and Ages" will be available before the release date. is now exclusively streaming our song "Of Ruin" from our upcoming album "Dust and Ages", which is due out on September 11th. Check it out here:

    The silence will end.

    Hercyn, Jersey City/Brooklyn. Summer MMXV


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