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Highwire Daze Interview

Discussion in 'Resistance' started by MyBlackHeart, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. MyBlackHeart

    MyBlackHeart Member

    Jan 5, 2006
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    by Kenneth Morton

    One of the most respected bands on the Los Angeles metal scene, Resistance is in the midst of recording a brand new album. Their previous release "Lies In Black" was released overseas on the progressive Lion Music Label. Never compromising their musical visions, Resistance is one exciting force to be reckoned with. Here is an interview I recently conducted with drummer Matt Ohnemus.

    1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in
    Resistance, and how long the band has been together?

    I'm Matt Ohnemus and the drummer for the band. I am also the principal lyricist.
    Resistance has been together since about 2000 but myself, Paul and Ernie have been friends since childhood. The four of us have played in several different bands together over the years.

    2. What is your opinion of the current Los Angeles
    metal scene?

    The metal scene in L.A. is constantly growing. It's definitely not as huge or as strong as the scene in Europe but the fans here are pretty dedicated. We are constantly seeing more and more people coming out to the shows. You are also seeing alot more of the younger kids wearing the more old school metal band T-shirt now, which leads you to believe their taste is coming back around to the traditional metal sound.

    3. Where did you get the idea for the title of your
    current CD Lies In Black?

    The title Lies In Black deals with several different issues. The main issue the title is representative of is peoples blind faith in the religions of the world. I find it funny that some people will let their lives be controlled by some words written on a page in a book, without even seeking the real truth in their meaning or misrepresentation.

    4. How did you wind up having your CD released by
    Lion Music of Finland?

    We recorded Lies In Black on our own and financed it completely. Studio time, art work etc. We then submitted it to a few different labels. Lion Music was the one that gave us the best offer and seemed the most excited about the band and our future. Lasse, who owns the company, is pretty hands off with us, which is what we wanted. When we signed with Lion they bought Lies In Black from us, as it was, and just distributed it world wide.

    5. Tell me the working title of your newest release
    and where did you get the idea for it?

    Hmmmmm... This is going to be an exclusive piece right here because we haven't even talked about the title of the new album. The new release will be titled Patents of Control. The idea for the title comes directly from the lyrical content of the entire album.

    6. What are some of the issues you are writing about
    in your newer lyrics?

    The new album is sort of a concept which deals with one mans perception of how out of control the human race has become and how he believes he can bring order to a nation he views as destroying itself. He creates a mass media computer program/system called The Group Order Device or G.O.D., which is one of the main characters of the concept. G.O.D. is able to carry out it's programming mission by utilizing several different behavior altering devices known as the Patents of Control. The Patents of Control are actual United States patents for Human behavior altering and tracking inventions. In order to apply for a U.S. patent you must have an actual working invention which is pretty scary. Some of these patents are actually spoken about in the book of Revelations which really makes you think.
    Anyway, I don't want to get to involved in the lyric content as we are still in the writing stage, but the new album should be done by the end of summer for a world wide release through Lion music...

    7. What was it like opening for Metal Church and do
    you have any memories of David Wayne you could share?

    Opening for Metal Church was an awesome experience. They have been one of our favorite bands for years. They are all a bunch of really great guys. Unfortunately David Wayne had left the band years before this. We did get the opportunity to open for David's own band Reverend, which Ernie use to play in back in the 80's. David was a top notch singer and really cool to us. That guy's voice had it's own distinct sound. When David was singing you knew it was him.

    8. Tell me about your show with Dokken. Where they
    cool to hang out with?

    The Dokken show was a great show for us. Again we had the opportunity to play with a group which we admire and have listened to for years. The crowd at that show was really responsive to us and we picked up a ton of new fans that night. We didn't get to hang out much with the band that night though. Don had a really bad cold and his voice was feeling it so he wasn't talking much. They were all really great guys though.

    9. Is there any chance of another Gates Of Metal

    You would have to ask Paul that one. He is kind of the master mind of The Gates of Metal. We were trying put it together this year but I think it kind of fell on the back burner with trying to get this new album done.
    The festival is all a matter of timing. You need to book a large enough venue, on a good weekend and then you have to find a few good headlining acts that are available at that time also. It's a big production and takes alot of time and money to get started.

    10. How close are you guys to booking a European tour?

    We have signed a deal with The Blue Steel Agency over there. They are actually getting things rolling for us rather quickly. They are looking at booking us a few festival dates and then a tour around those dates to help pay our expenses. We will definitely be hitting European soil by next summer which should coincide perfectly with the new release over there.

    11. With all of the fantastic bands you've shared the
    stage with, do you ever get star struck when meeting

    We have been fortunate enough to play with so many great bands that have influenced us and yeah we still get nervous meeting them. Everyone we have played with has been very professional and cool with us. The local guys we play with are also a great bunch. There are alot of talented musicians coming up. The venues are also very professional and accommodating.

    12. Since stepping down from Resistance, what has
    former vocalist Tim been up to? Is he still active in
    the metal scene?

    Tim is family and we still all hang out together. Since stepping down as our vocalist he hasn't been too active in the metal scene. He has a new family which keeps him pretty busy most of the time.

    13. Tell me about your forthcoming show with Exodus.
    How influential are they on Resistance?

    This will be our second time around opening for Exodus. The show is at The Key Club which is one of our favorite places to play, on April 16th. Everyone that works there are on their game. Exodus have been a large influence on us both directly and indirectly. We first saw those guys at the Hollywood Palladium when they played with Slayer and Venom. That was my first thrash metal show and it left a lasting impression on me. The guitar sound on Shovel head Kill Machine is just plain brutal and of course the drumming is jaw dropping.

    14. What do you think keeps you so passionate about
    metal after all of this time?

    Metal is not just music, it is a life. It never really leaves you. The way the music makes me feel is something you can't get from anything else. The thing about metal is there is some form or type of metal for whatever mood you are in or want to be in. The people who are into metal are a huge brotherhood and sisterhood. We all know what everyone is about without ever having to dig that far into anyone personally.

    15. What are the future plans for Resistance?

    Right now it's this new album. Getting it recorded and promoted. Then it's getting back to the road, doing shows and meeting people. We are a live band and love playing for the fans. They are what keeps us doing what we do.

    16. Any messages for LA metal fans?

    If you haven't seen Resistance or even know who we are then you need to come out to a show and find out. I would also like to say support all the local bands by buying your show tickets from the groups themselves. You are going to get a better deal and it really helps us all out. Unfortunately there is still a way of doing business in this town when you are on the ground floor. The bands that work hard and have the support of the scene are the ones who do well. Stay True...P.O.C. 2006!!!!!!!

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these

    Ken Morton
  2. zedowns

    zedowns Member

    Jun 14, 2005
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    Los Angeles
    Hell yeah man, hope Patents of Control can kick ass like Lies in Black!
  3. Keeper of Time

    Keeper of Time New Metal Member

    Jan 5, 2006
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    It will kick more ASS!!!!!!!:headbang:

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