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Hollow 's Full-Length 'Downfall' is out now!

Discussion in 'Metal News' started by damako3, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. damako3

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    Feb 17, 2014
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    HOLLOW, formed in 2006, Rio Grande do Sul, has its musical direction turned to Thrash Metal of the old school, counting in its songs with the classic elements of the said style, such as: heavy riffs, aggressive vocals and power drums, taking in the personal characteristics of each member the fundamental hybrid to make their musicality unique.

    The group released their first album titled "Spirit Soldier" in August 2014. The material was mixed and mastered in 2013 by Roger Fingle (Estudio Nitro), as well as author of the whole graphic concept of the work, renowned designer Marcelo Vasco. The lyrics have themes focused on the social problems faced by humanity since its foundation, such as: wars, political conflicts, social and related to the current situation of the world.

    HOLLOW's current lineup includes Renan Cauê Müller (guitar and vocals), Maurício Zorrer (guitar), Vinicius Tieppo Zeni (guitar), Lucas Lussani (Contrabass) and Mauricio Steffani (drums).

    The band maintains its presence in the national metal scene, with its shows in support of this debut, and with the release of the new Album DOWNFALL (2018) with distribution of Voice Music to the main digital stores and platforms (Spotify, Amazon, BandCamp, SoundCloud, among others)

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