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Huge sale!!!

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by eviluus, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. eviluus

    eviluus Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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    I DO NOT TRADE. Contact:

    1 euro each

    V / A Grimoire 7 – Opening The Gates Of Chaos, intl., incl. Merciless, Malkuth, Gonkulator, Thou Art Lord…, death / black / doom metal, metal age

    1,5 euro each

    CETI – The Best From Hard Zone vol. 1, Poland, power metal, empire

    2 euro each

    ARCHEON - End of the Weakness, Poland, gothic / doom, empire
    CAVO – Cavo, Japan, grind / noise / sludge with elements of Japanese ethnic music, shit jam, 3"MCD
    COLLAPSE - Mentale Impotenz, Germany, brutal death metal, pagan winter
    CONQUEROR WORM - Let's play Havoc, Poland, math core, demo CDr
    DEVIL-MAY-CARE – Awe, Russia, sympho black metal, stygian crypt
    DIPHTHERIA - Anal Front, Poland, death /grind, demo CD-R
    ENTIRETY - In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt, Italy, death / black, northern darkness, MCD
    ESKATON – Genocide, Poland, brutal death / grind, sf, CDr demo
    ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE - Ephemeris Sun, Slovakia, sympho black metal, sonic temple
    F.D.S. – F.D.S., Brazil, thrashcore, hellion
    FORGIVE ME NOT – Tearfall, Russia, epic doom metal, metal agen
    OBLOMOV - Wishing the Renaissance, Czech Republic, sympho black metal, radiation noise, MCD
    P.U.T - Bitterness Despair And Cynism, France, industrial rock avant-garde, pogo
    V / A Apokalyptik Warfare II – intl., incl. Houwitser, Demonized, black / death metal, osmose
    V / A BRUTAL VOMIT – intl., incl. Dead Infection, Stombamfirer Stedke, Bloody Psycho, Vomigod, death/grind/crust, brutal vomit
    V / A CONTAMINATED IV – intl., incl. Nasum, Origin, Neurosis, Alchemist…, death / grind, relapse
    V / A CONTAMINATED VI – intl., incl. Necrophagist, Leng Tch’e…, death / grind, relapse
    V / A Dew – Germany / Austria, incl. Mastic Scum, Depression, Toxic Death, Social Disease, Blackened, Scum, death, grind, thrash, nebel
    V / A Hard 96 – Germany, incl. Mailvaltar, Darth, Massenmorder, Forgotten Past, death / thrash / hard core, hard
    V / A Hard 97 – Germany, The Company, Mailvaltar, Massenmorder, Progeria, Darth, death / thrash / hard core, hard
    V / A It's Just warning ONE – The Netherlands / Belgium, incl. Disinfest, Pleurisy, Crustacean Death's Bride, death / doom / thrash, eastern star
    V / A It's Just warning TWO - The Netherlands / Belgium, incl. Goden, Cremation, The Darkening, Nocturnal Silence, death / doom / thrash, eastern star
    V / A Laermbelaestigung - Krach Propaganda Compilation – intl., incl. Mortician, Sepsism, Gorguts, Aborted, Pessimist, Fleshless, death, grind, black, larmbelastigung
    V / A Migraine In The Membrane – intl., Funeral Inception, Pleurisy, Rotten Cold, Tessaract, Birdbrains, death / grind, ignite
    V / A Morrigan - Germany / Austria, incl. Night In Gales, Mind Ashes, Skull Crusher, Morbid Silence, Bitching Sluts, death / doom, nebel
    V / A Obscene Extreme 2007 – intl., incl. Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound, Rompeprop…, death / grind, obscene
    V / A Roadkill – intl., incl. Vader, Malevolent Creation, Hateplow…, death metal, system shock
    V / A Smells Like Team Spirit IV – intl., incl. Deeds Of Flesh, Internal Suffering…, death / grind, displeased
    V / A The French Underground Series – France, incl. Absurdity, Heresy, Horrid Flesh, Manslaughter, Gastrik Burst, Psychobolia, brutal death metal, skullfucked
    V / A TROIS - RIVIERES METALFEST IV – Canada, incl. Despised Icon, Neuraxis, Torn Within, Horofiction, Paroxysm, Quo Vadis, death metal / thrash metal / black metal, galy
    V / A TROIS - RIVIERES METALFEST V – Canada, incl. Neuraxis, Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Martyr, Coprofago, death metal / thrash metal / black metal, galy
    VIVID X - V.Xtremal Progress, Russia, brutal progressive death / thrash, blacksmith
    VOGELFREI - Stifefeljungs (Lieder 1994-98), Germany, melodic oi, asphalt
    WORMPHILISM - Gore Codex 01, Italy, goregrind, coagulated, CDr demo

    3 euro each

    CONVENT - Blessed Amongst The Flock, Poland, brutal death metal, inhuman distro, CDr demo
    DEFORMED - Everything Is A Fun Torture, Poland, death / grind, demo CDr
    HORRIFIED - Deus Diabolus Inversus, Greece, melodic death metal, empire
    INFECTED DISARAY / JAZZUS / MUKEKA DI RATO / MASS GENOCIDE PROJECT - 100 DAY KILLING SPREE, UK / Brazil / Brazil, Czech Republic, brutal deathgrind / noisecore / grindcore / crust, extremist, 4way split
    INSEMINATOR / NECROLUST - Dark Flame of Holy Inquisition, Poland / Italy, death thrash / black thrash,, split CDr demo
    KAIZEN - Supporting Continual Improvement, France, modern thrash, kontsha, MCD (slipcase)
    MIND ECLIPSE - Chaos Chronicles, Russia, black metal, more hate
    NAMTER - Hostis Humani Generis, Italy, black metal (pro printed full colour cover), sf, CDr demo
    NEOTRUTH - 32'42'' Short Infinity, Russia, progressive death metal, metal agen
    NOSFERATOS – Pandemonium, Russia, death metal, blacksmith
    PATOLOGICUM - Promo 2006, Poland, brutal death / grind, sf, CD-R (demo)
    PORPHYRIA - Mayhemic Blast, Poland, brutal death metal, sf, CDr
    SEVER - Songs of the Crashing Crunchy, USA, dissonant hardcore, hellbent
    SNUFFERGRINDER - Snuff Reality, Poland, cybergrind, mad maggot, CDr
    SOULLESS - Peri Psyches, Poland, brutal death metal, anaites, CDr
    THE DISMAL – Make Your Mind Up, Spain, mathcore, division house
    TOOTHFAIRY - Does Not Work Well With Reality, USA, dark gothic, noiseville

    4 euro each

    7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA / PTAO – Feedbackselfdeath, Germany / Czech Republic, grind noise, bizarre leprous, 3"split
    ABUSED MAJESTY – Serpenthrone, Poland, melodic black metal, empire
    ABYSS - Taste The Bitter Vengeance, Poland, melodic death metal (pro-printed layout & printing on disc), demo CDr
    ADVERSARY - We Must Be In Hell, USA, death metal, cursed
    AION - O Fortuna, Poland, atmospheric death / dark metal, system shock, MCD
    ALIENGATES – Dark Days Quantum, Switzerland, melodic death metal, sf, MCD
    AMBRAZURA - Storm in yours Brains, Russia, technical grinding death metal, stygian crypt
    ANAL CUNT / FEAR OF GOD / STENCH OF CORPSE – Split, USA / Switzerland, grindcore, sf, splitCDR
    ANARCHUS / C.S.S.O. – Split Live CD, Mexico / Japan, grindcore, obliteration, split
    ANARCHUS, Tribute To - Beyond Good and Evil, intl. Disgorge (mex), Ravager, Morbosidad, Bowel Stew, Oxidised Razor american line
    ANESTESIA – Satisfied, Czech Republic, fast agressive thrash metal, cephalic
    APOPHIS – Heliopolis, Germany, melodic doom / death, morbid
    BLIND GUARDIAN – Fly, Germany, heavy metal inspired by Tolkien, nuclear blast, MCD
    CAD – Deadnation, Slovakia, raw grindcore, downfall
    CADAVEROUS - Hide In Details, Turkey, death / thrash, CDr demo
    CALM - Ex..., Poland, melodic death metal (pro-printed inlay and discprint), demonic, CDr
    CASTIGATE – Bring Me The Head Of Jesus Christ, Germany, death metal, system shock
    CASTRUM - Mysterious Yet Unwearied, Ukraine, medieval death metal, bloodbucket
    CHAINSAW - The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness, Poland, power metal, empire
    CHAMBER OF SHRED – Epitome, Spain, technical brutal death metal, sf, MCD
    COMA VOID - Stormking twilight, USA, epic black metal, metal age
    CONTEMPT - When Angels Begin To Cry, Slovakia, brutal death metal, empire
    CORE - Through Chaos and Disharmony, Brazil, death metal, sf
    COURTYARD – Refusal, Turkey, melodic death metal (pro-printed layout & printing on disc), CDr demo
    CRAZY ABOUT SILENCE - When Death Surges Forth, Belgium, furious death core, several bleed
    CREMASTER – Pumpernikel, Poland, thrash metal, empire
    CROPMENT - Braindrain Timeslavery, Switzerland, brutal death metal, sf, MCD
    DEAD ORCHESTRA - Sounds Like Time Tastes, USA, death / thrash, massacre (promo) (sh)
    DEISEAL - Relationship Of Hate, France, black metal, black crystal
    DESECRATED DREAMS - Feelings Of Guilt, Slovakia, symphonic black metal, metal age
    DESENSITISED - Thriving on Carnage, The Netherlands, grindcore, bleedin' hemorrhoid, MCD
    DESORATOR - Signs of Coma, Japan, old school death metal, voyaki, MCD
    DESPISE / IMPERIAL FOETICIDE – Split, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, grodhasin, split
    DESTROYING DIVNITY – Created, Czech Republic, intense death / black, grodhasin
    DETEST – Dorval, Denmark, death metal, progress (promo)
    DETRIMENTUM - A Monument of the suffering, UK, brutal death metal, grindethic, MCD
    DEVASTE – Soulseducer, Germany, raging brutal death metal, paraphonia
    DIABOLIC – Supreme Evil, USA, death metal, metal age (promo)
    DIPNOI – FKDDD, Brazil, thrash metal, moonza
    DISGUISE - Human Primordial Instinct, Italy, black metal, sf
    DOOM - World Of Shit, UK, crust, sf, CD-R demo
    DRAIN OF IMPURITY - Sorrid acts of torture, Turkey (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), drain, CDr demo
    DREAMKILLERS - Fairgrounds for Insanity, Australia, alternative thrash metal, velvet urge, MCD
    EPIDEMIC CAUSE - Far East, Japan, industrial death metal, shadows of Michelangelo, MCD
    ESCUTCHEON - Unexplained Deep Space Phenomenon, The Netherlands, cosmic death / black, tb
    EVIL DIVINE - Dawn Before The Dawn, USA, black metal, metal age
    EXCREMENT – Scorched, Finland, death metal, invasion, MCD (promo)
    EXPLODING ZOMBIES - Several Severed Heads, USA, death / grind, emetic
    EXPULSION – Man Against, Sweden, death / doom, godhead
    EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Live And Loud, UK, grind, sf, CDr demo
    FACTEUR ZERO - Douce Barbarie, France, death / thrash, sf, MCD
    FAERGHAIL - Blood will follow Blood, Finland, melodic death black, northern sound, MCD
    FEROX - Prepare for War, Germany, death metal, rabaz
    FERRO IGNIQUE - World Wide War, Germany, raw black metal, folter
    FETAL DECAY / DETRIMENTAL - The Last Martyrity / Beware, Russia / USA, brutal death metal / brutal death, relics, split
    FLATLINED - One Step Closer to Eternal Rest, USA, metalcore, lifeless
    GENOCIDE - We rape the sky, We rape the hell, Mexico, grindcore, magnecidio
    GODS OF EMPTINESS - Blind Obedience Madness, Austria, grindcore, noise art, MCD
    GOLEM – Death Never Dies, Italy, heavy / black metal, diamond, MCD
    GORE BEYOND NECROPSY - Noisexcretass Asshole, Japan, grindcore, sf, CDr demo
    GRIMNESS - At the Beginning God Created Scum, Italy, grindcore (pro-printed layout & printing on disc), everydayhate, CDr
    GRIND MINDED - Your Suffering Will Be Legendary, The Netherlands, death / grind, filthy, MCD
    GULU LOCUS - Chocol-Hate, Italy, slow death metal, nocturnal
    GUT - The Singles Collection, Germany, goregrind, sf, CDr demo
    HELD UNDER / SEVER / VEXATION - Paths of Destruction, USA, deathcore / sludgecore / death metal, encrypted, 3 way split
    HELLBRIGADE – Hellbrigade, USA, metalcore, sf, MCD
    HELL ON EARTH / HILL OF THE DEAD – Split, USA, death metal / deathcore, crimes against humanity, split
    HORDE OF WORMS - The Uncreation, Canada, Canadian Blast Metal, bloodbucket
    HYSTERIA - Abbysal Plains Of Chaos, France, death / black metal, infernal waves, MCD
    INFERNAL ANGELS - Vigilia Secunda, Italy, black metal, sf, CDr
    INFERUS - Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light, Brazil, black metal, southern spirits
    INFESTUM – Infestum, Belarus, pagan black metal, battle hymn, MCD
    INNER WAR - The Profane Vulgar, USA, death metal, metal age
    INNOMINANDUM - To Improve Fit For Smaller Heads, Austria, death'n'roll, mdd, MCD
    INTO THE GORE - Pain must be amplified, Greece, brutal death / grind, metal age
    JONBENET RAMSEY - The Forsaken Porning Of Prepubescent Anus, USA, death / grind, latex solar beef
    LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Paralyzed by Fear, Germany, melodic death metal, remission
    LE CRI DU MORT - Le Cri Du Mort, Germany, gothic metal, sf, SCD
    LIGHT IS THE LANGUAGE - The Void Falls Silent, USA, death / grind avant-garde, gladiator
    LUCIFERI EXCELSI / AAHAS – Split, Austria, grim black metal, black empire, split
    LUNGORTHIN – Morgrom, Germany, black metal, folter
    MALEFACTOR - Death Falls Silent, USA, death metal, metal age
    MARDUK – Hearse, Sweden, black metal, regain, MCD
    MARIA CHUANA – Mesuge, Slovakia, thrashcore, sf
    MAY RESULT – U Slawu Rogowa Naszich, Serbia, pagan black metal, rock express
    MAY RESULT - Svetogrdje (The Blasphemy), Serbia, pagan black metal, rock express
    MERCYFUL FATE - The Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bells, intl., Dan Swano, Deceased, Vital Remains..., still dead
    MIND RIOT – Peak, Finland, doom / rock, godhead
    MISCREANT – Oppressive, Russia, death / thrash metal, blacksmith
    MISFORTUNE – Midnightenlightened, Sweden, melodic black / death, blackend, MCD
    MISTYFATE - Embracing The Death, Colombia, melodic death metal, decade
    MIXOMATOSIS / DEMISOR / GORED FACE - Night of living grinders, Spain / Sigapore / USA, grindcore, grindmind, 3 way split
    MOLOT VEDIM – Asylum, Russia, black metal, serpent's lair
    MORBID ANGEL, Tribute To - Tyrants from the Abyss, intl., Zyklon, Luciferion, Vader, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Behemoth..., empire
    MORBID SILENCE - Dark Labirynth, Czech Republic, dark metal, sf
    MORCEGOS - Extreme Point, Brazil, old school death metal, sf (sh)
    MORTAL AGONY – Necrobutchering, Germany, brutal death metal, chainsaw fisting, MCD
    MORTUARY HACKING SESSION - Delightful Carvings, USA, grindgore, last house on the right, MCD
    MOZEK MOTORS - Twin Tower Torture Sessions, Germany, sick cyber grind, sf, CDr + 3"EP
    MUTALA - Carnivorous Disposition, Italy, death metal, nocturnal
    MUTILATION - Conflict Inside, Poland, brutal death metal, empire
    MY DEEPEST INNER - Generation X, Germany, thrashcore, sf, SCD
    NATHANIEL - Hidden Inside A Spirit, Poland, technical death / thrash (pro printed full colour cover), demonic CDr
    OBLOMOV - Mighty Cosmic Dances, Czech Republic, sympho black metal, radiation noise
    OBSCENO / THROB OF OFFAL - Alcanzando un Orgasmo descumunal / Fungi of Gore, Brazil, goregrind, sindrome, split
    OBSCURE VORTEX - Was Einst War, Germany, old school raw black metal, tower-black
    PERNICIOUS - Blood Lust, The Netherlands, death metal, firebreath
    PERVERSIST – Necrophilharmony, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, pigeon shit
    PERVERSIST - Machine Grind Surgery, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, pigeon shit
    PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Phantoms of Future, Germany, indie rock, epic, MCD (box)
    PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Loco Poco, Germany, indie rock, epic (sh)
    PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - This Flight Tonight, Germany, indie rock, epic
    PHANTOMS OF FUTURE – Chimera, Germany, indie rock, epic (sh)
    PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Cruel Times, Germany, indie rock, epic
    PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Chapter III - Trance Album, Germany, indie rock, gusch / efa
    POLYMORPH - Innocent Suffering, Germany, brutal death metal, guc
    POST MORTEM - Mankind Autopsy, France, brutal death metal, sf, MCD
    PROFANITY - Slaughtering Thoughts, Germany, brutal death metal, cudgel
    PROTEST - About Human Idols, Slovakia, death metal, metal age
    PROTEST - Have a rest, please, Slovakia, death metal, metal age
    PULVERIZER - Second To None, The Netherlands, death metal, firebreath, MCD
    RAVENDUSK - Shadow Past, Poland, doom metal, metal age
    RECIDIVUS / ANTHROPOPHAGICAL WARFARE - Anesthesia / Bestial genocide, Brazil, death metal, moondo, split
    RECUEIL MORBIDE - Hurt By Human Race, France, brutal death metal, deadsun (sh)
    REDOX - Sharpened Knives, Spain, heavy / thrash, voliac, MCD
    REGREDIOR - Forbidden Tears, Lithuania, pure death metal, shiver
    REZIN - Bong-Hits, USA, thrashcore, sf
    RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION - A Sun Revolution, Belgium, symphonic black metal, shiver
    RIPHEAD / DROGHEDA – Violencia, USA, death thrash / death grind, extreme millennium, split
    ROSSOMAHAAR - Quaerite Lux In Tenebris, Russia, sympho-black metal, sound age
    RU36 - Dumpster In The Sky, USA, melodic hc / punk, ten strip
    SACRED SIN - Mastery of Holy Imperial Art, Portugal, brutal death metal, blackened moon
    SACROSANCTUM – Fragments, Czech Republic, experimental gothic doom rock metal, metal age
    SADISTIC - The Last Firebase, The Netherlands, old school death metal, sf, MCD
    SANCTIMONY - Eternal Suffering, Latvia, technical death metal, father
    SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS / BLASPHEMER / HUMANITY FUCKED TO GORE - Pre-natural Whilling / Life Kills / Into Sickest..., Russia / Italy / Russia, brutal death / deathgrind / brutal death, relics, 3 way split
    SECRETUM - Happy happy Killing Time..., Germany, thrash / death metal, metal age
    SEEDS OF SORROW - Bleeding Eyes, Austria, death / black metal, demonware
    SEZARBIL - The End of Sacred Faith... Occido, Occidere..., Czech Republic, black metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), CDr demo
    SHADOWS LAND - Terminus Ante Quem, Poland, black / death metal, empire
    SOLEKAHN - Suffering Winds, France, brutal death / black, imperial maze, MCD
    SOUTHERN STORM – 1999, Bosnia, symphonic power metal, one
    SPINEGRINDER - A Visual Symphony of Horror, France, grindcore, extremist, MCD
    SUBTERA - Nothing and Death, Brazil, intense ultrafast death / grind, morte pacifica
    SUN. HAS. CANCER - Kamikaze Spirit, Czech Republic, brutal-metal-industrial, grodhasin
    SUPREMACY - Through Endless Torment, Slovenia, brutal death metal, empire
    TALES OF DARKNORD - Stalingrad - War Episodes, Russia, technical death metal, more hate
    THE ESCHATON CREED – The Eschaton Creed, Scotland, death metal, CD-R demo
    THE KEVORKIAN SOLUTION - Invokation (randomselector4.8), UK, cyber grindcore, deathstill
    THE KUNTAUTCULT - From the Pits, The Netherlands, grindcore, displeased
    THE ZEPHYR - Impure & Divine, Mexico, fast, raging black / death metal, american line
    THORNSBREED - The Splendour of the Repellent, Germany, blasphemous death metal, animate
    THRONEAEON - With Sardonic Wrath, Sweden, brutal death metal, hammerheart (promo)
    TINIEBLAS - Dark Infernal Light, Puerto Rico, ritualistic black metal, thrash corner
    TOMBTHROAT - Evil Fucking Zombie Riot, Germany, death metal, sf
    TOMMYKNOCKERZ - In The Course Of Time, Austria, thrash metal, sf, MCD
    TORTURE INCIDENT / BRUTAL INSANITY - Voice Your Disgust / Smash Hits, Singapore / UK, goregrind, chop2death, split
    TRONUS ABYSS - The king of Angels in the Abyss, Italy, black metal, pagan moon organization (sh)
    TU CARNE / EL MUERMO - En Un Pellejo De Cerdo, Spain, goregrind, extremist, MCD
    TUMOUR / M.D.K. / KADAVERFICKER / TOTAL PENURIA / VOMIT SEX - Blood and Sickness, The Netherlands / Brazil / Germany, goregrind, duende maltido, split
    UNDERCROFT – Evilusion, Chile, death metal, pavement (promo)
    UNSILENCE - A Walk Through Oceans, UK, doom metal, golden lake, MCD
    UPPERCUT - Shroud Shifter, Germany, death metal, guc, MCD
    URBAN ALIENS - Corporate punk for rich people, Canada, fun hc / punk, new core music
    URSCHULLUM - Psyco Noiz From Da Psyco Hoad 666, Czech Republic, hard core, 99
    V / A Altars Of Mad Death – France, Kronos, Kabbal, Recueil Morbide…, death metal, diamond, digi
    V / A COCKS & CUNTS – intl., incl. Dying Fetus, Skinless, Haemorrhage, SCD, Agx, Malignant Tumour, brutal / death & grind only, bleurk, compilation
    V / A Deathophobia – intl., incl. Aborted, Inhumate, Inquest, Exmortem, Forgotten Silence, Agathocles, Nomad, death / doom / black / grind, earth ad, 3CD
    V / A Hymns Of Rebellion II – intl., incl. Ephel Duath, Aghora…, doom / experimental, golden lake
    V / A IMPHALTE vol. 1 - intl., incl. Depraved, Visceral Dissection, Anatomy, Disgorged Foetus, Gorestench, death & grind only, imphalte, compilation
    V / A IMPHALTE vol. 2 - intl., incl. Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Atavism, Enemy Soil, Disgorged Foetus, death & grind only, imphalte, compilation
    V / A LELAHEL METAL vol. 1 - intl., incl. Mangled, Hellborn, Cirith Gorgor, Darth, Patologicum, death / grind / doom, lalehel metal, compilation
    V / A Metal Massacre 10 – USA, incl. Confessor, Slaughter (can), Murdercar, Solitude, Wench, thrash metal, metal blade, compilation
    V / A Metal Massacre 11 – USA, incl. Havoc Mass, Epidemic, Mystic Force, Spudmonsters, thrash metal, metal blade, compilation
    V / A NEOBLAST Compilation 3: Blast From the Underworld – intl., incl. Spawn of Possession, Virulence, Korum, Kabbal, death / black / doom, neoblast, compilation
    V / A Realm of Grind – intl., incl. Agathocles, Total Fucking Destruction, Gorerotted, Damnable, Nefas, Toxic Bonkers, Selfhate, brutal / death & grind only, dywizja kot, compilation
    V / A The Kanada Compilation – Canada, Infernal Majesty / Custom / The Harpoons, thrash metal, lifestyle, 3 way split
    V / A Ugly Music For Ugly Minds – intl. Alchemist, Nasum, Pentagram, Cretin, Mastodon, Gadget, Zeke, Burst, Leng Tch'e, Dysrythmia, relapse
    V / A Visionaires of the Macabre vol. 1 USA / Canada / Malaysia, incl. Cryptopsy, Pessimist, Eternal Suffering, Acheron, death, black, doom, lost disciple, compilation
    V / A Witching Black Records – intl. Throneum, The Chasm, Nordafrost, Gaurithoth, Atomizer, black metal, witching black
    V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Songs of fairies, Serbia, atmosferic / medieval neoclassical ambience, rock express
    VENEREAL DISEASE - Mondo Macabro, Spain, splatter grindcore, hecatombe
    VERY WICKED – Goregutgreedy, Germany, brutal death / grind, chainsaw fisting
    VICIOUS CRUSADE - Forbidden Tunes, Belarus, folk / doom / death / thrash metal, metal rec.
    VICTIM – Cocktail Of Bruatlity / Faces Of Death, Germany, death metal, eclipse
    VIKING CROWN - Unorthodox Steps Of Ritual, USA, black metal, hammerheart (digi)
    VOMIT REMNANTS / GORATORY / WORMED – Premature Burial, Japan / USA / Spain, brutal death metal, macabre mementos
    WARBLADE - A Crisis in the Gray Space, USA, melodic death metal, oak-knoll
    WAYD – Barriers, Slovakia, technical death metal, metal age
    WHAT WEAPONS BRING WAR - What Weapons Bring War, USA, grundcore, encrypted, MCD
    WITH DEAD HANDS RISING - The Horror Grows Near, USA, brutal deathcore, life sentence, MCD
    WITH DEAD HANDS RISING - Behind Inquisition, USA, brutal deathcore, life sentence
    WRECKER – Humanicon, France, dirty death / grind, sf, MCD

    5 euro each

    1917 / SLOW DEATH / SLOW AGONY - Sudamerica Brutal, Argentina / Venezuela / Paraguay, death metal, hurling
    7th NEMESIS / PUNISHMENT - Chronicles Of A Sickness, UK / France, brutal death metal / death core, skullfucked, split
    AARDVARKS – Conglomerate, Germany, aggressive thrash metal, yahuar malleou
    ADVERSARY – Forsaken, USA, death metal, cursed
    AGATHOCLES - Live in Leipzig, Germany 1991, Belgium, mince / grindcrust, half life
    ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR – The Magnificent Rebirth Of A Mighty Old Empire, death / black metal, concret
    ALGOL / SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY - Whispers From An Empty Room, USA, atmospheric black metal, paragon, split
    ANATHEMA – The Silent Enigma, doom metal, metal mind
    ANTROPOMORFIA - Engendro Brutal, Spain, old school death metal, necromance
    ARE YOU GOD? - Espelho De Carne, Brazil, grindcore, 2+2=5, MCD
    ARV - I.D., Norway, black metal, metal age
    AS GRAVITY FADES - What Lies Beneath, Switzerland, metalic hardcore, fastbeast ent
    ASCENDANCY - Rise Of Dead Empire, USA, technical brutal death metal, sf, MCD
    ATAVISM / DRAIN OF IMPURITY / MINCER – Brutalmageddon, Greece / Turkey / Italy, goregrind, coagulated, 3 way split
    AUTOPSY – Shitfun, USA, death metal, peaceville (promo)
    AXON - Leper Viper, Mexico, raw death metal, deus mortuus
    BAAL - State Of Aggression, Mexico, melodic black / death, american line
    BANE OF EXISTENCE - Humanity's.splintered.slavation, USA, brutal death metal, fleshfeast
    BATTALION - Into Harms Way, Australia, war black metal, asphyxiate
    BEEF CONSPIRACY - Hung Drawn And Quarter Poundered, UK, brutal death /grind, grindethic
    BEEF CONSPIRACY / ROTTEN COLD / DIN-ADDICT / MDK / ENTRALIS - Seven gates of hell, UK, Austria, Hungary / Brazil, 7 x grindcore, chop2death, 7 way split
    BEYOND SERENITY - Total Control, Germany, brutal death, dark one
    BIFROST – Mythistory, The Netherlands, pagan metal, hammerheart
    BIRDBRAINS - Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich, Singapore, old school grindcore, phlegm
    BLACK MASS - Voices Of Fate, USA, death / black, primitive
    BLOOD STAINED HOST - Individual Theatre, Italy, gothic / doom, the twelfth planet
    BLOODTHRONE - Shield Of Hate, USA, black metal, forever underground
    BORN OF THORNS - New Horizon, Finland, melodic death metal, oak knoll, MCD
    BRAVE - Searching for the Sun, USA, progressive doom metal, dark symphonies
    BUNDER NEKROMUNDA / RZEŹNIA - Da Split, Poland, goregrind / grindcore, surgical diathesis
    BYATIS - In The Abysses Of Memory, France, brutal death metal, sf
    C.H.C. / EMBOLISM - Another war, another lie / Live in chez republic, Brazil / Slovakia, grindcrust / brutal deathgrind, destroyer, split
    CARDIAC NECROPSY / INSISION / KOMA / LACERATE / VRYKOLAKAS - Supreme Brutal Legions, Singapore / Sweden / Indonesia / Thailand, 5 different visions of brutal death metal, vrykoblast, 5way split
    CARNAL LUST - Whore of Violence, France, brutal death metal, diamond
    CARPE TENEBRUM - Dreaded Chaotic Reign, Norway, sympho black metal, hammerheart
    CARPE TENEBRUM - Mirrored Hate Painting, Norway, majestic black metal, hammerheart
    CELEBRATUM – Instinct, Norway, black metal, metal age
    CERNUNNOS - The Beast, USA, black metal, sf
    CIDISPHERE - Interment..., Turkey, technical death metal, hammer muzik
    CONVENT - The Truth Revealed, Poland, brutal death metal, awaken
    CORPSEVOMIT - Raping The Ears of Those Above, USA, old school death metal, blackened moon
    COUNT DE NOCTE - Carpe Noctum, Finland, melodic black metal, mad lion
    CRIPPLE BASTARDS, tribute to, intl., Groinchurn, Birdflesh, Denak, Final Exit, Rot , T.F.D., obscene
    CROTCHDUSTER - Big Fat Box Of Shit, USA, avant-garde metal / parody, earache (promo)
    CRYPTIC REVELATION - The Truth Is Out There, Japan, death metal, deathortion, MCD
    CYPRESS HILL - Lick A Shot, USA, hip hop, columbia, SCD
    DARK FAITH - The Sentence of Satan, Spain, black metal, war is imminent (digi)
    DARK LEGION – Bloodshed, Poland, brutal death metal, deadsun
    DARKANE - Rusted Angel, Sweden, extreme thrash metal, regain
    DARKENED SKIES - Dawn of Dreams, Puerto Rico, melodic death metal, khaosmaster, MCD (digi)
    DARTH - Buttfucked By Destiny, Germany, death metal, crude
    DEAMON - Synopsis of Sin, Canada, brutal death metal, ghetto blaster
    DECAY - Mutilating... Gutting, guttural goregrind, obliteration
    DECEPTION - Permanent Torment, Poland, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
    DECIEVERION – Decieverion, USA, black death, non compos mentis
    DECOMPOSING SERENITY / SUGAR PLUM FAIRY - Poultry Organ Toys, USA, grindcore, metal gate
    DENY THE URGE – Subsequent Confrontation, Germany, technical death metal, guc
    DESECRATION – Inhuman, UK, death metal, copro
    DEVILS WHOREWHOUSE - The Howling, Sweden, Misfits tribute band, regain
    DEVILYN – XI, Poland, death metal, conquer
    DIFENACUM – Autoconflicto, Spain, intense grindcore, hecatombe
    DIFER NOM BASTA – Bolagen, Mexico, brutal death metal, american line
    DIONYSOS – Such Is Life…, The Netherlands, thrashcore, sf
    DISEMBOWEL – Zero Turns To One, Greece, grinding death metal, sf
    DISEMBOWEL – Hanged, Drawn And Quartered, Germany, brutal death metal, MCD
    DISFIGURED CORPSE - Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core 2000, Czech Republic, space grindcore, epidemie
    DISHED - Reason of Suffering, Poland, brutal death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), CDr
    DISSENTER - Bloodlust & Blasphemy, Poland, brutal death metal, sf
    DRAGONGRASS - Beyond The Valley Of Hinnom, Canada, heavy metal, sf
    DROGHEDA / MORTICITE – Split, USA, grind, extremist, split
    ECLYPSE - Applause: Ihvh Elohim Met, Poland, black / death metal, redrum
    ECTOPIA - Sickly Private, Belgium, goregrind, sf, MCD
    EERIE - Hollow Stare, Bulgaria, doom / death metal, brutallica
    ELEMENTS - Another Point, Canada, technical death / thrash, hyper active, MCD
    EMBOLISM - And We All Hate Ourselves, Slovakia, death / grind, erebos
    ENCABULOUS - Abandoning The Flesh, Australia, pure death metal, venomous, MCD
    ENFORSAKEN - Embraced By Misery, USA, death metal, lifeless
    ENGORGE - Death... Fuck... Blackness, USA, black metal, dark horizon
    ENGORGED / GRUESOME STUFF RELISH – Split, USA / Spain, goregrind, last house, split MCD
    ERYTROSY – Delight, Slovakia, brutal death metal, metal age
    ESQARIAL – Amorphous, Poland, technical death metal, pagan
    EXPULSION – Overflow, Sweden, death / doom metal, godhead
    EXVENTER - Procederum Finit, Russia, brutal death metal, coyote
    EYE SEA – Bloodgeon, Germany, brutal death metal, shredded, MCD
    FAITH NO MORE - A Small Victory, USA, remixes by youth, slash, SCD
    FALCHION – Legacy Of Heathens, Finland, melodic doom / folk, worldchaos
    FATAL PORTRAIT - An Elusive Instinct of Lascivia, Spain, black metal, downfall
    FLESH FEAST - Flesh Feast, Canada, brutal death metal, cdn
    FLESHART - Art Brut, Greece, brutal death metal, grindethic, MCD
    FLESHGRIND - Live In Germany, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural
    FLESHLESS - Sensual Death Immitation, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, obscene
    FORENSICK - Splattered Innards, Spain, brutal death / grind, genital heroes
    FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES – Defy, Czech Republic, death / grind, napalmed
    FUNERAL RITES – Necroeater, Japan, black metal, painkiller
    FUNERATUS / DESCEREBRATION - Upcoming Apparition / Diabolical Grinder, Brazil, death metal, millenium, split
    GARBAGE DISPOSAL - Union Carbide, Czech Republic, death / grind, reactor
    GERBE OF LIFE / REPUDIATE – Split, France, brutal death / grind, skullfucked, split
    GLEARGH / RISING TERROR / L.A.R.D.O.N. – Destroy To Conquer, Italy / France / France, grindcore, splitCD
    GNOSTIC – Evoking The Demon, USA, black metal, ordealis
    GODS OF EMPTINESS – Disobedience, Austria, grindcore, spv
    GOREFUCK - Lust For Torture, Italy, brutal death / grind, coagulated
    GROMM - Happiness – it’s when you are dead…, Ukraine, black metal, ravenheart
    HANDFUL OF HATE - Blood Calls Blood, Italy, black metal, downfall, MCD
    HELLCHILD – Bareskin, Japan, deathcore, howling bull
    HELLCHILD - Circulating Contradiction, Japan, deathcore, howling bull
    HELLVETO - Medieval Scream, Poland, black metal, ritual execution
    HIMINBJORG – Third, France, black metal, red stream
    HOLDER - Merciful Scourge, Brazil, old school death metal, mutilation
    HOLOCAUST - Demoniac Bible, Spain, brutal death metal, hecatombe, MCD
    HORNCROWNED - The Rise of Satan's Artillery, Colombia, war black metal, demonic attack (digi)
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    1st update
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    Another update.
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    And another update happened.
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