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In Aeternum

Discussion in 'Pulverised Records' started by Calvin@Pulverised, May 1, 2008.

  1. Calvin@Pulverised

    Apr 29, 2008
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    Band Biography

    1992 - The birth of what later on should be IN AETERNUM. Started out as Behemoth.

    1993 - Released 2 reh. tapes called "Domini Inferi" and "The Ancient Kingdom".

    1994 - Changed name to IN AETERNUM.

    1995 - Recorded an unnamed mcd that never got released for some reason. 5 songs was recorded and put in a vault.

    1996 - Recorded the track "The Pale Black death" and spread it around to magazines and labels.

    1997 - Went on to record the very first proper mcd called "...And Darkness Came" in late September.

    1998 - Released the mcd on our own to gain interest from labels. Release date February 1998. This release got us signed to Necropolis Records a fast growing label from the USA. Recorded the debut album the same year at Fredman Studios.

    1999 - Recorded a 7 inch for German label Metal Supremacy. Released the debut album "Forever Blasphemy" during spring time. Went on a European tour right after with IMMORTAL to promote it. Did the Under The Black Sun Festival down in Berlin, played the Wacken festival in front of a rabid crowd in August. Released the 7 inch called "Demon Possession" in August as well.

    2000 - Went to Abyss Studios in January to record "The Pestilent Plague", once again for Necropolis Records. Release date in Europe July 17th and USA July 18th.Went to the USA for the first time in November and played a few shows. Did one of the bigger festivals called November To Dismember in Los Angeles.

    2001 - Touring duties with MALEVOLENT CREATION in February throughout Europe. Did the 2heavy4you festival and Motala Metal Fest in Sweden.Started to record the new album "Nuclear Armageddon" in November.

    2002 - Split with Necropolis Records and went on to finish the "Nuclear Armageddon" album. Played the Open Hell Festival in the Czech Republic. Released the compilation "Past And Present Sins" as a final release on Necropolis Records.

    2003 - Signed to Agonia Records and released the album in April. Went on tour with Gospel Of The Horns throughout Europe during May. Played the Under The Black Sun for the 2nd time in July. Released a 10 inch called "Beast Of The Pentagram" Recorded 2 new songs at Abyss Studios in late December for an upcoming release during spring 2004.

    2004 - Signed a new deal with Agonia Records, and the same label released the mini-CD "No Salvation" in April/May. IN AETERNUM was confirmed as support act to DEICIDE on their European tour in June, but the tour got cancelled directly on the first date, so IN AETERNUM only played ONE single show in London, UK. At the same time as tour started Bloodstone Entertainment released a special and limited pic 7" EP called "Covered In Hell". IN AETERNUM also participated on the AT THE GATES tribute CD "Slaughterous Souls", with a Grotesque cover though; "Blood Runs From The Altar". Besides this the band started to rehearse and wrote songs for the new album. The recordings were done during the later part of December at the Abyss studio, engineered by Tommy Tägtgren and the band itself. Bass duties during the recordings were handled by Daniel.

    2005 - Started the year rehearsing for a tour, as well as being near to get sued by Mel Gibson for a dispute about the front cover of the mini-CD "No Salvation". Rubbish! Anyway, the tour took place in April through Europe with the satanic death metal comrades BELPHEGOR and ARKHON INFAUSTUS. During the tour the fourth IN AETERNUM album "Dawn Of A New Aeon" was released. Session bass player on the tour were Clabbe Ramberg from GODHATE, who pretty much became a permanent bassist for the band directly he place his boots in the rehearsal room.

    2006 - Daniel N Sahlin quit the band in January and the band held a few audtions for new suitable guitar players pretty much right away. David and Perra started writing some new material together for the first time in more than a year. In early March the band found a new guitarist in the very talented Erik Kumpulainen. In the autumn the band decided to leave Agonia Rds after lots and lots of problems. During a few days in December IN AETERNUM recorded a MCD entitled "Curse Of Devastation" at the Abyss Studio with engineer Tommy Tägtgren, the first for their new label Pulverised Records.


    Country Of Origin: Sweden


    David Larsson - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
    Perra Karlsson - Drums Of Death
    Clabbe Ramberg - Bass
    Erik Kumpulainen - Lead Guitar


    'Curse Of Devastation' MCD 2007
    'Dawn Of A New Aeon' CD 2005
    'Covered In Hell' (Picture 7"EP) 7"EP 2004
    'No Salvation' (Deleted due to censorship) MCD 2004
    'Nuclear Armageddon' CD 2003
    'Beast Of The Pentagram' 10"MLP 2003
    'Past And Present Sins' CD/LP 2002
    'The Pestilent Plague' (Picture Disc 12" LP 2005) CD/LP 2001
    'Forever Blasphemy' CD/LP/MC 1999
    'Demon Possession' (Picture 7"EP) 7"EP 1999
    'And Darkness Came' MCD 1997

    Official website:
    Myspace page:

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