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In Flames song you don't like

Discussion in 'In Flames' started by A88, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. DE4life

    DE4life 'ello treacle

    Mar 18, 2008
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    Alright, it's been 8 years and we've had 3 new albums since then, so I'm reviving this thread for my own personal amusement :cool:

    Lunar Strain: Lunar Strain

    Subterranean: Subterranean

    The Jester Race: Dead God in Me (that weird section in the middle ruins the song)

    Whoracle: So difficult to pick. I guess the title track, but really I love every song on this album.

    Colony: Resin - weirdly I've liked this song less and less as time goes on. Not sure why, something about it just bores me.

    Clayman: Another Day in Quicksand - good song, but not on the same level as the others.

    Reroute: Drifter

    STYE: Bottled... obviously

    Come Clarity: Scream.... obviously

    ASOP: The Chosen Pessimist... obviously

    SOAPF: All For Me

    Siren Charms: So many to choose from... probably Everything's Gone. The fakest and most boring song on the record.

    Battles: Underneath My Skin... one of the worst songs they've ever released. At least songs like Scream, TCP and All For Me have moments where they briefly sound okay. Even Bottled and Everything's Gone have a few seconds of decent music, but this... this is garbage from beginning to end. Not one redeeming thing across the entire song.

    I, the Mask: In This Life. Easy. Awful song.
  2. JesterSlaveSucks

    Aug 10, 2018
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    Ok i will try

    Luner strain - inside space

    Subtaranian - everdying

    Jester's Race - graveland

    Whoracle - food of the gods

    Colony - new words

    Clay man - brush the dust away

    Reroute to remain - dawn of the new Day

    Soundtrack to an escape - friends

    Come clarity - an infinite struggle

    A sense of purpose - sober or irrelevant

    Sounds of the playground fading - liberation

    Siren's charms - filtering truth

    Battles - i like sand

    I'm a mask - all my pain

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