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Island - Orakel

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by circus_brimstone, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. circus_brimstone

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    Island – Orakel
    Vendlus Records – VEND026 – 29 February 2008
    By Jason Jordan


    Now here’s something you don’t hear every day. Enjoy confident, progressive death metal intertwined with soft, instrumental portions? Germany’s Island is your man, er, band. Specifically, Orakel is a re-release of 2004 EP Orakel and 2005 EP Island, and thus we get a 10-track record that makes for a solid, unpredictable 52 minutes.

    While Island may be difficult to liken to any one band in particular—the raspy growls remind me of Seventh Angel’s, if anyone remembers those dudes—Orakel is quite the gratifying listen. Spearheading the assault is the chugging, mid-paced ‘Journey Through the Jewel,’ though others such as the trudging, war-like ‘Grund,’ Enslaved-y ‘Ueber Dem Thal,’ and DsO (circa Kenose and Fas) rival ‘Serenity’ are equally crushing. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to point out that rarely, if ever, do any of these songs end in the way they begin. Instead, the listener must endure a variety of alteration regarding tempo, riffs, vocals, and, well, just about everything else. The remainder of Orakel is the Island EP, consisting of ‘The White Ghoul,’ ‘Veritas,’ and the title track. It’s unfortunate that the tail isn’t nearly as blistering as the head. Here, Island sound a tad lethargic, if not also similar to a less gripping Enslaved, except during the last track, which parallels mid-era Katatonia.

    But, considering the impressive Orakel EP, this collection easily lives up to its price tag.

    Official Island Website
    Official Island Myspace
    Official Vendlus Records Website
  2. BloodSword

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    I heard some of this thru the Vendlus compilation cd I recieved when I purchased Agalloch's The White. Not bad really. Another Vendlus artist worth checking out is David Galas-"The Cataclysm." This has a strong "Floydian" vibe throughout, as well, as Lycia, a band Galas has worked with in the past. Anothere reference could be the "Swans."

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