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Kaamos - Spreading the Darkness

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Opeth17, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Oct 21, 2003
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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]By Josh Phillips

    Since 1998, Kaamos has been trudging a trail of death that has produced two full-length albums. Each of these have been greeted with great acclaim from the metal community and for good reason. The music contained on their latest disc, Lucifer Rising, is a blend of extreme metal that yields a dangerous explosion of dark intensity and should be enough for any metal fan with an urge for savage death metal. The blackened path on which Kaamos marches fortunately crossed my own and here is the result of my encounter with guitarist Konstantin.

    Hello Konstantin and thanks for taking the time to do this interview for!

    Sure thing.

    Give us some background information on Kaamos. How was the band formed and what changes have you been through over the years?

    Well, Kaamos was formed in ’98 by four persons in order to create DEATH Metal. We rehearsed and created 3 songs that ended up on a promo-cassette in the following year. Dauthus released 2 of them on a limited 7”. The same year came to see bassist/singer Johan depart from the band and a replacement was found in Karl. Thomas, the original drummer called it quits in '00, and the hunt for a new drummer spewed forth Chris Piss. The writing process manifested in five new songs and Curse of Aeons, as the demo came to be called, was recorded during a weekend in studio SubSonic and released in early ’01. This demo spawned several offers from labels and Kaamos finally chose to sign with Candlelight. In November ’01 Kaamos once again entered SubSonic to record the debut album, which was released in May ’02, and was self-titled as tradition holds. In March ‘04 Kaamos entered Berno studio and ten new songs were put on tape. Lucifer Rising, as the second album is called, was released during February 2005 on Candlelight/PHD.


    What made you decide to play guitar and how long have you been playing that particular instrument?

    Actually, I was taking classes when I was in the 4th grade (classical guitar) but put it aside until the 9th grade when a couple of friends were going to start up a band and needed a guitarist. I never really made a conscious decision to play it, just happened that I liked it and continued.

    Can you explain the meaning of the word Kaamos? Though I know you have done it a million times, it is very interesting to hear about the origins of this name.

    Kaamos is a finnish word that refers to the term darkness. It is the name of a phenomenon that occurs in the northern parts of Finland during the winter time. The sun doesn’t reach above the horizon and leaves the landscape in total blackness. Rather fitting if applied to mythology. The sun in Amenta, and this connection shouldn’t be overlooked.


    Reviewing the section of your site where it shows the live dates you’ve played, I noticed that Kaamos has not yet ravaged the United States with a tour. Now that Lucifer Rising has been released, is there any chance of seeing you fellows on this side of the pond?

    To be honest, I don’t see that happening in the nearest future. Even if there’s been some talk and plans about tours, none of them reach America, alas.

    What bands helped you get into metal and decide that you wanted to play this form of music? Also, what bands have had the greatest influence on the direction your music has taken?

    It was mainly Kiss, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and the likes that introduced me to metal as a kid. Further on, I came across Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom and Metallica. In my search for even darker (read satanic) music I got introduced to Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Immolation, Death, Entombed, Tiamat, and some others and I’d say that it is these latter ones that have marked the direction that Kaamos has pursued all along.


    Outside of other music, what influences the members of Kaamos and might contribute to the sound of the music you play?

    I’d say pretty much everything from movies, literature, great wars, and art. As long as it is misanthropic, satanic, deadly, dark, uncanny it appeals to the members of Kaamos.

    What are the most significant aspects of the cover art and what do the members of the band feel when looking at it? How does it tie into the lyrics?

    The idea for the cover was to use Atu 15, The Devil from the Tarot Deck. And even if its esoteric symbolism suited rather well with the general notion we had in mind, it still lacked a few things. So we asked the artist to re-draw the card and include the symbolism that we feel should be there in connection to Lvicifer Rising. A meticulous project and a close co-operation with Kaamos resulted in one of the best front covers this genre has had for years, in my humble opinion of course, he. Everything that is expressed in each lyric is symbolized in the cover as well as in the booklet. So it is not only a cover to go with the music. But THE cover to go with THE music, if you get my point.


    What do you have planned for the near future and when do you think the band will begin work on new material, if you haven’t already?

    The nearest plans are to do the Live Massacre that has been planned and then some more. Hopefully the massacre continues throughout the autumn and winter. Alongside with that, we'll write some new material, which you guessed right, has already started. But since we don’t see ourselves recording anywhere soon we are taking it quite easy with that. After all, quality rather than quantity is and should be the focus for any band.

    Comparing the material on Lucifer Rising with that of the debut, what do you think are the greatest differences and where do you see future material differing from what is on the current record?

    The main differences would be that this is much more of a band effort since all the material has been written with the line-up that we are today, which wasn’t the case on the first album. Also, I think that we have become better songwriters and better in arranging the songs. As for how the future material will sound is too early to talk about now. There is still a long way ‘til that will happen. BUT it will be Kaamos. That is Alpha and Omega for us.

    Any final comments for your fans?


    Thank you for your time and keep spreading the darkness, I look forward to hearing what this band offers up next!

    Thanks to you and thanks for your support! NOX EST LVX!!!!


    Official Kaamos Website
    Official Candlelight Records Website
    UM's review of Lucifer Rising
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    Great band but, I have to say, that was really weak on the interviewer's part. The banal, cut-and-paste questions show a severe lack of imagination and real interest - it's clearly just an interview for the sake of an interview. Don't give up the day job.

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