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Lunar Aurora - Andacht

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by J., Apr 26, 2007.

  1. J.

    J. Old Fart

    Jul 24, 2001
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    The Woodlands
    Lunar Aurora – Andacht
    Cold Dimensions – dimension007 – January 8, 2007
    By Wayward_Son


    If you have been reading this writer’s previous reviews, Faithful Reader, you should know that black metal is a serious subject and is not taken lightly. It seems that it has become commonplace to fully accept and embrace mediocrity in black metal, as it is the only excuse this writer can come up with to explain the ascendancy of some bands constantly regarded as the leaders of modern black metal. Sure, there are moments of utter brilliance to be found in these dark days, but they not uncovered easily. Apologies if that comes across sounding elitist, as it is not intentional. Let us begin.

    For the past decade, Lunar Aurora has been pumping out quality black metal to an unknowing or uncaring majority. There are most likely numerous reasons for this, ranging from label changes, the band’s nationality being German, as well as listeners not wanting to investigate beyond the easy-to-obtain newcomers and classics. Perhaps it is just as well, because discovering this band is an eye-opening experience that the truly devoted most certainly deserve.

    Andacht is one of those rare, truly special albums that manage to create and become as it moves through each soul-crushing hymn. Each opus is an island, where you, Faithful Reader, will lose yourself and find yourself. The aura surrounding Andacht is oppressive, yet inviting in a self-discovery sort of way. The ambience the album emanates is not one of running through a forest hugging trees, but of inner turmoil and spiritual struggles. In other words, Andacht is human. As this writer said, each song is an island. Yet the connections manifest themselves if you are willing to look deep enough. Six times will you hear the genesis disguised as an intro, only to be thrown into the maelstrom of blast beats, howling vocals, underlying sadness, and primordial spirit, and finally come to your own revelation. That is where Lunar Aurora will affect each of you differently.

    However, at its core and surface, Andacht is pure, genuine black metal. The band plays fast for the majority of the six epics. Constant riff changes and riff returns keep the listener attentive, for the reasons already explained. It is in the use of underlying instruments that the band exhibits mastery. This is plainly evident on the anthem, ’Geisterschiff’. The synths bring to mind the famous In the Nightside Eclipse mystique, where that instrument pushes the song as opposed to enveloping it. In ’Findling’, the melodic guitar leads bring to mind such bands as Celestia, with their depressive nature. Make no mistake though, Faithful Reader, this is punishing stuff.

    What also adds to Andacht is the production, which lets every instrument live and breathe. Not relying on a “cold” production, Lunar Aurora lets the music create, instead of a gimmick. Nor is the production clinical or mechanical. It is simply human.

    This writer can honestly find no fault with Andacht. It is authentic black metal of the highest order. In this writer’s eyes, Lunar Aurora is the premier modern black metal band. It is a shame the band went on indefinite hiatus after the release of Andacht, but any band would be proud to have this as their epitaph.

    Faithful Reader, you will not find a more potent black metal release this year.

    Official Lunar Aurora Website
    Official Cold Dimensions Website
  2. Nate The Great

    Nate The Great What would Nathan do?

    May 10, 2002
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    Where can I buy this?
  3. Vossyrus

    Vossyrus Member

    Apr 25, 2007
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    Quite like this album actually, though I haven't listened to it for a while. For sure, one of the better albums of this year.
  4. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Heat in 7

    Apr 17, 2001
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    Southern California
    Excellent review. One of my favorite albums of the year. Nate - I bought it at a local record store (Ameoba) so I can't help you as far as an online store.

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