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Lustmord - [Other]

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by Bleakest Harvest, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Lustmord - [Other]
    Hydra Head - HYH-157 - 1 September 2008
    By Paddy Walsh


    Lustmord has been knocking about in some shape or form since the halcyon days of the early Industrial movement in the 1980s. Having worked with the likes of Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Current 93 and Coil, he then struck out on his own, eventually moving into the realm of film scores (where he counts The Crow and Underworld amongst his achievements). However, it's the 1990 album 'Heresy' that acts as a predecessor to [Other], having given birth to what has become known as 'Dark Ambient', which is as apt a genre description you're likely to find really.

    Some who grace this site may already be aware of Lustmord through his collaboration with the Melvins on Pigs of the Roman Empire. If so, you'll have gotten a taste of the kind of lengthy, lumbering pieces that he is apt to spew forth, his work generally droning and cinematic, like a movie without visuals. Each track on [Other] pulses and swells at an agonisingly slow pace like the last, drawn out heartbeats of the deathbed, and yet it's [Other]'s very slothiness that is so captivating. Obviously heartened by his Melvins collaboration, he enlists the talents of their own Buzz Osbourne, as well as Aaron Turner (Isis) and Adam Jones (Tool) to add some licks to proceedings. Their contributions mutate Lustmord's pieces into lumbering doom behemoths minus percussion, particularly 'Dark Awakening', which adds swathes of Adam Jones' guitar stylings to brilliant effect. Elsewhere the album acts like a nightmarish soundscape, such as via the twin openers of 'Testament' and 'Element'. True to form, [Other] is psychological terror in aural form. Anyone enraptured by the latest offerings from The Axis of Perdition or Nordvargr would be wise to pick this up; it's less hammy, less instantly gratifying than those artists' latest works, but adds a murky depth that only Lustmord, with his 20-odd years of industrial, filmic and ambient experience can truly pull off. The kind of album that rewards patience with droning, enthralling nightmares. Perfect.

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