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Metal Reviewers Need for Website

Discussion in 'Your Reviews' started by Metalrob4662, Nov 25, 2008.

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    If your interested in reviewing Metal Music please contact John Gabbard below.

    Teakwood Productions/ John Gabbard @ 859-431-6066 & Progressiveland

    Hello , viewed your reviews on "Prog Archives" and "Amazon" and many others sites and wanted to see if you would like to reach a bigger, broader and new audience with your Music reviews (like the many others from "Prog Archives" that have allowed me to post their reviews),On the 1st day I went live (Nov/1/08) with the new batch of reviews that day alone got (60,000) unique views,I have about (15) writers that are contributing from others sites across the world,and if they think its a good idea,then I think so should you to.I'd like to invite you to contribute & or use you current reviews to my site "Progressiveland" . "Stephanie Sollow" and I started "Progressiveworld" many years ago,then I branched out to movies with my web site ,which is ranked as the 8th most popular website of its kind. With their permission I'm currently using the reviews posted by "Josh Turner" and "Tom Karr" from her site,along with reviews from "Jerry Lucky" who wrote the book on "Prog Rock Files" and would love to have your great reviews too.I believe that you could make an impact by contributing to (or using your current review posts) that you have posted elsewhere) writing Music reviews for our website. We cover "Progressive Music/Prog Metal/Power and AOR", and all types of other related forms of music.
    Please get back to me at this e-mail.

    If nothing else maybe you could forward this e-mail to others that can write or tell them about it.

    Give me your impressions and start contributing. Reach the audience that you deserve,around a quarter million every (2) months

    Drop me an email at or give me a call at 1-859-431-6066 eastern time today. I'll look forward to hearing from you! -(Movie Site)--Dvdivas - (Music site)-Progressiveland

    My goal here at "Progressiveland" is the spread the word on this great music genre,your help would make it so much easier,We welcome you

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    John Gabbard-Progressiveland

    Cd I would Like Reviewed
    Prog Rock Titles:

    Martin Orford-Old Road
    Genesis 70-75-box set
    Frost-Experiments in Mass Appeal
    Unitopia-The Garden
    The Reasoning - Dark Angel
    Pendragon - Pure
    Rewiring Genesis-A Tribute To The Lamb
    Millenium - Exist
    Jack Foster-Jazzraptor's Secret
    Marillion-Happiness Is The Road
    It Bites - Tall Ships
    Strawbs - Broken Hearted Bride
    Keith Emerson Band- ST
    David Gilmour - Live In Gdansk - DVD
    Billy Sherwood - At The Speed Of Life
    Big Elf - Cheat The Gallows
    Doracor - Lady Roma
    Tempus Fugit - Chessboard
    Kayak-Coming Up For Air
    Moongarden - Songs From the Lighthouse
    RPWL - The Experience
    Moon Safari - Blomljud
    Abel Ganz - Shooting Albatross
    Magenta - Metamorphosis
    Everon - North

    Prog Metal & Gothic Rock

    Cloudscape-Global Drama
    Andromeda-Immunity Zone
    Suspyre-When Time Fades
    Katra-Beast Within
    Communic-payment Of Existence
    Presto Ballet-Lost Art Of Time Travel
    Silent Call-Creations From A Chosen Path
    Tomorrow's Eve-Tales From Serpentia
    Orenda-Tales Of A Tortured Soul
    Mind Flow-Destructive Device
    Draconian-Turning Season
    Ivory Tower-Subjective Enemy
    Lanfear-X To The Power Of 10
    Into Enternity-Incurable Tragedy
    Unsun-End Of Life
    Serenity - Fallen Sanctuary
    Seventh Wonder-Mercy Falls
    Karmakanic-Who's The Boss
    Secret Sphere-Sweed Blood Theory
    Forever Slave-Tales For Bad Girls

    Review Format Template Style to send the reviews to me in:

    Blackmore's Night- "Secret Voyage"

    Reviewer: Wayne A. Klein

    Studio: Steamhammer

    Genre: Rock/ Renaissance

    Release: 07/15/08



    Ritchie Blackmore-Guitars, Mandolin, Percussion, Hurdygury, Mandola, Mandocello

    Joey Castle-Vocals

    Pat Regan-Strings

    Candice Night-Recorder, Vocals, Backing Vocals

    Produced by Pat Regan


    Review: Most musicians go whichever way the wind blows but Blackmore's Night continues to fresh musical ground with their latest album "Secret Voyage". Combining elements of medieval folk with Blackmore's flair for innovative melodies/playing, "Secret Voyage" takes off immediately with "God Save the Keg" a stately, lovely overture which we hear echoes of later on the album most notably in "Empty Words".


    Stars For Paragraph Seperation

    As with previous albums Candice Night supplies vocals and plays recorder nicely complimenting Blackmore's melodies and the multiple instruments that Blackmore tackles including electric guitar. Night's lovely, expressive vocals give additional depth to the music.

    "Toast to Tomorrow" even takes a drinking song and turns it into a rollicking good time dance gem that you can listen to without being drunk and enjoy. ""The Circle" and "Empty Words" are the most interesting with the incorporation of elements of traditional Irish music in the case of the former while the later has one of the most majestic melodies that Blackmore has ever come up with.


    Final Words: Although many folks might mistake this for "New Age" music it is far more innovative, passionately played and intoxicating to fall into that genre. If anything Blackmore's Night continues sail into uncharted waters fearlessly blending the best of traditional and contemporary music. This rich blend of Renaissance era instrumentation, melodies and rock riffs demonstrates that as Blackmore sails into his sixth decade, he hasn't lost his knack for inventive, innovative playing and smart arrangements. Highly recommended.

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