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Discussion in 'LORD' started by Lord Tim, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Lord Tim

    Lord Tim That guy from LORD

    Apr 13, 2001
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    Wollongong, Australia
    Hey, everyone! :)

    Welcome to the official LORD forum (previously known as the Dungeon forum).

    This is a generally really friendly place where you can interact with metal fans from around the world, and even the band itself. We're on here pretty regularly and are happy to answer your questions if we can!

    But before you post, there are a few guidelines and rules that we ask you to follow to make your stay here fun for both you and our existing user base.


    Please understand that this forum is leased from Ultimate Metal by Dominus Entertainment (the parent company of LORD and other associated projects). It is not a free-for-all forum where anything goes, and your ability to post here - while very much appreciated - is a privilege, not a right. Basically, we pay for it so we have final say about what is and what isn't acceptable on this forum.

    The rules that govern this forum are also accompanied by the general Ultimate Metal rules as well as Australian law, so while we may not have a specific guideline in for a particular item, it's usually common sense and common knowledge of what would be acceptable that comes into play.

    Please note that the views expressed in these forums may not necessarily be the views shared by Dominus Entertainment, and any links to external sites may contain material that is out of our hands.


    What is on-topic:

    • Conversations about LORD, LORD related projects (such as Dungeon, Blackened Angel, Clarity, etc.) are obviously on topic
    • Questions for the band
    • LORD gig information, roll calls, photos, reviews
    • Sightings of LORD related items on eBay
    • Pretty much anything you can think of, so long as it's in keeping with the spirit of the forum
    What is off-topic:
    • Spamming your wares without attempting to be a part of the community here. Spammers and especially spambots will be banned immediately.
    • Personal attacks, flaming, abuse of any member
    • Racism or religious slurs
    • Any disrespect to LORD, LORD's business associates, families, or the moderators
    • Any linking or attaching illegal or immoral content such as bestiality, child porn, illegal "warez" software, copyrighted material, stolen goods, explicit pornography
    • Any attempt to phish, hack the forum or users' accounts
    • Impersonating any other member or moderator, or a member of the band
    • Any trolling, flaming, duplicate and/or joke accounts, or otherwise disruptive behaviour

    In general, try to think before you post and decide is it really necessary to get that last word in? Would you say what you were planning to say in person in real life? If the answer is no, then don't post it. Use some common sense and common respect. If you break the rules, expect at least a temporary ban if it's warranted. Like with spammers or people who really go out of their way to be annoying/illegal, you will be permanently banned - end of story.

    This forum is there for everyone to have a good time, so please help make it a fun place! :)

    Have fun, everyone! :headbang:
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