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New theory on evolution of homosexuality in men

Discussion in 'The Philosopher' started by Norsemaiden, Jun 24, 2008.


    FEZZILLA Member

    May 6, 2003
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    You clearly are not mature enough to hold this discussion. Then again, what liberal has become a real adult? You would rather demonize people for not being gay then accept the absolute reality that homosexuality is a mental illness. Its all politics. Once you know gay people on a personal level, which means knowing their past as well as their present condition, you know its all a dope show. I'm sure there was a time in your life when you knew homosexuality was wrong. But then you became a liberal, which means everything in your life revolves around your hatred of God. So since homosexuality is called an abomination in the Bible, you will force yourself to accept homosexuality so you can be accepted by other liberals. So your view is not based on a rational position, but on an illogical, irrational, liberal position. Its politics. That is your god. But politics is bad religion and corrupts the mind and flesh.

    And what are hermaphrodites other than women who can afford a sex change operation. This happens more in countries like Brazil than it does in America even. There was a time when I thought hermaphrodites were real until I learned about all the sex change operations which take place. Transgenders take hormones to help speed the process. There are documented cases where some of these sex changes have been pretty successful, but more successful among women than men. But the chicks with dicks is an operation. Its kinda like a man who wants a penis extension. The extension isn't really going to work quite as well as the rest of your natural dick. Its there only as an extension. Very similar to chicks with dicks but not as usual to an hermaphrodite as it is in the case in the man who gets a penis extension.

    So what is an abomination? We I believe its something so wrong there is no justifying it. While I certainly don't condone killing gays, and voted Trump to keep gays alive (as Hillary would have had them all slaughtered by muslims), it is documented that Hitler killed gays because it was a violation of evolution theory. So evolution theory also condemns gays which most gays understand this. This is why homosexuality will always be occult philosophy justified by astrology. But its not science and its not holy to God as some gays want us to believe.

    If you raise a kid with strong Christian values as I was, your chances of being gay are next to nothing. Liberals turn gay because liberals teach that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. This entire liberal ideology is based exclusively on a hatred for God. Its an ideology based solely on evil and hatred.

    As for what people think of me for not embracing homosexual ideology -- I could care less. I don't base my beliefs on what other people approve or disapprove of. I think with my own mind and not part of some radical liberal collective mind-set.
  2. Blurry_Dreams

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    Apr 2, 2018
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    being liberal makes me a child? WTF?
    i didn't demonize straight people, i was demonizing homophobic people, there's a difference
    homophobia is the mental illness, not homosexuality
    homosexuality is politics? what the effing hell?
    the rest of that paragraph sounds like you copy-pasted something posted by the Westboro Baptist church
    hermaphrodites being so much more rare than gender-re-assignment surgery doesn't make hermaphrodites "not real"
    that's like saying blue-colored contact-lenses are popular, therefore people born with blue eyes must be a myth
    the phrase "chicks with dicks" is a reference to biological males who get breast implants and facial-feminizing surgery but still retain their male genitalia, with the feminine-looking big butts being a result of fat transfers and the boobs being implants where there's no hormones and the penis is still "fully functional"
    Hillary having all the gays slaughtered by Muslims? that's just Trump propaganda
    "evolution theory condemning gays" would only work in a "survival-of-the-fittest" model where all the gays would "naturally" die out because they "can't breed"
    but that contradicts you're earlier assessment that being gay is a mental illness
    so which is it? is being gay a genetic defect or a mental illness?
    homosexuality being an "occult philosophy" is not merely offensive to gays, it's offensive to straight people that are not Christian
    liberal ideology is based on evil? i don't even know where to start deconstructing this
    my position is illogical and irrational and political, uh, excuse me sir, you're not looking at a person, you're looking at your reflection in the bathroom mirror
    you yourself are actually part of a radical, collective mindset, it's called "homophobia"
    #42 Blurry_Dreams, Dec 11, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018

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